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  1. Good read in @guardian today on the rapidly approaching post-work world https://t.co/00axmxBaCe #basicincome #robotsarecoming

  2. The first big #ukhousing #IoT failure - what can housing providers learn from 365agile closing down operations? https://t.co/Aor9rSlwRj

  3. RT @HACThousing: Our latest monthly e-news is out - check out everything that we've been up to. https://t.co/zrvbOTwRp9

  4. @nickatkin_hht @PaulBromford explains some of the silence around this over recent months https://t.co/oUSgLNLCN9

  5. @FlipChartRick wow - that is very good indeed! @resi_analyst @geographyjim

  6. the future of industry is almost here https://t.co/c0g6PkEz5M and not a worker in sight (nearly)

  7. @Annemcx yes but very different terms-approach. Well advanced model with growing interest from providers @NeilTamplin @BakedIdea

  8. RT @myearthquakeapp: Earthquake near Northern Italy at 20:21 UTC has been changed from magnitude 4.5 to 4.2. #earthquake https://t.co/iw18W…

  9. RT @MervynDinnen: The great pensions cock-up https://t.co/amlgaviAqq via @FlipChartRick

  10. RT @davidfinchRF: Younger generations less belief in big state solutions & importance of welfare state @benatipsosmori #intergenerational

  11. RT @Innovation_Unit: #IUFutures 'There is not enough money in the system to cope with the bigger trends - so we need to think about doing t…

  12. RT @jrf_uk: The changing picture of #ukpoverty - Why we need to act now to #solveukpoverty https://t.co/pZKJfWbNGp https://t.co/2LR3Apt3P1

  13. If you’re going to read 1 blog tonight make it this one. @Frances_Coppola on the strange death of UK productivity https://t.co/73GqUNMoTk

  14. RT @HousingServ16: The dystopian future is unexpectedly cute and fuzzy - @matt_leach @HACThousing #EHS2016 https://t.co/w85ndzgvm6

  15. RT @insidehousing: Special breakfast briefing @CIH_Housing: Learn more about @HACThousing's new social value toolkit. Register Now >> https…

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