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  1. The glass rim is nice and smooth and the steel falls away so an oversized pan will have no issues, but I would recommend placing the pan so the longer side faces the user, so it doesn't cover the control panel. I have used a large Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker (hotel style) that is over 11 inches in diameter and it worked fine, but it's round and definitely a lot thicker than a GN pan so the sides heated up quite rapidly. (I haven't measured the differential across the surface yet - anyone want to buy me an IR camera? 😁) I haven't tried a GN pan on mine yet, but I'll do a test for you soon. I think a good start would be a pan full of eggs, starting with a cold pan.
  2. Adding my caramel experiences to this thread. Most of my caramel recipes are of the "cook everything except butter" type. I use a probe thermometer for accurate temperatures. I have replaced up to half the butter with cocoa butter in my firm caramels, they set up with nice sharp edges and have a good mouth feel. Rather than making slabs and stressing about the cutting process after they're set, I pour into the (somewhat expensive) silicon candy molds from ChefRubber that make perfect little squares or rectangles. I demold them chilled (a few minutes in the fridge) to avoid any deformations when I pop them out. Be aware that if you're not enrobing them, and if the butters haven't been sufficiently emulsified, you may end up with little white cocoa butter splotches on the edges. To avoid this I always use a stick blender to start the caramel moving, add grated butter (which was left to reach room temperature while the caramel was cooking) and once completely incorporated add the just-melted cocoa butter. Hope this helps.
  3. My CF is relatively new and underused so my sensor is probably a little stiffer than a more well used one, so any tipping may differ from one device to another.
  4. I got what I believe is the same set (based on the above recommendation): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002QB9TPS and the smaller one works fine. If it's exactly centered on the sensor then it'll lift up on the far side by just a millimeter or so (1/32 of an inch), but if you move the handle closer to the sensor by an extra centimeter or so (½ inch) it balances perfectly.
  5. Any experience level is fine, the more the merrier. The attendees have a range of experience from those who just started to full time professionals. I attended for the first time last year, and I was very happy that I did. Met a bunch of great people, all of whom are willing to share and help. Learnt some new techniques and shared everyone's creations.
  6. I've successfully used my Kuhn Rikon 11" hotel pressure cooker, rock steady pressure at 122°C.
  7. I have the same problem. Ingredients disappear into the wilderness and are only found 5 minutes after the need has passed. When I'm mixing up small batches of colored cocoa butter I use one of those battery powered milk frothers, which seems to emulsify the color powders pretty well. I pour it though a fine sieve into the target container to get rid of any air bubbles. Do you have a better method?
  8. Had a very successful Xmas charity sale at work today, raising funds for the International Rescue Committee. I donated all the chocolates so all of the proceeds, plus a 100% match from our foundation, will go to the charity. Yuzu ganache with an almond nougatine base. From the top, hand dipped raspberry caramels, a sea of blackcurrant/cassis PdF and vanilla ganache, and the mushrooms are a wattleseed and tonka bean ganache. A family sharing bar, this 165 mm (6.5 inch) tree is filled with praliné feuilleté (hazelnut crunch). I have two almost identical molds, this one is the CW1175 (half of a double mold). The other is from Cabrellon (also 1175) but for reasons known only to them the frame sides are shorter than the thickness of the tree so the mold won't sit flat. Given a choice buy the CW one.
  9. Did you need to make any significant variations on the usual recipes for these? Do you portion before or after baking?
  10. Looks like the link is wrong, points back to eG.
  11. 👋🏽 I’m in. Had a great time with you all this year. (I’m off to Las Vegas at the end of the month for the class I won with Melissa Coppel & Francisco Migoya. Yay me! 😄)
  12. Since the venue was a school, I suppose it was not surprising that the small wares that get “taken home accidentally” would not be available. The list that @Kerry Beal started can be used by future organizers as a questionnaire for the facility so both sides have the same expectations, and we know what we can leave at home. Then I could bring a (slightly 😄) smaller suitcase.
  13. I’m sorry all, I should have publicized louder that I had a couple of spare almost-everything in the bottomless suitcase 😄. @RobertM do you mean the stiff acetate like report covers, or the floppier guitar sheets? For me: 10. A full size compressor with either 1/4” or 3/8” fittings to support larger air sprayers. We could bring converters for our own 1/4” sprayers or 1/8” airbrushes if needed (I have spares 😊).
  14. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the group. I learned a few techniques, shared recipes, drooled over the Selmi equipment (how can I rearrange my apartment kitchen to fit one of those?....), bought an EzTemper (Kerry is psychic and knew to bring it just for me), won a fantastic prize and most importantly, met a bunch of great people. Can’t wait for next year!
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