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  1. Ramps: The Topic

    Dating my wife, my Father in Law told this story. It's rather short, and parallels many stories that my Grandfather told me. He quoted his Father when setting down at the table for the first mess of spring greens every year, he had eight brothers, "Boys, we've made it another year".
  2. Ramps: The Topic

    This was lunch yesterday. Ramp, greens and bulb separated. Dandelion and greenbrier buds. Pair that with pasta and a rainbow filet.
  3. Best First Cookbook

    I need some sort of personality profile. A country boy/girl, White Trash Cooking iregardless of race/ethnicity. A geek, Modernist Cuisine at Home. Something in between those two could be The Four Hour Chef. Athletic, Feedzone and/or Feedzone Portables. Living alone/college, The Joy of Cooking for One, or maybe Tinned Fish, or Not Your Mother’s Microwave. Give us a bit of personality profile?
  4. Best way to freeze a whole chicken

    It it may be tomorrow on a response to that. Mom’s faucet replacement and Schnitzel are forefront.
  5. Best way to freeze a whole chicken

    With, or without, gravity?
  6. Best way to freeze a whole chicken

    And, I can’t stand the taste of ‘balloon’.
  7. Best way to freeze a whole chicken

    It only removes what atmosphere pushes out.
  8. Best way to freeze a whole chicken

    I would disagree that vacuum will remove air from the cavity. Can you rotesserie a spatchcocked bird?
  9. Broil/Grill, and become intimate with the critter/cut/and preference. Im late, I know.
  10. "Happy" Flatware

    Uh, use them for a sourdough starter?
  11. Cooking Light Diet

    Sparkpeople.com has a nice browser interface and app. Linked to the USDA database as well as allowing user input. Track calories, macros, and micros. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve, but it’s a nice set of tools. It’s free, for all of the above, too.
  12. Worst cooking show ever

    Iffin your gonna judge a cook on the presumed proper use of the English laquage, I best cut and run now. I hope we can agree as to a poser.
  13. Settling has its consequences. But, if foundation issues show in cabinet work we need to reasess the integrity of the entire structure.
  14. “2. Buildings were not square and level because they were built before laser tools.” Buildings are not plumb, level, and square because the ‘craftsmen’ now rely on cheap gadgets. The plumb bob, water level, and the teachings of Pythagoras seem lost.
  15. When the chef serves, I’ll tip them(sashimi/sushi the norm), that’s bar food. At a ‘bar’ I certainly tip the tender. Tableside it’s only to the waitress, and that is by merit. My tip to the chef, buss, and management is repeat business. Beyond, there is tip equity. Wait staff can get things done in the kitchen, and should be rewarded, and should reward those that made it happen. Tips are a gratuitous gesture for a job done/well done. Gratify those deserving, lay a bit more on those deserving all the way up and down the line.