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  1. I’ll second the suggestion on Meathead’s book. Look his webpage over. https://amazingribs.com/
  2. Thanks, I thought as such. But it can’t hurt to ask. As @MisterKrazee asks, we have options.
  3. I’ve skipped the most basic question, can you have a fire?
  4. I work on the road a lot. I recently went 11 days on the road, ordered one pizza in, all other meals were off the tailgate of my truck. @MisterKrazee, definitely an option. I cooked with gas stoves/grills. Some a bit heavy, some were my backpacking gear. Can you “mise en place” so to speak, and cook in place?
  5. While you are thinking about a wrap, plate a couple of leaves, top with a slice of tomato or two ( preferably yellow ). Fry two strips of fatty bacon crispy. Drizzle the hot bacon grease over the lettuce and tomato and add the crumpled bacon.
  6. Spork

    Dinner 2020

    Been chilly here the past few days, so soup. Tomato bisque with a bacon, spinach, tomato, cheese, caramelized onion on Italian sandwich, fried in the bacon drippings.
  7. Don’t let them sweat. As @heidh mentioned in the link. As my foremothers insisted. Cooler is better.
  8. I don’t get it. Is a take out burger the answer to this dilemma?
  9. Yes, it was cast iron. I didn’t really realize that at the time. It was just a pan. What I did realize, was the love coming from those pans.
  10. lol. Have you ever eaten an egg in Mexico?
  11. Somewhat to the contraire, I was told this by a Great Grandmother, two Grandmothers, and my Mother. Never store eggs in the spring house, it’ll wash the bloom. Mindful, an added lipid may survive.
  12. Never really researched it, but the addition of some lipid is a modern, short term, stop gap.
  13. Yes. Bloom is the hillbilly term for cuticle. Take what times and temps I’ve offered and adjust to your circumstances. I’ve business traveled Mexico, there is a lot of variance in “unrefrigerated” temps.
  14. With the bloom on, unwashed, I have kept them in a tightly controlled refrigerator (34-36 F) for up to nine months. They lose a lot of flavor, I’m sure a lot of vitamin content, the yolk and both whites separate badly, they certainly don’t cook the same. In my root cellar (52-54 F) the same happens inside of six months. These are fresh eggs, literally minutes from the hen to storage. BLOOM ON.
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