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  1. I don't know if these will 'stick to the wall', but here goes; One way glass? Digital monitors in the floor? Both could still have the perception of the original concern/concerns though.
  2. Microwave Tips

    Who cares if we boil the miso? I had MW bacon and eggs this morning too. The eggs, they are magnificent. The bacon, I consider so so, Maillard has to be rolling in his grave. But, it was O dark thirty, I didn't take time to take a pic, and I had to move quick.
  3. Microwave Tips

    I have to post twice, it's a digital handicap at the moment.Damn the torpedoes, let's cook. I'm deer hunting this week, out of sync with the better half. The MW has a lot of benefits in this situation. Cream of tomato soup MW, the Italian slices were toasted but that marvelous sharp white cheddar was gooyed in the MW. Never mind that that cheese can separate.
  4. Spinach and shrooms, polenta, and turkey scraps.
  5. I would first request a detailed explanation of the current technique, sourcing control, ingredient amounts, cooking times/temps, and packaging/storage/shipping details.
  6. Fries with sour cream and scallion, venison tartare, and a salad.
  7. An FLS Reuben. That'd be Forkish, Lagasse, and Spork.
  8. Cross-contamination.....

    I'm not here to give the elite an excuse. But, I see it many times over in film. I certainly don't condone it. I would not eat Keller's leftovers.
  9. I like the way this has turned. Wiping an apron could add the colony. I prefer upfront prevention.
  10. Cross-contamination.....

    I like this. The Thermopen thread inspired some thought. I'll post there later, but for me and my family, I see things a bit different than the industrial/professional setting. Keller has a "clerk" following behind him. He knows it, and has become loose in hygiene. That doesn't mean the meal is unsafe. Did he cook thoroughly, and serve timely? My home environment is certainly different than a Keller establishment. Not the least, he has a mop crew(figuritively and literally). He has a turnover greater than I. The greater concern that I frontload, the safer and longer "unlived" are my leftovers.
  11. Thermapen hygiene

    We only protect the local?
  12. Thermapen hygiene

    Iffin' you serve in a reasonable time.
  13. Thermapen hygiene

    I'm a 131 kinda guy. We gotta be careful.
  14. Thermapen hygiene

    Before, during, and after?
  15. Thermapen hygiene

    How do you store this seasonal wipe? In a sanitizer?