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  1. I buy rolls of it from Chef's Warehouse. They have a cake band which is a little thicker and acetate which is more flexible. Both are 2" tall.
  2. I have made the Paul Prudhomme recipe without the pecan part, I just doubled the sweet potato filling part. It is really good and nice and thick. But I think a small amount of ginger would be good in it also.
  3. When I make pate de fruit I always let it cool completely, then I cover it with plastic wrap and store at room temperature. When I need some I just cut off the amount I need and cut it into pieces, roll in sugar and serve it. The uncut jelly has lasted for a couple of months in the pan and covered. It has never weeped out much or gotten moldy.
  4. the chocolate will stabelize the whipped cream so you won't need gelatin.
  5. I've chocolate coated peanuts by stirring them into a bowl of melted, tempered chocolate and then pouring them into a china cap held over a bowl and let them drain for a minute until most of the dripping stops, then spreading out quickly onto parchment to let set up. Works pretty good.
  6. I have found that if I use clarified butter my crumbles come out more crumbly and crispier.
  7. you could make mini pie or tarts using a pie dough without sugar and the fillings can be either cooked fruit or creams, cooked without sugar then sweetened with splenda or equal after they are off the heat. Those sweeteners don't do well with cooking or baking, they tend to get a little bitter.
  8. I'm a pastry chef and I have a lot of bakery related items I keep in my trunk at all times. My job doesn't supply a lot of the things I need to make my job easier, so I just keep them there to help myself. my airbrush and compressor, a pasta roller, flower dusts, flower cutters, some pans, chocolate molds, paint brushes, dowels, pastry tips, fondant decorative rolling pins, patterns and ideas for cakes, non slip shelf lining. I also keep a bottle of windex and paper towels and car oil.
  9. What a wonderful website. All the pastries are soooooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I have a couple hundred cook and baking books, and a lot of them are professional books, but I think in this circumstance I would have to say Betty Crocker-my old falling apart one from 1964, any of Wolfgang Pucks books, they have really great food in them and Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. These selections would give recipes from homey to fine cooking, from basics to elegant and extravagant.
  11. For a glaze that fits your description, I melt 1 pound of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate with about 7 ounces of butter, you could substitute a kosher margarine if you want it kosher, stir it well and spread over your cake while it is warm. It will set up quite firm in the refrigerator, but is easy to cut with a warm knife, and is easily eaten with a fork. I hope this may help.
  12. is it how the cake part is made that you are interested in, or the filling, or both?
  13. Holy smokes, for a first attempt that is amazing. So clean and just beautiful!
  14. pastrymama

    Preserving Summer

    I always have a lot of berries left over at work that I freeze to make sauces etc. I made a huge batch of mixed berry jam and now I have to find a use for it. Any suggestions?
  15. Welcome Kreed, your cake looks wonderful, can you tell us what recipe you used, or where we might find it? Rob, that is a really good looking cake and I bet it tasted great. I wish someone would make me something like that for my birthday. Great job!
  16. I think he is refering to making cupcakes instead of a full size cake. But chiffon cakes do tend to shrink a little anyhow.
  17. Your tart looks so lucious, what is the layer in the bottom?
  18. I like to make the almond cake from David Lebovitz and top it with a lot of fresh bing cherries, sprinkle with sugar and bake. They sink in and get soft and juicy. It is really good with just whipped cream or ice cream.
  19. pastrymama


    I have always made my mousses with cooked syrup with the yolks and whites. I never could stand the thought of raw eggs and did not want to give anything questionable to my customers.
  20. When I make marzipan, I never add water. Just the corn syrup.
  21. I almost always make ganache with chocolate chips and water. It seems to have a little more coating power than ganache made with good chocolate, probably because of the extra ingredients that keep the chips from melting when baking. I also like the taste. I use mainly Valrhona Manjari for baking etc. and I think the flavor of ganache with it is not sweet enough. Also the water instead of cream lets the chocolate flavor come through better. I have done this for many years and even people that say they only eat expensive chocolate like it. I just put chips in a plastic bowl depending on how much ganache I want. I don't weigh it, then I put in hot water until it just begins to appear through the chips. Then I microwave it for a couple of minutes. Stir with a whisk and if it isn't smooth I give it another 30 or more seconds and stir until smooth. If it seems a little thick, I just add a little more hot water and stir it in, or if too thin add a few more chips. Works every time.
  22. Wear disposable latex gloves while handling your slippery disposable plastic piping bags - extra gripping and extra wasteful! Seriously, it works, no sweaty hands. I hate that my assistants don't use a plastic bowl scraper to scrape the extra dough out of the bowl before washing it, and instead get the steel wool and sponges all mucked up with wet dough then don't clean them out, but I suppose that's different from hating to clean the mixing bowls. I hate to clean up raw eggs dropped on the walk-in floor, it's about a 9 paper towel job for one lousy egg, and the nonskid texture of the floor makes it seem impossible to get it all. Oh, and I hate cleaning buttercream out of a big Hobart whip. PIA. I love to clean up chocolate hardened onto stainless tables by melting it with the propane torch and chasing with a wet cloth. Fire is fun! ← To clean up eggs, sprinkle well with salt, let it set a few seconds then pick it up. It keeps the whites from spreading so much.
  23. Years ago I used to make "buttercream" with Dream Whip. The basic recipe was 2# powdered sugar, 1 1/2 cups Crisco or Sweetex, about 1 cup of water and 1 package of Dream Whip, and flavoring. You mix the Dream Whip in dry with the powdered sugar and then mix in the shortening and water. Then beat it for quite a while until fluffy. It tastes pretty good, but I doubt that a supermarket is using this, they are probably using one of the mixes like BetterCreme or a premade buttercream out of a bucket. I have a large batch shortening and powdered sugar recipe that does not crust. If you want I will pm it to you.
  24. I use Patisse Hot Process Pastry Cream Powder in place of cornstarch in my regular recipe. It is just a flavored processed starch. It works well to freeze the pastry cream using this product. Here is a link to a picture of it. I purchase mine at Chefs Warehouse. http://www.dairylandusa.com/Patisse-Zococao/Pastries.pdf Scroll down the page to Pastry Mixes and Technical Products
  25. Thanks for all the ideas. The jello would certainly look groovy, but I think they would be disappointed to have it for dessert on such a special night. I work for a French chef and he has asked me to do individual frazier's, which is a strawberry cream cake and do some decorations that would suit the theme. I'll post back when I have it worked out. Thanks again.
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