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  1. Spork

    Canned corned beef

    James Martin, Home Comforts. S02:E14- Sunday Brunch
  2. Spork

    Dinner 2020

    Last night, Quick marinaded salmon, brown sugar, soy sauce, and garlic. Angel hair with radish, orange bell, cherry tomato, and spinach.
  3. A cat, that is a hunter, is worse than all of the methods previously offered. Feral taught, they can dispatch an incredible amount of wildlife. It’ll kill indiscriminately, likely the young, birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc. Kill the cat first. Next, clean your act up. You may get some stragglers from the neighbor. The tootsie roll suggestion is good, but cleanup is hard. Peanut Butter with the trigger wrapped in a small piece of cling wrap, wrapped with a small rubber band will trip even with the lightest lickers.
  4. Steamed, run through a food meal, that is only to get more veg into the youngest Grandchildren. I’ve made it to half and half mashed potato without a complaint. Butter and cream certainly help. Otherwise, roast it.
  5. Salt is basically insoluble in fat. Your initial mix was fat heavy, leaving distribution of granules to the mechanics of the mixing. Milk, as the last ingredient, did not allow the salt to dissolve completely. It was bound in fat. Crushing it could have made the situation worse. I suspect the milk was not completely integrated into the mix. The salt that did dissolve would have been concentrated in the higher density liquid. Was the texture any different top to bottom?
  6. Does a complete micro nutrient profile exist, published, of this concoction? I spent a little time searching, to no avail.
  7. I’m new, duh. Ive followed this blog from the beginning. The candor strikes me. Thank you, I feel much more at home.
  8. Proper torque along with bending moment is an art form. Chop Sticks for retrieval under any method other than the fork knife cross hatch.
  9. Sourdough starter was my guess until looking at the quantity called for, not near enough.
  10. Coat the outside of the pan with dish soap before putting it on the grill.
  11. The details of this are from teen/tween memory. Shelled White Oak, or Post Oak( a white oak) shelled kernels in the spring house for days in a feed sack. The overwhelming part of that went to the kitchen for ground meal. Part of that went to the “lab” for flavoring. The “lab” was mobile. Acorns were not the only flavoring used in the lab, many fruits made an appearance. Chestnuts, seemed to be a hometown favorite. Strawberry or Apple seemed to be a Yankee favorite ( I now know that now as targeted marketing). Hometown, Chestnut or Acorn was/is a spit flames in the fire (120 proof). Fruit mixes were/are watered to 80 proof. I prefer straight corn, as my father, and grandfather before me. But, they were aware of marketing, and provided. Quartered acorns, after soaking, dried on screen racks is the memory.
  12. It’s good to hear a welcoming crowd. It’s good to hear some methodical research. Skunk, bitter, in candy and pastry, is a good thing. I aim to turn off any juvenile.
  13. I looked, and couldn’t find a better thread, other than insects in China. Lol I had begged, for years, for street food in China. I got it in 2015. I’ve got the pics, I’d just have to dig.. It was a quickly scheduled trip, one week notice. I insisted, obviously knowing the timing, that there better be one helluva birthday party for me in Beijing on the return down days. I was not disappointed. After a full day on the streets snacking, one final stop for Rock and Roll and more beer. Lol. Unbeknownst to me, one of my cohorts petitioned the band for Country Roads. Everybody in the place knew the words. I had several fruit, cheese, and meat dishes gifted during that song. I arrived in WV two days later with that same smile on my face. That was was the fourth time I heard it that day, and the most memorable time I’ve ever heard it.
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