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  1. I have made french soup with onion. It is really easy process. If you need then i can send pm with full recipe.Thanks.
  2. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    Bubblegum Flavor

    You can use strawberry flavour.
  3. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    Modernist Cuisine Blogs

    Thanks for sharing this blog link. It is really helpful to me.
  4. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    Is salt made from ocean water safe to eat?

    Salt is made from occean water. It is really safe because there are many process to filter it and salt companies are doing it effectively. So there is nothing to worry.
  5. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    Beer Glass

    Your idea is really creative . I wish if i could do that . Although i don't have any idea but i am looking for another great idea for making beer glass.
  6. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    Updating the 3 stage breading process

    Instead of egg wash, you can use milk and little bit of food color. I really don't like egg wash . That's why i have applied this process.
  7. Anonymous Modernist 9743

    [Modernist Cuisine] Problem with Kitchen Guide!

    I think you can use kerosin oil. I have used and i have got result. You can try it.