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  1. Since the venue was a school, I suppose it was not surprising that the small wares that get “taken home accidentally” would not be available. The list that @Kerry Beal started can be used by future organizers as a questionnaire for the facility so both sides have the same expectations, and we know what we can leave at home. Then I could bring a (slightly 😄) smaller suitcase.
  2. I’m sorry all, I should have publicized louder that I had a couple of spare almost-everything in the bottomless suitcase 😄. @RobertM do you mean the stiff acetate like report covers, or the floppier guitar sheets? For me: 10. A full size compressor with either 1/4” or 3/8” fittings to support larger air sprayers. We could bring converters for our own 1/4” sprayers or 1/8” airbrushes if needed (I have spares 😊).
  3. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the group. I learned a few techniques, shared recipes, drooled over the Selmi equipment (how can I rearrange my apartment kitchen to fit one of those?....), bought an EzTemper (Kerry is psychic and knew to bring it just for me), won a fantastic prize and most importantly, met a bunch of great people. Can’t wait for next year!
  4. I’ve arrived and can’t wait to meet everyone. 🎉 Unfortunately my checked luggage apparently decided to go on a separate holiday, so my melter, tools, clothes, etc are in limbo (apparently it’s not tracked electronically once it comes off the airport’s conveyor system). Hopefully Southwest will find it and deliver it to me tonight - fingers crossed 🤞. Luckily I hand-carried the Control°Freak 😊.
  5. Got one a couple of weeks ago ($1499 from JB Prince, via Amazon), but haven't had any spare time to use it yet 😢. So I'm taking it with me to the eGullet Chocolate and Confectionery Workshop this weekend for everyone to play with.
  6. As well as the ControlFreak, I’ll have enough spare room to bring my small MiniChoc melter and some spare molds. Haley, if your space is limited let me know and we can work out something.
  7. It’s a professional precision induction cooker that’s accurate to 1°F over its entire temperature range. Everything from tempering chocolate to oil frying.
  8. I recently purchased a ControlFreak, which I can bring if anyone wants to play with it?
  9. BTW can I get a link to the FB page please?
  10. Ooh, I like the idea of using bigger molds like those. Are they something I can buy directly or a custom order?
  11. Noticed that the chocolate pooled in one spot, I have that problem often as well 😊. I’m a fan of thicker shells, makes for less worry when transporting them. What brand of chocolate did you use and how long did you spin it around?
  12. I drove around to all of the TJs in my local area (6 or 7) before Valentine’s Day, and managed to find a few at each store, and finally a big stash half-hidden at one of them. So I started with about 30 bags to play with (but some went into the chef for “testing”). I’ve been using it for Easter as well, made up a few bigger bars using the CW1936 mold and some maple candied nuts: (Couldn’t get rid of all the glare from the bags)
  13. The unfortunate thing with the CW1906 is that there’s only two cavities per mold. If they were the wider 175mm size then there could have been 3 or 4. I bought 6, but I probably will have to buy a bunch more so I can decorate the entire batch all at once. The snacking bar is magnetic and it’s 100% ruby. It’s the Chocolate World 1000L37, $50 each at the moment. https://www.pastrychefsboutique.com/CHOCOLATE/Chocolate-Molds/polycarbonate-chocolate-molds/bars-napolitains-molds/chocolate-world-cw1000l37-magnetic-polycarbonate-chocolate-mold-rectangular-bar-80x13x10-mm-1x10-pc-11gr-275x135x24-mm-bars-napo
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