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    Smoking Meat

    The reason I soak my wood chips is quite simple. I am using hot smoking and I want the meat with some temperature (to soften the fat) so I want some initial heat before the smoke. As it is the temperature only gets to 80~90C (I can ventilate to allow more air in the and keep the temperature down but then I need to smoke for much longer to get the flavor. I have used cold smoking in the past particularly for fish. Then the firebox was quite separate from the smoke enclosure so I didn't soak the wood. I am after the smoke flavor rather than the curing process, the meat
  2. Perhaps its appearance in Japan had more to do with starvation of a defeated population and the sudden excess of the product in the "winner" countries? Certainly as a child, after the second world war, Camp Pie (pretty sure it was the same as spam) was a poor peoples food, whereas during the war it was a way to feed the troops, because it kept so well.
  3. Bernie

    Smoking Meat

    I think if you use green timber (as apposed to wet timber) you are likely to get a lot of evaporation of the sap, which is likely to have a lot of sugars or resins that will burn with a acrid or "oily" smoke. The meat will get covered in it, and have an off taste. Its the same reason you have to dry pine when using it in a fireplace or slow combustion heater, the chimney will get coated in pine resin and eventually catch fir. I use wood chips and either rinse them in plain water or add a couple of cups of water to the wood box. The initial heating of the chips produces steam and it s
  4. Crumbs in the butter? Its super easy. Just lick the knife.......☺️
  5. Bernie

    Lunch 2019

    A meat pie is to be eaten at the 'footy'. Its always way too hot, its held in one hand (there is a beer in the other). The meat/gravy should overflow at each bite and will usually burn your lips/jaw before it drips down on your T-shirt, the overflow of course drips on your hand first and you have to put up with the burn or drop the pie (its not a good look - manhood would be questioned by your mates) It has tomato sauce on the top (too much) that also drips down but only if you are wearing a white T-shirt.😁 It is NEVER to be eaten with tools! That pie has suspiciously lot of mea
  6. I usually do a whole piece, roasted slow in a conventional oven. When its sliced I would usually treat it like pork spareribs. The conversion/rendering of fats takes a long time and I am not sure you would get the same effect in the SV as the temperature is not going to be hot enough. I am after the skin side to be crispy/popcorn crackling and it only really gets that way by the fat being rendered out of that section and the inner fat layers are converted into that yummy protein. With the amount of fat, they are never going to dry out with long slow low temperature cooking. Asian spice f
  7. Bernie

    Beef Fillet - brine?

    OK to clear up the confusion a the fillet steak I was referring to is sometimes called the eye fillet. I think in USA its called a filet mignon but in the past (at least in Australia) this was often a filet steak with mushroom, though that differed by restaurants. (my guess the mignon was added to give a french feel and so add to the price charged) The whole piece of meat is the tenderloin itself, when the small end is sliced cross grain it becomes "eye fillet"or "fillet mignon". Note that it is not cut from all the tenderloin only the small tail piece. https://www.quora.com/What-is-
  8. While traveling, we had a meal at a restaurant where "she who must be obeyed" (search for Rumpole of the bailey) had a fillet steak & I had a lamb back strap. Mine was great. Hers not so great. When it was first served, I thought it looked big. About 1.5 inches thick but about 8 inches in diameter. It must have been a very large beast to have a fillet that big! I like fillet steak and have never seen one this diameter. It was not pressed down or flattened. It was supposed to be medium rare and was coated in a re hydrated? dried shiitake mushroom sauce. The outside of the fil
  9. When young and first married (and broke) the special meal was T-Bone steak, chips & eggs. We saved the cooking fat the steak was cooked in in the ''steak cup' in the fridge. The steaks would always be cooked in this then the eggs. The white would be brownish colored by this fat. It was delicious. Trouble is all fried eggs I now have must be compared to these and fail the memory taste test. Even the bacon fat comes a long second place to the remembered taste.
  10. Bernie

    Veal shoulder roll

    Actually I was trying to be kind.😀 A ""normal"" fillet steak for me is about 200 gms. A nice rib fillet is about 350~400. Presumably a roast would be sliced and as such a few slices probably smaller, particularly on a plate with good servings of a good number of vegetables.
  11. Bernie

    Veal shoulder roll

    Depends a lot on the guests... Good appetites (big eaters) with red meat will be 100~200 gms per person. If the main part of the meal is the vegetables then 150gm is probably going to be enough. Kids its a lucky dip. Some quite young children I know will eat 250gms of meat but others will eat only 75gms. If the children are middle age then allow 100gms for them so 4 adults at 150, 4 kids at 100 = 1kg. Better cook some sweet potato, perhaps parsnips, pumkin and turnips, something with some carb "body", maybe some greens like beans & broccoli or such, even a cauliflower bake, to pa
  12. If you do a search on the aging process of wines, the majority of the research seems to be in China. I guess like all things china takes a pragmatic approach to Wine making. What I found interesting was the finding that the production of the volatiles/aromatics in wine during aging is dependent on both time and temperature, and they can be interchanged (within reason). So the aging process can be accelerated by storing at a higher temperature. They relied on chemical analysis rather than taste. However, whether the conversion process of the individual sugars to aromatics proceeds at the s
  13. Bernie

    Dinner 2019

    Mace & Nutmeg? (though its a different part of the same fruit/nut)
  14. I guess if you know for certain what has happened to the ground meat before you processed it with flavorings etc and you were fairly diligent in cleanliness and temperature control, the bacteria counts should not be of concern. Perhaps some of the sauces etc might have lower freezing points and would act like a marinade, although a lot slower. I will freeze raw ground beef itself, but only when fresh. If I add things to the meat to make burgers or patties, I tend to cook them and then freeze them. I usually vacuum pack them as well.
  15. By far the most helpful of all the advice here.......ice in it (if you must) but for the first day put the Scotch in the freezer for a few hours. It will go thick like a liqueur and you can drink lots...you will need more Scotch though (must have for the pantry anyhow...)
  16. I have the same with Lamb rumps. When I get them I individually package them with a few branches of rosemary and freeze them. To use I usually just thaw then SV. As they thaw they end up with some liquid. I just SV as is. The liquid will "cook" somewhat but it would probably be OK to use to make a sauce. I usually discard it. If the meat in your picture was partially frozen or even very cold, then as it warms the liquid will come out more than "normal" In lot cases of meat we buy already packaged has absorbent material to sop up the liquids that come out naturally. This improves the
  17. Not sure the "original" ever had bacon. I think it was always cold meat, chicken, corn beef or pastrami, tomato, lettuce, mayo. Like all these things, as clubs evolved perhaps many added grills for toasted cheese or toasted cheese & tomato, all the ingredients would have a relatively long shelf life in a drinks fridge.
  18. Wasn't the original idea of a club sandwich was that the bar man made it?The various clubs (sports, sailing etc) didn't have a kitchen or cook, they only had a couple of barman (bar persons...sigh). Sort of like a bit bigger bar snack for lunch or dinner. He may have had a toaster but not much else which meant the fillings were not heated and could be kept in the fridge with the drinks that needed refrigeration?
  19. As a kid growing up the only pasta you could buy was in a box (as apposed to plastic). I seem to remember all was long and doubled over. About a quarter was already broken in the box, I think from rough handling in the distribution and retailing. It was always a great game to try and find a full length that survived the cooking and serving. As a kid the joy of "sucking in" (the preferred method for us horrible children) a full length, with the attendant smearing all over the face of the sauce was a constant vexation to our mother.
  20. I let it cool, covered, then put in in the fridge. I take the view that it has been sterilized and have introduced as few pathogens as any other foods. Keeping it cold should slow down any increase. For fried rice, I find it best to use day old rice that has been cooled and added to the fridge in a covered container. Probably wouldn't keep it for more than a week as it tends to dry out a bit. Wouldn't do it for excess rice from a takeaway, unless I microwave it first and then cooled because I can't really be sure whether its been sterilized or let stand at room temperature all day.
  21. The onion, soy & other ingredients probably wont combine the same as they do in a Wok or high heat. The sugars will probably not change to the caramels that happen at high heat. You could partially cook the potato, onions & flavors on the stove top, cool them and then add the result to chicken thighs in the ziplock. bags and SV as normal. Its probably not going to taste the same as you remember though. Its likely to be a trial and error thing
  22. On airline food....A recent show over here did taste tests at normal & high altitude (in a hyperbaric chamber) It turns out your taste buds change with altitude. The altitude dampens down their response. Airlines produce food that is very spicy but when eaten at altitude its fine. If they produce food that tastes fine on the ground, it is almost bland in the air. Generally, airline catering is pretty impressive, given the logistics and the huge range of passenger tastes to cater for. On the vegetable balls...that's the way they should be marketed, not as fake or "art
  23. Probably dead right about cultured meats. My point was not that they were particularly marketed at vegetarians or vegans, but they were marketed with the aim of getting acceptance AS meat. I am sure we could add all sorts of chemicals to bread to make it taste like meat (yuk!) but it will still be bread. These are not cultured meats however, whatever the marketing may say, they are still be cultured protein (animal, vegetable or Soylent green) not meat. You are dead right about the light bulbs. In Australia, it was mandated that new houses were to be fitted with energy sa
  24. I must say i am a little bemused by all the effort to create "artificial meat". I do understand, that in order to increase the efficiency of beef you may want to grow beef apart from a beast. Processing protein into something edible is one thing, attempting to pass it off as beef is quite another. Call it what it is, processed protein, not artificial beef. But, like vegan sausages, vegan burgers, now meat substitutes seem to me to be trying to piggy back on the reputation of meat. If you don't want to eat meat, don't eat it. Why is it necessary to try and make a "substitu
  25. We have a "wet season" (well we used to have). During the month or so before the atmosphere gets very humid and hot (~30C). I also keep the butter in a porcelain dish in the cupboard and it gets pretty soft but I put up with it. BUT it grows a little black "mold" during this month. It generally grows on the contact between the dish & butter. Its really bad if I use unsalted butter. I put in in the fridge overnight and its enough to keep it at bay.
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