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  1. I work in a private club and our buffet will be 4 hours long. In that short space of time they will squeeze in 500 adults and 200 children. We only have seating for about 120, so I guess they will have to heard them out if they stay too long. I have a new assistant that does not know how to bake anything except muffins and cookies, so I pretty much have to make it all. We will have breakfast muffins, danish, fruit breads, coffee cake, scones on the breakfast part of the buffet. On the dessert tables I will have Strawberry cream cake, Lemon bundt cake, chocolate mousse Maryanns, white chocolate and raspberry tarts, peach pie, those are all full sized and cut. The rest will be individual small servings of cream puffs, chocolate cheese mousse tulips, coffee pyramids, lemon tarts, pear tarts, cheesecake, chocolate torte, mint mallow chocolate cups, chocolate dipped strawberries. For the children there will be mini cupcakes, decorated cookies and rainbow jello mold. I have been making the cake layers and tart shells and freezing them and will begin to assemble the less delicate items Friday, bake the pies on Saturday along with the cupcakes, muffins, scones etc. Get to work early Sunday and cut and finish everything and set up for the first seating by 10:30 I usually have a good schedule, so I guess I won't complain about a week of long hours and six days. It just seems the older I get the more I wonder why these people don't stay home and enjoy their families, so I could too.
  2. I've used it, the first time I used it (about 8 years ago) I thought it was great, but the other fondant I had was not great. A couple of years ago I bought some and now I don't think it is so great, could be because I have a better fondant(Petinice) now. It is more dry than my other fondant. Not unusuable but definately not as soft and elastic. It tastes ok, I have the white chocolate, but not so great that I wouldn't use anything else. I still have a couple of buckets left from that 2 year old order because I don't like covering cakes with it and use it mostly for decorations.
  3. for anyone interested in the chocolate plastic I buy Barry Decor from Cocoa Barry and get it from Chef's Wharehouse. I think they do sell to the public from their web site.
  4. I just finished reading the sample magazine and I am very impressed. After I figured out how the different navigating tools worked it was fun. And there was so much great information in that one issue. I can't imagine having access to several different magazines, I'll probably spend all my time and money on your site. Thanks for the preview, eagerly await the site.
  5. another way to ice small cakes if you don't mind coconut or sprinkles or fine chopped nuts is to thickly cover the bottom of a 1/4 or 1/2 sheet pan with coconut or sprinkles, then use a large rose tip or that icing tip to pipe out a line of icing the length of the measurment around your cake. make sure the width of the line of icing is similar to the height of your cake, you can do as many lines of icing on the pan as you have room for, just leave some space between them. then take your chilled or frozen cakes and set the side down on the end of the icing and gently press down as you roll it over the icing. it should stick to the cake with a layer of coconut or sprinkles on the outside. then you just ice the top with a star tip in a nice pattern.
  6. I don't even warm the milk and temper in. I just mix it all together minus my flavoring and cook until done, strain, flavor and done. It comes out exactly as the other more involved technique. I work with a French chef and he can't tell the difference.
  7. I have been a pastry chef for almost 40 years and I still write the formula down when I increase it or divide it . Every time I haven't I've gotten half way through and found out I either didn't put enough of something in or I have put in the full amount of something when I am trying to make half. Then I end up with way more product than I need, or it doesn't come out. notes are a good thing.
  8. I just tried Sethro's cake recipe and I baked it in small 1 1/4 inch flexi molds. They came out great, make a great addition to my petit fours collection I'll probably put a dab of buttercream on top and a sprinkle of toasted coconut or maybe a bit of ganache. Thanks for the recipe.
  9. You need to find out about the codes in your area. We are not allowed to have any flame in the dining rooms. cook tops or flaming food.
  10. Here is a definition for semifreddo http://www.epicurious.com/cooking/how_to/f...y/entry?id=4507 apparently it refers to a partially frozen mixture that could be almost anything.
  11. here is a link to a recipe http://fooddownunder.com/cgi-bin/recipe.cgi?r=126806
  12. here is a link with several recipes using cake crumbs or pieces. http://www.earlenescakes.com/CakeCrumbRecipes.htm
  13. I make a sesame brittle with black and white seeds. It is real thin and very delicious.
  14. here is a link with many recipes of all types using rhubarb. http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/recipe-index.html
  15. Wendy, what do you mean by "treat it like a brulee"?
  16. Here is a recipe for a cookie called Cocos from The Village Baker's Wife. It is very buttery and delicious. Maybe similar to what you are looking for. 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour 2 1/2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut 1 1/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened 1 cup suar 1 large egg yolk Mix the flour with the coconut. Set aside. Cream the butter and sugar until well mixed,add the egg yolk and mix in well, scrape the bowl then add the flour/coconut and mix in until completely incorporated. You can scoop the dough and bake or roll into logs and freeze, then slice and bake. Bake about 15 minutes at 325 degrees. Until they are golden around the edges. I like to use salted butter or add 1/2 tsp salt to the recipe. I have used sweetened shredded coconut and they were fine.
  17. maybe freezing them until the ganache is hard, then toasting the marshmallow would work.
  18. This might work http://www.jbprince.com/index.asp?PageActi...ROD&ProdID=1184
  19. you could use royal icing and let it dry for a day.
  20. I have always been open to hiring a new to the pastry business person. I actually prefer someone not to have too much experience, because I can more easily teach them what I want instead of the continual "we used to do it this way" It's hard to break old habits and I'd rather not have to. I think if you go to apply or to interviews with a positive attitude about working and what you do know about pastry you will make a good impression. Try asking at your school for sources for a job. They usually have contacts with local chefs who may be looking for someone just like you. Good luck in your search and in the meantime learn all you can, from school and on your own. When I first started in pastry I got the list that they used at the Culinary Federation to certify a pastry chef and I made sure I knew all the things on it. Such as all the types of doughs, creams, confections, cakes etc. It gave me a real good footing to build on.
  21. I have to agree, I was disappointed also. It looks like the cake diva and Duff are asked to make fools of themselves. I can't believe they would actually act so ridiculous. And it seems like a set up with some of their disasters. I also thought the Matador was much more creative than Collette's cake and should have won.
  22. The desserts will be plated seperately. I use 10" salad plates or 10" bowls that have a large rim like the plates. They are just white with a slight texture like a golf ball on the rims. I could also use a martini glass or wine glass. Thanks for all the suggestions so far, please keep them coming.
  23. For the men I am making a milk chocolate bombe that has a thin,crunchy dark chocolate cookie base with cocoa nibs in it, glazed with dark chocolate and a sprinkle of nibs on the top and orange/vanilla sauce. I usually do something lighter for the women but it could also be something chocolate. They are supposed to share(how romantic) but I bet they don't.
  24. I need to make separate desserts for the men and the women at the dinner on Valentine's day. I know what I will make for the men, but am having a bit of a coma about the one for the women. It needs to be light and beautiful. One year I did Champagne gelee with berries and gold leaf flakes imbeded in it in the shape of a heart. Does anyone have any great ideas, I will need to make about 100. Thanks in advance. Marilyn
  25. Hi Sam, thanks for answering my previous question. I would also like to know do you make all the components for your desserts fresh each day, or are you able to hold things over for a day. Such as your cocoa caviar. Do you make it early in the day or do you need to make it as each order comes in. I seem to live in the freezer and have learned to make a lot of things ahead because I must have so many items on hand at all times. Over 100 products and pieces of products. Is freezing or holding in the refrigerator an option for some of your things. Since they all look so delicate I suspect not, but I don't see how you and two other people could make it all every day. Thanks Marilyn
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