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  1. Overnight braise any type of beef with lots of connective tissue works best never tried fish Pork and chicken do better same day. I am not sure of Temperatures or humidity level used as it’s all automatic. Rational has a computer and sensors you can depend on.
  2. I was asked what I would change about my rational install Not much - Something that took a long time to figure out what is the amount of ventilation you need do not cheap out on the ventilation you will have a kitchen full of steam or smoke great smelling smoke but not a good thing. My biggest win would be braises mix everything up the day before toss it in the oven let it cook overnight and simply reheat to serve unbelievable so simple and so good the other thing that the oven does incredibly well is salmon there was a setting in mine called crispy salmon designed by the Canadian head Rational chef Kevin - Amazing. Steaming seafood with vegetables is another huge win as long as you’re careful and don’t over cook it’s great clean food very much wife approved. Braising It’s not her preferred cooking method due to the calories but she loves anything I do steamed with vegetables. Happy wife - chance of a happy life. This seems to of worked for us for the last 30 years.
  3. Great question let me think about it.
  4. No it’s one temperature - one cooking Cabinet but the oven has a feature that allows it to cook multiple things at once for example breakfast I can do the bacon eggs pancakes and toast all at the same time on different shelves with different times. And I get crispy toast
  5. Rational Is the full meal deal they make a series of “carts” that not only puts the unit at the correct height for safe use but also hold the necessary pans. And allows you to move it around pretty easily for cleaning etc. I have accumulated quite a collection of pans. I have additional storage in the garage 4 pans. In addition I am very popular around Christmas or other holidays because holiday baking with 10 racks is very quick and the rational does a great job.
  6. I’ve been living with and loving my rational oven for a few years now. We use it on a daily basis we stay on top of the cleaning and we have not had one service call. That’s an amazing piece of German engineering at its finest. Very easy to live with I’m getting more into steam all the time because it’s just so easy. Once you have steamed shrimp when they are perfectly plumb and tender it’s hard to go back. we have not needed any service or technical support but every once in a while I do have a question on how to cook something and the Rational Chef Line works great. As we age it’s hard to imagine moving to any place I couldn’t put a new one in. Why new one? Because I like the LED lights down the side of the cooking chamber I’m not sure if there’s any other meaningful differences.
  7. With all due respect to Nathan Myrhvold and the Modernist Cuisine team, I do find it ironic that a "Modernist" book is only available in a 50+ pound giant hardbound edition. I am in the sad position of having no more space for physical cookbooks, (Gibbs)
  8. I love the books no problem paying but impossible to use due to the size Gibbs is right on with his suggestions about an electronic version so they are more useful.
  9. Thank you for the correction on the e-book subscription service it's a great service and I hope that Modernist Cuisine decides to use it again going forward
  10. I love and own all their books. It's unfortunate Moderenist Cusine's relationship with inking is not going further. The big books are great to look at in fact they live in our front room but using them to cook from or reference sucks. I use my iPad in the kitchen. Hopefully with a purchase they include the right to reference the material digitally.
  11. MikeMac

    Combi oven recipes

    Thanks for all the nice comments this is a great way to do Roast Beef just prep the beef and vegetables like the pictures, bit of oil on vegetables then hit overnight roasting I like a finish temp of 120 I usually just season with salt before cooking Love my Rational.
  12. MikeMac

    Combi oven recipes

    My Rational comes with a probe I use it when doing Crispy Salmon that finishes about 103 I do this so much I had special cedar inserts made up works great. You can also cook by the look of the product as well just use the oven in manual - sort of like driving a sports car do you want a automatic or manual transmission?
  13. I have a Rational installed in my home have not regretted it for one second, go with the gas one that uses standard electrical. Your biggest issue should be drainage and hood venting. Nothing has gone wrong with the Rational so I can not comment about service but if the service department is anything like the on call chef that answers any questions I have it will be amazing. The company makes a point of ensuring you are happy.
  14. OK lots of theory which is appreciated but has anyone purchased a knife and actually used it? What do they have to say?
  15. You can char on induction you are correct it's not as easy as using an open flame use a cast iron pot on full. Usually the max temp allowed by a induction burner is around 500 F so you are right its wimpy. I have a Cooktek unit.
  16. I have both gasand induction. Once you get used to not seeing the flame I am firmly in the induction camp. Only issue is with portable units you are limited to 15 amp 110 V which does the job but takes its time with big pots if you have 220 40 Amp hang on for the rife it's SOO fast you will burn things at first. Only thing induction can not do is light Flambés by just tilting the pan you will need a match.
  17. I have 2 of these units and can only keep one at a time working. The local service guys just cavn not keep them working and the water tray tops crack all the time. But they got me sold on Combi ovens and made me invest in a proper plumbed in a Rational oven. From that point never looked back other than the two units I have sitting in my guarage. If you have good local service and not much room they are OK,
  18. I agree the Chefs Table in Kensington is great !! Wonderful idea well executed that can be enjoyed more than once.
  19. Well the guy who owns it certainly has the money to do it right he developed the area . I personally have not eaten their I have at the previous versions and it was not my favorite I do not like the room. But things change... Calgary is so nice in our short summer maybe checkout Rouge better food or the River Cafe better location IF weather is nice and enjoy our summer.
  20. In 1912 the Stampede was born from the vision of Guy Weadick. Guy was a "working" cowboy and vaudeville entertainer featured in the traveling wild-west shows that were popular world-wide in the early 1900s. Today it's morphed into a two week party celebrating the best of the west. Highlights for me: Cowboys dance hall - opportunity to party with over 5000 of your closest drunken friends. Best but most expensive experience is one of the private suites on the second floor. Easiest thing to order is bottle service. Food and especially wine choices are limited but the staff is friendly and easy to look at. Rodeo - some of the best in the world high dollar prizes so we can attract the top performers both human and livestock Food- basically Beer, BBQ and novelty items from the largest BBQ IN in the world to scorpion pizza many of the novelty food items are not local but travel from fair to fair. Something to try are the free pancake breakfasts all over the city basically show up and get all the free coffee, pancakes and bacon you want. Bigger charity focus- a trend I really like is rather than companies just laying out the food drink and entrainment more and more are asking for a donation to a charity as the price of admission.
  21. Steak done right. TRIB Steakhouse Calgary A big problem in Calgary is the lack of good steak houses. We have the old standbys tired over priced and way over salted that I will not bother naming them. We had a group of twenty in town for Stampede and booked at the TRIB Worked out real well. Juanita was our server, and she is a fantastic, professional and passionate individual, we were are lucky to have her. For wine we did Your wine the Seghesio Zinfandel from Sonoma, CA. The Resturant messed up one steak and a couple of the bottles of wine had something wrong but Juanita and her team not only made things right they did not make a fuss about it. When a Kitchen gets slammed with 20 picky eaters who all want to get served at once mistakes happen Juanita and her team handled thinks really well in fact when the one errant steak came out it was considered by the eater fantastic. I highly recommend the TRIB and further Juanita a lady that really knows her food and wine.
  22. You are right they look like the same product quite tasty but in the Turks and Caicos islands where I eat the large ones nearly every day the only way to make Conch edible to either really pound them or creviche them.The next question is the health qualities of the meat. One school calls it natures wonder food pure lean protein another school says lots of protein but also lots of cholesterol, but does not identify what kind of cholesterol.
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