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  1. I’d like to hear about ganache balancing, thanks for the offer.
  2. I can also recommend the ChocoTransferSheets cocoa butters, I’ve used them since I started (mainly because they’re not far from where I live in the SF area). You can get reasonable quality molds from AliExpress.com cheaper than Amazon but you trade money for time; takes weeks for a delivery. I recommend searching for “polycarbonate chocolate mold” to find the range of stuff. I use a “2124B” bullet head shape a lot, cleans really easily (the “2124” is the same shape but smaller, at 8 grams per cavity instead of 13 grams).
  3. I don’t put any of mine in the freezer, just the fridge for 5 mins. Then I leave the bars in the molds for a day or so at room temperature before during them out, which seems to help to reduce the marks. I also found that the microfiber cloths ended up smearing around a small bit of any leftover cocoa butter from the previous use. So I now use the 70% alcohol square swabs and push them into sharp corners, etc with a toothpick or a q-tip.
  4. My first attempts using the dendrite technique in a snack mold. Unfortunately the nicer ones with the red were liberated before I got to take their closeups 😄. I figured out that less is more when doing this, I started with more on the brown/gold bars and less on those with the red backspray. Used a 50:50 mix of chocolate and cocoa butter, and a food-safe putty imprinter.
  5. Good idea. What sort of containers do you use for the silk and molten chocolate? Have you had any problems with water leaks or condensation? Have you got any photos of your setup that you can share? That’s where I’ve got a lot of mine as well. I follow a bunch of pastry chefs as well since they also use a lot of chocolate for decorating, etc.
  6. I like those, the angles reflect the light really well - I use them with metallic cocoa butter. They also snap cleanly.
  7. Any particular shape you’re looking for? ~~Larger half-sphere/dome molds are available from 1 or 2 sellers on AliExpress.~~ Didn’t read properly, you asked for bars. I’ll have a look.
  8. I’ve found that you have to be careful which AliExpress sellers you use. Some are just very slow to send their products and some actually misrepresent their products. The melting problem may have been due to receiving a low-density PE (polyethylene) mold instead of the PC (polycarbonate) type. You also get better prices when using the mobile app instead of the website. Most of the better PC molds seem to be made by Shunda, with a few stores offering rebranded boxes. I’ve ordered a bunch of molds from the “Dcrt pastry tools store” and they work well. The quality is quite good, but I have received the occasional one with a poor finish, especially on the edges (I used emery paper to cleanup excess plastic on the upper surface that would have been curled off using my scraper). Searching for “polycarbonate chocolate mold” will avoid most of the silicon ones. “pc chocolate mold” is also a good filter. If you want dome molds add “2124B” to the search; these are the larger size (29mm, 11-13g/⅓ oz), similar to a CW2116/2295 but at a limited number of stores. The “2124” (no B) is available from more stores but is smaller (8g/¼ oz) size (I like these for liquid centers).
  9. jbates

    Name that mold!

    This also looks similar to the CW signature mold by chef Kevin Kugel: https://www.pastrychefsboutique.com/chocolate-world/649120-chocolate-world-cw1854-polycarbonate-chocolate-mold-bars-by-kevin-kugel-11750x25x1450-mm-1x8-pc-32-gr-275x135x24mm-bars-napolita.html I’ve got a few and they work well.