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  1. If their website is a disaster, try giving them a buzz. It's low tech, but it's been known to work. (and be sure to let them know their site sucks).
  2. You both make good points. Having done a restaurant web site myself, I can tell you that it is not always easy to get the updated info from the owners, etc, especially if the resto isn't their only gig. I am not knocking the people I have worked with but just getting enough info to launch the site is a challenge. Things change so fast and I think alot of webmasters are freelancers that come and go and people don't have the money to keep them on retainer, which could well be the case here. That's not a bad thing if your site is basically a static online brochure, but I suspect that once the site goes live, it gets lost in all the other responsibilities of running the business.. Nothing new...it happens in alot of industries. The problem with the web in general is that anybody can publish online. You could have a site up on a couple of hours, but keeping it current is a different ball of wax. I agree completely that function often is sacrificed for glitz. But that can be said for alot of sites. As new techniques pop up, web monkeys want to be the first to use them etc and the viewer is forced to sit through the webmaster's latest technological innnovation, but still can't locate the address of the restaurant. As for translation etc, yup, it's a problem alright. But I guess a budget is not always set aside for translation services, which is unfortunate, because they would never try to get away with that in print.
  3. JAZ, your article hit home, especially the chicken anecdote. I once held a small dinner party and served chicken. Upon being served, one of my guests proclaimed right away that she didn't like chicken skin. When I simply nodded in acknowledgement assuming that she would just move it aside and get on with ther meal, she then looked at me and said "I don't even like it on my plate" and sat there expectantly until I finally had to get up and remove the skin from her plate and discard it. (much like one would do for a 5 year old) Another thing I hate is when people call you up at the last minute and ask if they can bring a friend who just dropped into town. Don't people realize that the fixings for a meal are bought ahead of time. if you're just ordering pizza, it's fine but sheesh! I don't mind accomodating little requests, but I have no patience for dinner guests who behave as though their every preference should be catered to, even if it means derailing my meal plan. As far as I am concerned, if you know that your preferences are so specific, do us both a favour and don't accepte the invite. "Cause even if you do, try bullying me around inmyown kitchen and you know it'll be that last invitation you'll get from me. I guess I am less tolerant because I eat anything. I appreciate that in other people because I see it as a sign of not only graciousness as a guest, but versatility.
  4. I think they do...But no website, though.
  5. Actually, if you want flavoured oils for baking, etc, try Accessoires Rose Blanche in Lachine. They have quite a stock.
  6. avocado and capers Black beans and pink grapefruit apricots and blue cheese candied ginger and chocolate
  7. I doubt it. I would imagine there are different laws surrounding the manufacture of edible oils vs. bath oils. It could very well be that some are edible but I'll bet no vendor of bath supplies would want to risk being sued because a patron decided to cook with the stuff instead of bathing in it. ...Unless of course you've got some friends you want to get rid of in a way that would be really hard to pin you with...
  8. Yikes! Will you be doing a review soon?
  9. Yup, girth matters alright.... Do we prefer them with or without skin?
  10. Okay, thanks to both of you. Now, (not to veer off topic) but what distinguishes a hanger steak from say, a rib steak?
  11. I will never again beat hot sugar syrup into cold eggs when making my buttercream. Can we say "rock candy?'
  12. Identifiler, (or anybody) please educate the ignorant. What's "Onglet"?
  13. Hey food_dwarf, I recall you were looking for good resto employment on the West Island. Where did you eventually land?
  14. That's a relief. I love a good steak. However, if the step is only as you say, slightly below, West Islanders may still be in for the shock of a lifetime! A couple I know recently blew upwards of a mortgage payment on dinner at the Queue. But no matter....Westies will feel like they are having the "Queue experience" without having to hit the highway.
  15. Lesley, are you trying to make him feel better or worse?
  16. That could be. I came across that place in a database and the email is @sunshineboys.com. I guess they are the folks behind Queue de Cheval? If they are as pricey as I hear the Queue is, I wonder how long they'll last in that location...
  17. OK Guru, What does that expression mean?
  18. Lesley: How many times do you (or other reviewers) normally visit a restaurant before actually reviewing it for the first time? Is there a standard, or does it depend on the publication?
  19. Grill-it, if you don't mind me asking, what did dinner for two run you? I notice people often hint at prices but don't mention them flat out. I don't mind paying top $$$ for a great meal because I don't do it very often, however, I do like to have some idea what I'm getting myself into.
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