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  1. I do a similar process for bread, but I just use lukewarm water or if the room is very warm I use cold water. Mix the water and yeast in the mixer bowl with just a little flour, then cover withe the rest of the flour. Let it rest until it starts to crack the top of the flour, or bubbles come up through it. Then I add the rest of my liquid ( water, oil etc.) work it in for a couple of minutes, then let it rest for 20 minutes before kneading. Makes a beautiful dough. If you are making this for home, I don't think you need to be so precise. Bread is very forgiving.
  2. Maybe the dough is a standard sweet dough as used to make cinnamon rolls.
  3. I always use coffee filters to hold the pie weights. You can cut them to the size you need, I like to spray them with pan spray before the first use, they are re-usable many times and they are easy to remove from the dough.
  4. just Google pecan diamonds, many recipe links come up.
  5. Yes, you can use the mashed bananas to flavor the cream, I do this for banana bread pudding custard, I also add a few peels and let it steep around a half an hour. Then strain it and proceed with the recipe.
  6. About a year and a half ago, I had the same problem. I gave the local library about 150 books but the ones that I knew would bring a little money I listed on Half.com which is a part of Ebay. I think their system is easy to use and they don't take as much money from a sale. I was able to sell most of the books that I wanted to sell. I only have about 20 left. Since the economy tanked the sales are few and far between. I just leave them listed, since they don't charge anything and maybe someone will buy one.
  7. Are you baking the cake in the amounts they recommend for the pan sizes? They seem to be pretty thin. I have a great vanilla cake that bakes great in sheets or thin layers but will fall in the center if I try to make thicker layers with it. I add some extra flour to make thicker layers and it comes out great that way. I would suggest trying to add about 1/4 cup more flour for the recipe that you posted the link to. I'm pretty sure it will work. If you try it or the other suggestions, please let us know if any of them worked out well.
  8. I have pretty good luck with these type of pans by either spraying with pan spray or using the bakers grease, after baking, I cool the cakes, then freeze them solid. Then I turn the pan upside down and use a propane torch to heat up the bottom of the pan a little. They will usually release nicely.
  9. I suppose it would depend on whether you want a fresh raw peach tart or a baked or roasted peach tart. I think either would be great, just different.
  10. I use a lemon glaze that will dry that is made from powdered (10x) sugar and lemon juice. The texture is about like ketchup. Thin enough to spread easily but not runny. Sometimes I just spread it on and sometimes squeeze it out of a bottle. The trick is to put it on hot cookies and let it cool and harden or to warm it up to almost hot and let it cool on the cookies. After it cools it is opaque and shiny, dry and stackable. The only caution is don't freeze it because it will get white streaks in the glaze, but it still tastes great.
  11. Hi Jossa, Thank you for your replies. I can't wait to try both versions.
  12. Hi Jossa, Thank you for posting the white chocolate mud cake recipe. I have always wanted to make one. I have tried a few recipes from the internet, but they did not come out very well. Do you also have a recipe for a dark chocolate version or can we just substitute dark chocolate or unsweetened for the white chocolate? Are the tins that you bake in very heavy or would a regular cake pan work ok? I would also like to know why you let the fondant dry out? Here in the U.S. we just cover with fondant the same day the cake is served. Does drying have a special purpose? Also I would love to see a photo of your finished cake when it is done. Thanks
  13. I always use Swiss meringue with double the amount of sugar to whites and warm to very hot before beating. It will actually begin to thicken around the bowl I am warming it in and be too hot to keep my fingertip in, then beat until cool. I have never had a problem with weeping and this lasts on the pies for many days.
  14. I have been asked to try to make a cake that the person thinks is probably Lebanese. It is a yellow cake with almonds in it, a buttercream and fruit filling and covered with buttercream. The pronunciation sounded like Mah-jeoung. Does anyone here have any idea what this is or have a recipe or picture. I understand it may not be Lebanese but might be some other Mediterranean countries cake. She said I could make anything similar, but it could not look American, it must look Mediterranean. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hourly or a daily amount for a certain amount of hours would make sense. Just make sure if they are going to pay your taxes and social security or are you going to be considered an independent contractor and given a 1099 form at the end of the year. If you are considered an independent contractor you will need to have your tax person or yourself figure how much income tax to pay and whether to do it quarterly or yearly and also pay your social security. The compensation you ask for should depend on how much work they expect whether it be how many hours or how many items you will be expected to produce. Don't sell yourself short.
  16. I have used mascarpone cheese without any sweetener and people did not know the difference from real Devonshire cream.
  17. I have done master mixes with butter and levener mixed in and refrigerated. These lasted for several weeks and could be measured and mixed right from the refrigerator. Never had any problem with them, unless they were left for a couple of months when they would begin to smell like cheese.
  18. do you ever worry about your filling going bad? i shy away from bavarians and mousse and such because of the idea that it might deflate, or go bad, or something like that. do you know how long something like that can be out without it being in the fridge? or how long it could stay in the fridge and still taste good? (ex: you make on monday...but don't eat till.....wed? fri? could it go a whole week?) ← I don't recommend serving bavarian at room temperature, it could stay out maybe an hour, but I think it tastes best pretty cold. It can stay in the refrigerator for a week and probably be fine, but I usually keep mine frozen until the day I use it.
  19. I like to make an orange bavarian filling and put it between chocolate cake layers then cover the whole thing in chocolate glaze. You can do this as a large sheet cake, or 10" rounds or even individual bombes or stacks. I serve it with a citrus salad.
  20. There is a sentence at the very bottom of the article that gives an email address for information and samples.
  21. does the cake have a cake layer, a creamy layer with cut strawberries around the sides. If it does it is a Strawberry Bagatelle. You can google the name and a lot of recipes come up. Hope this is helpful.
  22. Two years ago my daughter turned 40 and had a disco party. I made mini cupcakes for her with assorted colors of the disco dust sprinkled on them. Everyone loved them and they didn't make anyone ill.
  23. Hi, you have a great resource in your computer. Just google Spanish tapas, pub food, and bacon desserts and you will come up with lots of information. You can look at menus for restaurants in these themes and get lots of ideas. As for the French wine dinner, you will need to know what the wine for dessert will be, then you can look for or ask the purveyor for the tasting notes on that wine. Then you use flavors that are in the wine to complement. Just remember to try to make the dessert not too sweet. Hope this is helpful.
  24. Here are two sites to buy gumpaste flowers. www.discountsugarflowers.com this site comes up as Wholesale Sugar Flowers but you don't need a wholesale account to order from them. I use them often because I live in So. California and I can get my order the next day. Also www.caljavaonline.com has beautiful flowers, more selection and a little more expensive.
  25. I looked at mine today at work, it is called Klear Kake Band by KopyKake it is 2 1/2" tall on a roll of 500 ft. Here is a link that shows it and the price. It is the second item listed. http://store.kopykake.com/cgi-bin/store/sc...Decorating.html
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