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  1. Who has had homemade cornbread on the road? Raise your hand.
  2. I must be prepared for off grid. I go with protein sous vide, two weeks is too long to travel raw.
  3. @MokaPot The core. The Kelty bag. I hope the contents speak for themselves. A fly over Lets see, Top left is a sterno get up, canteen cups, and measure and retrieve. Then a knife sharpener and plates. lol Forks, spoons, and knifes with wipe ups to follow. A general kit, the front line.
  4. @CantCookStillTry, the edit didn’t work. 😉
  5. “due to my Irish and Appalachian extraction” Hello cuz. I’m stemless, at this time, and toeless @cantcookstilltry. I love this place. Thank you @Smithyfor your candor.
  6. Montagu? That’s generally held as where the rubber meets the road. Our premiere Montagu chef, in my humble opinion, is @liamsaunt .
  7. Less than $20 hot plate from wallyworld two years ago slow simmers beans with amazing ease and reliability. No co-workers, which is more common than not.
  8. Pintos, Onion, a Salmon Frittatta, Mustard Green, Corn bread and Butter.
  9. Pintos on the slow. Its amazing what a cheap eye will do.
  10. Brunch I made in the room this morning, microwave stage left just out of view.
  11. The naked truth. We salt a pasta pot. We brown some beef. Add some sauce. And a salad.
  12. Overwhelmingly, breakfast is shut down. Some offer a gift bag at check in, a cranola bar, chips, water, etc. Some offer a bag at breakfast, a cranola bar, chips, water, and likely a piece of fruit.
  13. I haven’t set down in a restaurant since January 25th of 2020. That’s the date when the lovely Martha adopted me, O so many years ago. Lol I spend a lot of time on the road for work. I’ve made a challenge to myself on this trip to only stop, other than the motel/hotel room, for fuel for the truck and ice for the cooler. Again, I’ll show you the kitchen, pantry, spice rack, etc beginning Saturday. I hope to have a much more relaxed pace then.
  14. I finished a little early today so, some catch up. Yes, it is propane powered. I have a bulk propane system that I use when setting up semi-permanent ( camping, fishing, hunting, etc ). I’m running on 1lb bottles now. Easy to stow and lock up. Yes it rides in the bed of the truck. In your travels, I can possibly see two justifications. 1. No heat generated inside the camper. 2. You can cook on a campfire, a camp stove, a camp oven, and with a little thought have a kitchen golden triangle.
  15. A beef filet, asparagus with hollindaise, green beans, and mashed potatoes.
  16. I’ll be glad to, but it will be on the way back, Saturday and beyond. im reserved on this trip. I’m trying to do it without an intermediate stop. I’ve done well so far.
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