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  1. I think the key here is "identity." Meaning, just how much of your identity is really tied to what you do for a living? I am not a chef and I understand completely what it's like to be forced to produce work that is clearly substandard because the "one who must be obeyed" (i.e. flaming idiot), has deemed that it be so. Isn't it ironic that in fields requiring any real creativity, people always wind up taking orders from those less skilled than themselves? It's not always easy for intelligent people to check their brains at the door when they go to work, but it seems to be a requirement for many jobs, regardless of the industry. All this being said, if you do as little work as you say, is there time in your schedule to pursue something that would allow you to express your expertise? An excess of both money and free time sounds like a Godsend to me! Quitting would only destroy that delicate balance!
  2. Actually I buy Fine Cooking regularly and I noticed that they put pieces of back issues online. I agree that it's smart business. If they gave away their entire publication, only those without computers would buy the mags and that number isn't as small as we think.
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