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  1. This looks like something from ASpecialtyBox.com I use a quite a few of their products, and do recall seeing packaging very similar -if not exactly- like this on their site. Very classy.
  2. Both. The one in the photo doesnt show it, but I also affix some crushed Maldon salt flakes to the edge. 😃
  3. I failed to get the flavors listed. Red domes are Strawberry Margarita. Used the Valrhona inspirations for that. The hearts wgold are Strawberry Baileys in milk chocolate. Blk/wh cube is a mudslide in Carmelia. Yellow/white are Pina Colada. Teal/silver dome is White Russian. Orange yellow is mango layered w passion fruit ganache. Then caramel hearts and cubes. Also did a vegan mixed berry with Felchlin's osa filling compound ...pale pink. The hearts wtransfer sheet are Earl Grey.
  4. aspecialtybox.com has bon-bon trays with a clear protective cover that fits right over the top of the bon bons. I've used them in the past for the spheres, but not all that practical if you're doing different shapes. Worth checking out though.
  5. Follow up pic... Red one is milk chocolate. Green one is 62%.
  6. If anyone is looking for a palatable SF chocolate that is easy to work with, I just tried out the Felchlin Milk Chocolate SF and the 62% Dark chocolate SF. Goodness gracious! We have a winner! Well, two winners. One of the pharmacists I work with is diabetic, and asked if I could make some milk chocolate ones for her. She didn't want any flavors added, so I just a made a nice soft ganache with heavy cream and butter. I added just a pinch of espresso powder and vanilla bean to the cream just for a slight difference in flavor from the shell. I also have a dear friend who wanted SF mi
  7. So, I have the Pralus Pyramid - which is a compilation of 8 or 10 different single origin chocolates. They are identical in formula, but use a different single origin cacao for each bar. And, if money is of no concern...well, that's good. The squares are pretty small- - just a couple ounces each. But, I think you can get larger sizes. There are some drastically different flavor profiles in there - so you might want to get the pyramid, taste, then decide which ones would work best for your client. Having said that, Felchlin is one of my absolute favorite brands. And, AUI has
  8. Just reading this over a month later - regarding the tape. I bought some some cheap, narrow tape at a Michaels craft store, and some that I found at Wallyworld. Both worked fine. Using the rubber-tipped gum stimulator (dental tool), I found it remarkably easy to press the tape smoothly into the molds and get the sides to stick in there nicely. I tried it in the dome mold, and then did the yellow cars with black racing stripes. Its a little time consuming, yes. But, that dental tool works really really well. HTH. \
  9. Christmas cake for the kids and grandkids...White chocolate cake. Raspberry filling. buttercream icing. decorated with fresh raspberries, pomegranate, and rosemary sprigs.
  10. Winter 2019 Collection by Chassell Chocolate 😃
  11. @Tiffany B ASpecialtyBox has some boxes/inserts that are pretty similar to what you've got there. Not the actual pattern, but the style is quite close from what I can tell. FWIW, their rigid boxes are top notch, and the price reflects it. Sometimes though, items do go on sale. (They kill me on shipping, but I still order my premium corporate gift packaging from them.)
  12. This is the first time I've done stripes- and they ended up on a car. Its meant to be a replica of a classic car that my friend's husband owns. She asked me to do a dozen of these for his 80th birthday... Edited to add that the colors are from Roxy & Rich - Yellow Chrysoberyl and PIrate Black.
  13. Wandered out to the grapevines today. Most of the snow has finally melted, but there is still a little. (Had a goofy little snowstorm Wednesday night). Noticed that the blackberries spread voraciously amongst the grapevines, so I spent two hours out there chopping away at the bases of the blackberries. I love the blackberries, but they have their respective patches: One way out back, and one up front. We figured a bear took to munching on them years ago, and his/her droppings "planted" the ones we're trying to get rid of. My arms bear the markings of thorn exposure. Should look stun
  14. @Kerry Beal... I'm not sure. We've had a mix of young and old hens, and I don't really know which ones popped out the doubles. I always thought their productivity - single or double yolkers - was related the amount of sunlight and nutrients they received. I do recall that when the younger ones had just started laying daily, some of them would pop out 2 eggs per day, so, maybe that could segue into one egg with two yolks later on. (?) I will report back, should I come across any doubles with this gang.
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