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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @suzilightning Most of our family uses good ole Heinz ketchup. Some have tried it with gravy, but prefer ketchup. Restaurants up here give folks the option. Personally, I prefer it with an extra slab of butter melting all over the inside. I think ketchup distracts from the flavors too much, and gravy covers flavors too much. Butter makes it all just taste more delicious, IMHO.
  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Pasties are about as plain-looking as a dinner can possibly get. The finished product looks like a lump of baked dough. But, the insides are bursting with the flavors of beef, sausage, red potatoes, onions, carrots, rutabaga, and a little cabbage. Seasoned with salt, pepper, a pat of butter. I made 10 or 12, so they will last for a couple dinners and lunches. Half of one is plenty for a meal.
  3. Grocery Shopping

    Had to embark on a fairly big shopping trip for the first time coming back from vacation. We are not blessed with an incredible selection of grocery stores in this area, so I have to make do. Carrots Green onions Cabbage Ginger root Cucumbers Zucchini Yellow squash Eggplant Red potatoes - used up all the potatoes from last fall. Yellow potatoes Baked beans Ranch dressing Chicken breasts. (I finally ran out of chicken breasts from all the meat birds I butchered last fall.) Bread - sliced loaves for kid lunches and morning toast. Baguette for dinner. Hot dog buns Olive oil Avocado oil Butter.... wt# is up with the price of butter???!!!! Ice cream More ice cream Grape Juice White wine Cameron's Intense French coffee Walker's butter shortbreads HWC Vanilla creamer (for the kids. I hate that stuff.) Tortilla chips Potato chips Pretzels Dips Dog food Milk bones Vitamins I know I'm forgetting things, but, that's a good start. Notably absent from the list are things like canned soup, PB, lunch snacks, household items, etc. I order things like that from Boxed.com when I've got coupons. Most of the time, prices are well below our retailers, and they ship it to your door for free. I do not have the warm-fuzzies for Walmart, especially after Wednesday's shopping trip, so I am happy to shop online for what I'd otherwise have bought there.
  4. I've used Notter's lime ganache multiple times, and never has it set up firm. I think this might be by design. Using the marshmallow-lime combo in a molded piece would be divine!!! If you wanted some separation between the lime and marshmallow, you could insert the coated feuilletine between the two layers, maybe? Whatever you decide to do, I hope you report back with your results!!!
  5. We do deer hunting every November, and I process it. I end up cutting the backstraps out and cooking those right away. The rest, I either do as roasts, or grind it and can it. Chickens and turkeys, I raise, kill and process. Ruffed Grouse- hubby and the kids go hunt every fall. Goose- my daughter did once, got two. It wasn't the tastiest stuff I ever had. Duck- That is next on my son's list. Fish - I used to fish a whole lot more than I do now, but hubby and kids do a fine job bringing home brookies, rainbows, perch, and lake trout. (I posted pics of the fishies on another thread .. ) None of us are fond of ice-fishing, so we'll have to wait until thing thaw a bit more up here.
  6. Best Cola I've ever had

    @Lisa Shock.... I love Jolt. It was my go-to drink during mid-terms and finals week all through college. Forever shall I be indebted to its inventors. That extra boost saved me. Otherwise, its Faygo. Not sure if that's just a Detroit thing, or what. I remember walking barefoot in the Rouge, down Genessee, around the corner to the drugstore getting Faygo with my big brother. Cola mainly, but there was the grape, redpop, orange, rock -n -rye, cream soda, etc.... for when I wanted something different.
  7. MRE's (Military Meals Ready to Eat)

    Back when we didn't have kids, hubby and I would go camping every chance we got. It didn't take much to feed us. After we had kids, and the fish we caught didn't end up being enough for all of us...we bought quite a supply of MRE's. I can't recall what brand, but hubby ordered some, and we'd take those camping. All you'd need was pot of water to boil the entree in. There was a huge variety- tortellini, chicken and dumplings, beef stew, chili, stroganoff, etc....Each pack came with some very hearty crackers, Tang, coffee, eating utensils, and some other odds and ins. They were quite tasty, and filled everyone up. Very handy for camping. They keep for an insanely long time, and we still had a couple cases in the basement when the house burned down.
  8. Freeze Dried Fruit Powder

    I have a few from Nuts.com, and am pleased with the flavor. The site carries a nice selection over 20 different powders) in small portions. I do suggest sifting some of the powders a bit, as I have come across seeds in the raspberry powder.
  9. @tikidoc Here it is, as best I can remember. 12-14 oz tempered 38% milk chocolate 4 oz (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temp. - very soft. 4 oz -6 oz marshmallow fluff 6 oz Creamy Jif 1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste Salt to taste. There's a little variation in the amounts of certain items because I was tweaking it as I went along, which is just how I do things ordinarily. I added in a little more chocolate at one point to melt the PB more. And then I added in a couple more oz of fluff to compensate for the weight of the chocolate I had just added before that. I beat the chocolate and butter with a spoon, added the PB so everything was smooth and sort of melty, then added the fluff, a little more chocolate, and a little more fluff. then the VB paste and salt. Pretzel rods, Vanilla wafers, and Oreos are great tools to use if consuming outside of chocolates.
  10. It still has its little air bubbles even though I just squeezed it through the piping bag....
  11. The PB Fluff is tempered milk chocolate, JIF creamy PB, unsalted butter, marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean paste and salt. If the butter is at room temp., it whips perfectly well with a spoon, the marshmallow fluff stays fluffy, and it pipes beautifully into the eggs,... or into one's mouth. I got to thinking later, it would make a marvelous filling for macaroons. I can take a pic of it if anyone would like that, so you can see how fluffy it is. I just adore the light texture and taste. I handed out samples today to various folks, and got a unanimous thumbs up.
  12. I will start by stating that I planned to do none of these. I wanted to escape on vacation to FL, and take a break after going gangbusters with sales the last two months. But, when the folks up at the retirement home start calling, I turn into a real softie, and I cannot for the life of me tell them "no". So....here we are. Gold leaf eggs. The pink and blue ones are filled with caramel; the orange and green are filled with PB Fluff. The next pic shows the Key lime and the chocolate mint. There's also a few filled with raspberry mead. And the last pic are the Tipsy Tortoises. Something told me to make extras, and I'm glad to have listened to my intuition. After the first order came in, I got another call on the way to church yesterday - from a long time customer who wanted a HUGE box of them. Plus a dozen of the eggs. And sea salt caramels (not pictured). And a big box of the meads. I am boxing up everything else, and taking it with me on our trip- to give as gifts to our relatives along the way.
  13. 18th Century Cooking Videos

    OH! These videos are so cool!!! One of my friends threw a 16th birthday party for her daughter. I helped her make all the foods from the Townsend's videos. They planned to act out a murder mystery throughout the dinner, which took place in an 18th century setting. So, the food had to fit the era. We made the little "pots" of ancient pastry type dough, filled with raw meats- some chicken and some beef; and made a lid out of the pastry dough with a hole in it. After it baked for a while, you'd pour in gravy, if I recall correctly. It was quite tasty. I can't remember all the other items, but it was quite a bit of fun cooking like that.
  14. Discovered Bleu Cheese stuffed olives recently. It took awhile to part with $6 for a dinky jar of them, but I was starving and needed a Keto friendly boost of salt and yum. They did not disappoint.
  15. Refrigerator Magnets

    In the main kitchen, we have a non-magnetic stainless steel fridge front, and the sides are magnetic. So, I've got a list of kid's birthdays, a couple pics and drawings on one side, and the other side has my magnetic to-do list. The kids find some of the best note pads..my personal favorite is the one with a beaver munching on a tree, and reads: Dam Important Things to do The chocolate shop fridge only has magnetic sides, as the front is glass and is framed by non-magnetic ss. In there, I only have a to-do list on the accessible side. Its another gem my oldest daughter found, and reads: Chocolate Doesn't Ask Silly Questions. Chocolate Understands.