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  1. 1 hour ago, Louise nadine brill said:

    Arrrgh. I have the diffraction grating, still in it’s Amazon shipping box....somewhere. I put it “to the side” until after Christmas and now have no idea where it is 🙄🙄. Will update once i locate it. In the meantime, i took a page from Kerry’s (epic)  book and bought some cocoa butter containers...i wonder what the neighbours think.


    I have the same problem. Ingredients disappear into the wilderness and are only found 5 minutes after the need has passed.


    When I'm mixing up small batches of colored cocoa butter I use one of those battery powered milk frothers, which seems to emulsify the color powders pretty well. I pour it though a fine sieve into the target container to get rid of any air bubbles. Do you have a better method?


  2. Had a very successful Xmas charity sale at work today, raising funds for the International Rescue Committee. I donated all the chocolates so all of the proceeds, plus a 100% match from our foundation, will go to the charity.



    Yuzu ganache with an almond nougatine base.


    From the top, hand dipped raspberry caramels, a sea of blackcurrant/cassis PdF and vanilla ganache, and the mushrooms are a wattleseed and tonka bean ganache.



    A family sharing bar, this 165 mm (6.5 inch) tree is filled with praliné feuilleté (hazelnut crunch).

    I have two almost identical molds, this one is the CW1175 (half of a double mold). The other is from Cabrellon (also 1175) but for reasons known only to them the frame sides are shorter than the thickness of the tree so the mold won't sit flat. Given a choice buy the CW one.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Jim D. said:

    I have returned to baking tiny cookies and have expanded my list of them--besides graham cracker, I now have gingersnaps, basic vanilla shortbread, and spiced shortbread to accompany fillings like apple and apricot.

    Did you need to make any significant variations on the usual recipes for these? Do you portion before or after baking?

  4. 4 hours ago, andiesenji said:

    I haven't purchased anything from Kerekes/Bake Deco for a few years but still get periodic emails with specials.

    I know that some members use molds and etc.   I have always been very satisfied with their products. 


    This special runs till August 1.  You just have to sign up for their email which arrive about every three months. to get a valid Promo Code.  

    KEREKES/Bake Deco Supplies


    Looks like the link is wrong, points back to eG.

  5. I’m sorry all, I should have publicized louder that I had a couple of spare almost-everything in the bottomless suitcase 😄.

    @RobertM do you mean the stiff acetate like report covers, or the floppier guitar sheets?
    For me:
    10. A full size compressor with either 1/4” or 3/8” fittings to support larger air sprayers. We could bring converters for our own 1/4” sprayers or 1/8” airbrushes if needed (I have spares 😊).
  6. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the group. I learned a few techniques, shared recipes, drooled over the Selmi equipment (how can I rearrange my apartment kitchen to fit one of those?....), bought an EzTemper (Kerry is psychic and knew to bring it just for me), won a fantastic prize and most importantly, met a bunch of great people. Can’t wait for next year!

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  7. I’ve arrived and can’t wait to meet everyone. 🎉


    Unfortunately my checked luggage apparently decided to go on a separate holiday, so my melter, tools, clothes, etc are in limbo (apparently it’s not tracked electronically once it comes off the airport’s conveyor system). Hopefully Southwest will find it and deliver it to me tonight - fingers crossed 🤞. Luckily I hand-carried the Control°Freak 😊.

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  8. On 4/19/2019 at 9:38 PM, Chocolot said:


    I also use silicone molds for my caramel. I just pour the caramel into the molds, then using a wide sheet rock scraper, scrape the caramel into the cavities and at the same time, clean off the top of the mold so there are no trails.

    Using a funnel would drive me crazy having to release the flow for each cavity. The funnel gets real heavy at arms length. This isn't the best example of scrapping, but I have gotten better.




    Ooh, I like the idea of using bigger molds like those. Are they something I can buy directly or a custom order?

  9. 5 hours ago, A Polderman said:

    WHAT??!!!! Trader Joe sells Ruby Cocoa???!!!!! I wouldn't believe it had you not posted a photo for my own eyes! I haven't seen that at our store in the Seattle area now I have to go tomorrow to check it out!

    How could we survive without TJ's or Costco, LOL

    I drove around to all of the TJs in my local area (6 or 7) before Valentine’s Day, and managed to find a few at each store, and finally a big stash half-hidden at one of them. So I started with about 30 bags to play with (but some went into the chef for “testing”). I’ve been using it for Easter as well, made up a few bigger bars using the CW1936 mold and some maple candied nuts:




    (Couldn’t get rid of all the glare from the bags)

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  10. 1 hour ago, curls said:

    The unfortunate thing with the CW1906 is that there’s only two cavities per mold. If they were the wider 175mm size then there could have been 3 or 4. I bought 6, but I probably will have to buy a bunch more so I can decorate the entire batch all at once.


    The snacking bar is magnetic and it’s 100% ruby. It’s the Chocolate World 1000L37, $50 each at the moment. https://www.pastrychefsboutique.com/CHOCOLATE/Chocolate-Molds/polycarbonate-chocolate-molds/bars-napolitains-molds/chocolate-world-cw1000l37-magnetic-polycarbonate-chocolate-mold-rectangular-bar-80x13x10-mm-1x10-pc-11gr-275x135x24-mm-bars-napo

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  11. 3 hours ago, Merry Berry said:


    I have that same gun, but I have not used it a couple of years.  Do you keep several spray guns on hand in case you are doing several backing colors?  I am pretty sure I was never shown the "proper" way to clean them when finished with them at the end of the day.  What do you do in order to clean them and keep them unclogged?

    I have two, but I might get a third later. I just got a melter for keeping everything warm so I’ll keep the alternates in there.


    For each gun I pour any extra CB back into the bottle, and run through whatever is left that is in the pipe onto a random samples mold until it draws air from the cup. Then I use paper towel to get rid of as much CB as I can from the outer surfaces and inside the cup and lid. If I’ve still got more colors to do then the mostly-clean one will go back in the melter to keep warm and swap to a fresh one.


    Once I’m done for the day I plug the gun back into the air, run the whole thing under hot water and spray the colored CB/water mix into the sink to clean out the CB path. Then I usually disassemble the pattern head to wipe that out, dry the whole thing with more paper towel. I usually don’t bother disconnecting the cup.


    When I pour in fresh CB into a gun I spray a little onto paper towel to ensure that any of the old color (or drops of water from the cleaning) that stuck around doesn’t make it onto my target piece.

  12. 6 hours ago, Jim D. said:

    I put a Silpat under the towels, and they stay in place much better (idea from Kirsten Tibballs of Savour School). Kerry Beal had an idea I'm going to try of using a warming tray to keep shop towels warm to enable cleaning off cocoa butter more quickly, although that would not solve your problem of not putting down the airbrush. The warming tray does, however, provide more time to do the cleaning.

    Good idea, thanks!


    I could try to combine both ideas by putting the Silpat on the warming tray and the towel on top of that (and maybe hold them together with a couple of binder clips if it drags/crumples too much). Then I could slide the mold over it one-handed without too much pressure.

  13. 16 minutes ago, Haley said:

    Eggs are so much fun to paint!  Flavors are:

    *Milk chocolate cookie butter meltaway with a chocolate and biscoff crunch layer.

    *caramel, pretzel, dried cranberry, and dark chocolate pecan gianduja

    *peanut butter

    *caramel, honey roasted peanuts, and peanut butter  

    So much gorgeous detail in the flowers. Your artistic skills are waaay better than mine.

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