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  1. I can safely vouch for La Maison Kam Fung. Because I've been goung ther so long, I can't recall what street they are on (yeah, really), but they are really good.
  2. You could try FreshCutz in Marché de L'Ouest in DDO. I can't be 100% certain, but I seem to remember reading that they had Kobe beef. The guy there is Ron Botosan. might be worth a phone call.... HTH
  3. 1.Infant Niece/nephew cut a tooth. Gotta have a cake for that! 2.Opened a new carton of eggs and one of them is cracked 3.Gotta make plans for something totally un-baking related, but need time to "think"
  4. Hey! Welcome to eGullet. I'm not in the resto business, but I have followed the threads from last season as well and I think the reason Rocco has stirred such contempt and disrespect from his peers is that the image he has chosen to project is one of laziness, irresponsibility, which, considering the play he gets in the media, is something of a blow to others in the industry. A chef of such considerable celebrity (and talent, I hear) could make wonderful use of the media exposure he gets, not only for his own benefit, but for the benefit of the industry as a whole. Instead, he has chosen to make himself look like an incompetent ass on national television. And the question asked frequently on this thread is "why?". As for the schmoozing, you have a point. I think it's cool for a chef to talk to customers. The feedback is to their benefit, and ultimately the diners'. But in Rocco's case, he was schmoozing back in season 1 before the kitchen staff knew which way was up. And even as things in the kitchen were spiralling out of control, he was still up front groping the ladies. Meanwhile, the table beside heim gets cold meatballs.... I also think there's a line to be drawn between schmoozing and just being a pig. Frankly if Rocco in his current unwashed state sidled up next to me during a meal, I'd talk to the manager. Yes, the kitchen could an should run just fine without him, if the team is properly trained, etc.... But that wasn't the case, so there was a meltdown. He may have proven himself as a cook in the past, but first time diners at Roccos wouldn't give a damn how good he was last year. They want good food now, and it doesn't seem they are getting it.
  5. THANK YOU!!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone noticed! I suppose it would be beneficial for the trollops in the dining room whining about not seeing Rocco,to know that while they didn't get to see Rocco, they still got a part of him in their meal.
  6. Bouquet Garni is another one. www.bouquetgarni.com (i think)
  7. I haven't spoken to her in awhile, but Gini Catering may be able to help you out.
  8. As someone who has never worked in the resto industry, I've wondered what the staff is allowed to eat. I've been reading alot of threads about various restos on this site and one of the common complaints is staff that know nothing about the food they're peddling. But i'll bet those squab elbows were really something. Sounds like what my grandmother used to feed her dogs..
  9. I had the same experience with the Hungarian Shortbread recipe....it was one of the few recipes in that book that gave me less-than-favorable results. Whew! I thought it was just me! Does rhubarb jam have a high water content? Just wondering 'cause I have used that recipe a few christmases now as par t of my selection but since rhubarb is not availabe to me at that time of year, I have used blackcurrant jam with beautiful results.
  10. Did anybody else notice that when Rocco and Chodorow went up to "mama's" apartment for the big off camera meeting, that the inside looked like it just had a pile of boxes and a mattress on the floor? Exactly what kind of housing is Chodorow providing? And, Rocco didn't just hit the scene last week, so sureley this isn't his first paycheque. Why would he have his own mother beholden to his investor for shelter?
  11. But why was that a waste of footage? Clearly -- to me, at least -- it was intended to illustrate that while Rocco's restaurant is imploding, while he is desperately needed to shore up morale and keep the damn thing from being taken over by odious boys in suits, he is, instead, getting his ego stroked in the basement of some suburban bookstore. The subtext is, Ok, Chodorow is a big bad corporate horrible, but Rocco is an irresponsible, self-absorbed flake with an ego the size of Detroit. It would have been very easy to posit Rocco as the hero, the passionate, adorably rumpled artist up against Armani-clad villains who will stick a shiv in while chanting "nothing personal." But by making it clear that he's not a hero, the story gets a lot more layered and interesting, IMO. oops! I forgot. It's "reality" TV. Actually I was more bored by those scenes than any thing else. Bored and nauseated. I just find watching people behave like that in inappropriate situations sickening. And given what we've already seen of Rocco in the past, I really wanted to hurl. Maybe they could have shown him brooding some more..... I guess since he doesn't even see fit to cook , there was no other way to portray him...
  12. What I found to be a complete waste of footage in that show last night was the book signings. Especially that scene when some big titted chippy in a spray on blouse was sticking her tougue in Rocco's ear. Holy crap! And I know Rocco is a star and all, but does he always show up at his own publicity events looking like he was just shot out of a canon?? Bad enough that he's looking pretty tired and bloated...a decent pair of slacks and a sweater would have helped.......
  13. Monica, as the Irish say: May the wind always be at your back....
  14. I visited the Czech Republic some years back and I fell in love with a Czech liquer called Bejerovka. With the weather warming up, I have thoughts of sipping a B&T (Bejerovka and Tonic). Any suggestions where it can be found in Montreal or the surrounding area?
  15. I had given up baking for lent. I decided to end a little early on account of mom's b-day so now I'm on a bender (when I'm not at work, that is). I'll be trying another ccoconut cake this week since I have leftover frosting and my sister will be in town. Maybe I'll be able to figure out how to get it to un-curdle.
  16. Yup, that's the method. I have an oetker book too! I think Birds is a cornstarch base. However, the temperature was fine. I have done custard buttercream for years.. but you raise a point about the butter. maybe there wasn't enough of it (1/2 lb) for the amount of custard. I would hate to increase it, though, as I would get an enormous quantity and lose the coconut flavour without having to rely on essence, which is fine in VERY smalll quantities, but really gross and kinda bitter if it's the main thing....
  17. I am almost sure I will make that on Saturday for my baby boy's first birthday. I can't wait to see what he does with the coconut frosting. The spouse actually made his first birthday cake last weekend for moi, and it was a coconut layer cake out of Cook's Illustrated. I remember it fondly from church potlucks as a kid, but I gotta say, we halved the frosting (only 2 layers) and it was still way, way too sweet for me. Like scrape the frosting off the middle too sweet. The icing was a buttercream made just with eggwhites. Have my tastes changed or are there less sweet versions? regards, trillium I's been a long time since this thread began and I've been experienting off and on with coconut cakes just because my family loves coconut. We celebrated my mother's 71st this past weekend and I decided to make a coconut cake for her. Thing is, dear mother can't eat egg/custard based frostings 'cause they give her stomach problems. We love the classic frosting that goes with this cake but we too can only handle it in small doses because of the cloying sweetness. So anyway, I had an epiphany while strollig the aisles of the supermnarket and I decided to experiment with Birds Custard Powder for the frosting. I'm sure most of you know the french buttercream that involves all the egg yolks etc, so I took that principle and used the powder instead. I know for "foodies" this may seem cheap and nasty, but anyway, I made a custard using all coconut milk instead of regular milk and I added a tiny bit of coconut essence. When the custard cooled, I beat it into the butter and added some icing sugar. We were quite pleased with the results. Naturally because of the custard powder, the product is yellow as opposed to the billowy white variety, but what I got was a super-smooth, not-overly-sweet frosting with a nice coconut flavour. The whole cake had sweet toasted coconut pressed into it, which tasted great with the frosting.This frosting also stays beautifully at room temperature. One problem though, and I am hoping some of you have some insight. But I took some and refrigerated it and when I took it out, it looked curdled like when french buttercream goes wrong. I haven't tried re-whipping it, but any ideas why that happened?
  18. Hey all you smoked meat afficionadoes, It turns out I can't make the crawl after all, but I wish you all the best of luck-stock up on Tums , and I hope you make the news!! Jersey13
  19. Lochina: Clearly I'm not that good with the links so rather that trying to re-post, I just resurrected the thread. Good luck!
  20. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? What I'd give for a 30K resto budget! (What I'd look like is another story!)
  21. True. So I guess the final answer is "no"?
  22. You make some strong points davidkemp. I would love to be able to aford to eat in some of the "top" restos and you can bet that as soon as my ship comes in, I will. But in the meantime, I have had some very nice food at some of the little palces around town. A teammate of mine invited our entire team to her place for a full Indian dinner last summer and believe me, I would pay to eat her food again. On the other note, I wonder how many other restos/small businesses are getting a little nervous...Once things reach the "shakedown" stage, you know they've been watching you for awhile...
  23. Also, I don't think Oregonaught's "cafeteria" comment was intended as an attack, but just a comment on the layout/decor. The way I see it, you don't have to love the interior of a resto to be a fan of the place. The decor is just a reflection of the owner/chef. Kinda like being in someone's living room. As for the "keg" remark, it's not the first time I've heard comments of that nature made about the service from what seem to be staunch Rosalie fans. All this being said, I still can't wait to try the place....
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