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  1. i love the filter idea...actually there are a lot of great ideas here. Thanks!
  2. I am making some individual single crust pies and want to know if I can use weights wrapped in plastic for blind baking. For large format crusts, I line with parchment, but this seems like it will be a PItA... Will the plastic melt at 350 for 10 minutes?
  3. I use this type of buttercream a lot: it has a fantastic smooth texture that is also incredibly delicious...the custard cuts the butter just enough to give it a really rich taste and feel. I don't know if I would call this american though, I use a recipe from RLB's Cake Bible. One thing: it is a bit softer than traditional italian meringe bc's, so very detailed piping is more difficult. Also getting that really smooth alabaster surface is challenging.
  4. wow...I've got to try one of those!! I do know that it takes an incredible amount of blossoms to get enough flavor. I always thought a sherbet would be the perfect frozen treat: the fat from the milk/cream would carry flavor yet not be over powered by the custard from an ice cream base.
  5. yes! yes! to sorghum! If you can get a hold of it, it is a FAR superior substitute to corn syrup. If not, you should try Lyle's golden syrup...I think it's pure cane like Steen's. You could also make a really viscous simple syrup (sugar + water); I don't know the proportions off hand, however. Anything is better than corn syrup.
  6. I want to ship some baked goods across country, and have never done it before. who has done this and what can you tell me? obviously I don't expect to send an iced three layer cake...or can I? any tips/tricks/advice is welcome.
  7. has anyone added campari to a mojito? does campari even work with rum? for some reason lime/mint/campari sound good to me...and would dark or white rum be better?
  8. have you heard of angel pies? they are a bit old fashioned, but really delicious. what makes them 'angel-y' is the crust: it's a baked meringue. the filling is usually a custard, similar to a cream pie, and layered with fruit and whipped cream. they work especially well with lemon (which would be great in spring paired with rhubarb or strawberries), and summer fruit (blackberries, blueberries, peaches, apricots, plums, etc...). in fall you could do a traditional pumpkin or sweet potato and incorporate nuts into the baked meringue crust. yum!
  9. I think you need to clarify the kind of baking you'd like to do. Are you interested in bread? Do classic euro-style pastries appeal to you more than say more American-ish baking? Would you prefer text-like instruction or a more casual, home style approach? There is a plethora of baking books out there, tailored for every taste and style...finding out which one would fit for you is half the battle.
  10. What I'm reading now: The Oldways Table--just got it in the mail yesterday Fannie Farmer Baking Book--just discovered it really, love the pie section The New Spanish Table--everything I've made out of it so far is fantastic
  11. Thanks, Maggie...it really was a pleasure to meet you all.
  12. can you still get B&J wine coolers?
  13. good time? yes yes yes...a good time was definitely had. working with chef fleer (his last days) and his staff was great. also getting to hang with some other pretty amazing talent didn't hurt either: hugh atchison from 5 and 10 in athens, mike lata from FIG in charleston, corbin evans from savvy gourmet in NO, john currence from the city grocery in oxford...amazing food from all of them. then the inn and farm itself...wow. someday maybe I'll be able to afford to go back...someday.
  14. thank you! that thread is of great help...I am working a SFA event this week end there, and I'm glad to have a better mental picture of the place.
  15. Who's been there? I will be there for a long week end, and it will be my first time. John Fleer's food is supposed to be pretty fantastic. Tell me all you know!
  16. you could also use the bottom of another tart pan, basically your cake lifter without the handle
  17. haven't yet...but I think we are going with your (and many others) suggestion of Udupi. We're going Thursday night...I'll let you know.
  18. I have a Kitchen Aid Architect Series 1200cfm hood, and it is fantastic: not too loud, and has no problem with my 6 burner range. A good friend is seriously thinking of replacing his Wolf 600cfm because of how loud it is and it's inferior sucking...I don't know what those cost, but you can check out mine at: http://www.kitchenaid.com/catalog/product....at=248∏=170
  19. Is it goodgood? Or just good cause it's cheap and Indian? I love Indian food, but have yet to find some place that I'm happy to return to. And yes, we're going to the Galaxy.
  20. going to a movie in Cary and want to know of a place where we can grab quick bite before. I have to admit that I never make my way over there, so I don't know of what's going on. Suggestions?
  21. phlawless

    cake help

    it just came out a few minutes ago and here is what I think I need to do to make it perfect: cut back the flour it's a little too 'cakey'...maybe go as low as 3/4? cut back the baking soda it domed, would this help? I put my syrup on and it's soaking in fine, I'll be able to taste in a bit
  22. Hello experts: I need some help achieving a certain texture to a walnut cake recipe I am developing. I would essentially like the cake to end up having the consistency of a sticky toffee pudding (I plan on using a syrup after it comes out of the oven) but instead of using the traditional dates, I want to use black walnuts. So essentially, a texture that is moist but not too dense since I will be adding the syrup afterwards, and also something not too sweet for the same reason. What I have in the oven now: 4 ou butter 2/3 cup brown sugar pinch o salt 3 eggs 1 t vanilla 3/4 t baking soda 2 cups toasted finely chopped nuts 1 1/2 cups ap flour 1/2 cup full fat buttermilk I think I have the sweetness level pretty good: it needs more which it will get from the syrup. Any suggestions?
  23. Actually a book club meeting...we're reading Bonfire of the Vanities I totally forgot about croissants and kiwi
  24. Can you all help me think of some iconic 80's eats? What flavors/dishes I'm come up with so far are: -pesto -'exotic' pestos: cilantro, sun dried tomato -anything wrapped in phyllo -pasta bars -california style pizza: bbq chicken, shrimp, artichoke hearts -southwestern u.s. what else can you guys think of?
  25. phlawless

    pickle sauce

    yes!!! That is totally the one! I'm off to start supper now! edited to add: manymany thanks!
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