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  1. Who has had homemade cornbread on the road? Raise your hand.
  2. I must be prepared for off grid. I go with protein sous vide, two weeks is too long to travel raw.
  3. @MokaPot The core. The Kelty bag. I hope the contents speak for themselves. A fly over Lets see, Top left is a sterno get up, canteen cups, and measure and retrieve. Then a knife sharpener and plates. lol Forks, spoons, and knifes with wipe ups to follow. A general kit, the front line.
  4. @CantCookStillTry, the edit didn’t work. 😉
  5. “due to my Irish and Appalachian extraction” Hello cuz. I’m stemless, at this time, and toeless @cantcookstilltry. I love this place. Thank you @Smithyfor your candor.
  6. Montagu? That’s generally held as where the rubber meets the road. Our premiere Montagu chef, in my humble opinion, is @liamsaunt .
  7. Less than $20 hot plate from wallyworld two years ago slow simmers beans with amazing ease and reliability. No co-workers, which is more common than not.
  8. Pintos, Onion, a Salmon Frittatta, Mustard Green, Corn bread and Butter.
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