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  1. Pressure canned these green and yellow beans this afternoon. Might had canned more, but we've been eating them like crazy with dinner
  2. Picked blueberries Sunday morning (before doing hay), and ended up canning a good portion of them. I think this batch has 14 pints, 1 pint and half, and 2 quart jars. Just added some lemon, and simple syrup.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Cashew Chicken. Served with white rice. It felt good chopping things, and cooking again (especially after the Funions and Redbull last night.)
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Not the Sunday dinner I had planned, but when there is rain coming and the hay bales need to come in off the field, one does what one must do. So, dinner this evening came from the nearby gas station: 1/2 bag of Funions, 1/2 can grapefruit Redbull, and for dessert....an almond Snickers bar. Gobbled it up while driving the truck/trailor through the hayfield. I feel waaaayyyyy better confessing these atrocities to you all, as opposed to my doctor. Everyone here is far more understanding.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Never wishing to be accused of thwarting the creativity of a budding chef....I indulged my 4 year old granddaughter's "Cooking" whim this evening, and allowed her some freedom in the kitchen (and garden). She picked ALL of my peas, shucked them, mixed them with hardboiled eggs that she peeled and crumbled, and topped it onto sloppy joe. She called it "Sloppy Joe Salad". As she is sitting right here next to me, I will indulge her further and post her creation here on the dinner thread: Yes, she and Grammie shared this delicacy.
  6. Beef Bacon- has anyone made this?

    Picked up the beef from the butcher yesterday. We now have 12 cases of grass-fed yumminess ready to feed the inner-carnivore. Went with a slightly different cut order this time, though. We took two cows down, and normally, I'd get short ribs, lots of stew meat, steaks, roasts, and a portion of ground beef. The orders we've received are primarily ground, 10# of stew meat, a few roasts, and some steaks. Since there were no orders for ribs, and I wanted to experiment with something new, decided it was time to take a little gamble. I had heard about beef bacon recently through my grocer, and got curious. Had my butcher package the slabs needed to make it. And now, am on a quest for a delectable cure. Would, by chance, any of you wonderful egulletlanders have tasted beef bacon, or made it before? Any advice, cautions, or info you'd care to lend out before I set upon the quest to make something new? I'd love to hear about any experiences with this! And of course, I will report back with progress and results, (and failures, should things go south.) Thank you very muchly! Andrea
  7. Best Fast Food Burger

    We just got a new BK in town about two weeks ago. They have a very fast, efficient crew. The burgers are so-so, but the fries are much better at this location versus other BK's and McDonalds. We just don't seem to attract The cool places like 5 Guys or Shake Shack...which is a drag. I'd like another option to choose from. But, it is what it is.
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @kayb Sounds like a winner! I make this confession....Hubby took the kids camping over the weekend. No one to see me eat this, but I had Jiffy Pop, a Redbull, and dark chocolate gelato for dessert. Sometimes, ya just do what ya gotta do.
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Just a joyful update.....the event for which I prepared the above food occurred around 1:40am today. Miss Tilly weighed in at 8# 13oz; 21 inches. She is absolutely delightful and a no-fuss kind of girl! It was truly an amazing blessing to be present for, and assist in the birth of my 4th grandchild. The exhausted, albeit thrilled parents are giddy over how many meals they've received. A few quarts of the beef-barley soup over on the preservation thread also went to them, so as not to use up more freezer space.
  10. The garden is pretty slow to produce this year, as the temps have been below normal, and we've only had about 1/2 the sunny days we need. However, I did snatch some decent sized potatoes out a couple days ago, and cooked through 6 pretty meaty soup bones from our last butchered cow. Then, added in carrots, onion, barley and seasoning, pressure canned, and ended up with: Beef Barley Soup
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    When I remember to specify, the pricier cuts-like steaks- will be vacuum packed- 2 per package. I usually have them cut the steaks 1/2" thick. The roasts, soup bones, stew meat, organ meat, and short ribs- are double wrapped in butcher paper, then labeled with the weight and cut. The ground beef, ground chuck and ground round are all packaged in 1 lb thick, plastic bags. The ground beef doesn't have the weight listed, but the chuck and round do. The butcher tries to pack all the similar items together in cardboard boxes, and has them all rock-solid frozen and ready when I come to pick it up. Once I go through each box, and have an idea where everything is, I spend the next 3 hours driving home and mentally dividing up the contents based on customer orders. I just fill in the sales orders with the weights and costs, then have the customers come and pick up their orders. If the timing is right and the season has been good, I send them off with fresh veggies from the garden to toss in with their roast. =)
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @lindag...Commerical Freezer. When we moved up here, the local school was selling their freezer and getting a new one. (All it needed was a freon charge.) We bought the old one (dirt cheap), anticipating we'd need it once we got started with bison or grass fed beef. Opting for the beef cattle, we usually do two head at a time. I sell 50-60% of the beef, and keep the rest for us. And, with the meat chickens and turkeys I raise and butcher, we keep it pretty full.
  13. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    The main dish tonight: Steak. Trying to use up the various cuts of grass-fed beef from our last cow, as we have about 1000 # coming in two weeks. While not pictured, the steaks were accompanied by new potatoes that I plucked from the garden this afternoon.
  14. A little note on the key lime cookies (above)....they taste waaaayyyy better the second day. The oil from the lime zest must migrate through and intensify the cookie dough flavor overnight. Tangy/tart flavor is fantastic!
  15. Well, that was an eye-opener! Thank you for posting, @liuzhou !