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  1. I am a medical charlatan and I advise you as well to keep up the good yogurt! JK, as long as you exercise, but I gotta say that I eat that as dessert every other day and I really enjoy it!
  2. When I said that about temp I think I was refering for starting from scratch, I like to follow their tip of freezing the just-fed levain and take out of freezer at Room temperature 20-22ºC exactly 18 hours before baking, I found that that worked fine.. Everywhere I read I see people refrigerating, the only reason I have never done that is because in the book they say that doing that kind of changes in temperature will not keep forever a stable culture, well, in that case, I don't think freezing everyweek will as well...
  3. I think that most of levain problems relates to temperature control, although it may start in temperatures less than 68F, I wouldn't lengthen the time, but it probably will someday work... As for the percentage of discarded levain, they showed for maintence it does not matter if the levain is ((15-50%) of flour added for a final pH, so you may as well do it eyeguessing
  4. What is your room temperature? For me, that was the problem... When I started my RT was 13ºC/55F, and I failed a lot of times starting it. It worked when I did in a hotter week. Recently i had problems because my room temperature was 34ºC/94F, I made it work by putting in inside a thermal box full of water and controlling temperature 19~~23ºC with ice everytime I feed it (as I don't own a wine cooler). Chris, may I ask if you really do it with 92% hydratation? I could not make it work following that recipe, I had to proof and bake in a loaf pan due to consistency... Thank you!
  5. I would guess that you are making the population which is multiplying adaptted and rising easier. I am wondering about that emulsion in second dough, should I just mix with a fork or mixer softned butter with the rest of ingredients? In MB recipe, for the first dough, you just add everything and mix to a shaggy mass and let gluten develop itself
  6. I had 5% gluten added at every step there was flour, even in making the 3 builds. Brazil is a big wheat producer as well, but people want always the cheapest stuff here... you see, I think if you mix more than 10' in the first step it should work without gluten IF you lower the hydration... maybe if you don't add the water at the last step with 11.5% it could work. And yes, everytime I mixed for only 5 minutes or less it looked like cake batter when I started adding water.... and at first I thought it was overmixed but no. Btw my best flour here is 9.8%. I have read somewhere in the book th
  7. I made that mistake 3 times. My brazilian flour is terrible, the manufacture didn't even give its info when I emailed, so I started adding +5% gluten. But that kept happening. And after reading and reading it was exactly what Chris said, more mixing in the first step of the final dough (with just the additional flour and vanilin if I well remember), it was like 10-15 minutes in 2 in small KA...
  8. Wow, I really thought that vegetable shortening was margarine! The recipe calls for vegetable shortening! It is the kind of product that I have never bought, but I am shocked, it was the same for me, until now that I googled. I have calibrated the oven before, but as it is small the temperature flutuate a lot without the stone inside. they suggest for 190º in home oven 25-27minutes, it stayed a lot less than this, maybe then temperature was to high?
  9. Hi guys, I would like to ask help with something about modernist Hamburger buns, I tried yesterday and baked in 2 batches in my little home oven 180-200 C. the first I waited for crust become golden to check internal temp, it is suggested 90-93, but in 18' it was already 98°. The next batch i took out in 15', still White crust and it was already 93.1°C. I forgot to take Picture before freezing, but here are the batches frozen. For taste matter, the golden Brown crust is much better than the White crust... What do you think happened? I used coconut oil in place of margarine, and egg
  10. Did it. This is 650g in a 500g baking cup. I am sure that I prefere the one leavened just with sourdough, but this came alright . Addictions were chocolate White and Dark , candied Orange peel. Baked in cheap home oven 175° without stone to 95 internal temp 45' Plus 10' ventin. Candied Orange was my last hope for candied fruits as I don't have cherry in my country, and i didnt like as well! They proofed very fast at 28° room temp with osmotolerant yeast, i think i am gonna decrease next time to extend fermentation. My goal is to achieve biggg holes in Panettones.
  11. What do you guys think about freezing the third build of panettone recipe in 115g portions and using it again with 12g of instant dry yeast?
  12. Hey, I live in Brazil where science food is very much behind you guys, and government hinders imports doubling price with taxes so It's kinda hard to get little ammounts of stabilizers; yet I mannaged to paulraphael carragen forms. Anyway, I live in the southest state and we are large milk producers, here they make zero lactose fatfull powdered milk using lactase and using MVR process(low temp), beeing in this underdeveloped country and having it, I can't accept that you can't find zero lac powdered in your country. My question would be exactly about the milk MVR process( I really don't
  13. Hey guys, I have a question. I am planning to feed my levain at 10pm and use it after 14h, 12am, My doubt is, I take what I need at 12am (like 70%) and feed right away(but then the 24h routine breaks) or I take what I need and keep feeding the rest(~30%) of the levain at 10pm, without discarding?
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