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  1. Try visiting Worldwide Chocolate. They carry a vast array of brands, email coupon codes pretty frequently, and have fabulous customer service. In most cases, I've been able to get free shipping.
  2. I will never again leave my workshop door unlocked when I am airbrushing chocolate molds. Nor will I leave the window on the workshop door in a see-through condition. Why? Because my smarty pants daughter and her boyfriend snapped pics of me with goggles, mask, gloves, and a hat on. If she posts it to my Instagram page, I am going to die.
  3. Lovely work, @Alan_strt ! That shine is incredible. Would you mind sharing what the flavors are? And, welcome!
  4. ChocoMom

    Grocery Shopping

    They just re-modeled the Aldi's near a couple of hubby's work locations, so I texted him a shopping list. He arrived home with a massive salmon fillet- that was nothing short of amazing. Along with that, a huge bottle of wine- which we tested out Sat. evening----it was wonderful. Along with that, he picked up the usual butter, cheeses, chips, yukon golds, turkey bacon, and some frozen chicken breasts. I am excited to have the opportunity to do a pop-store at a mall about 3 hours away from where I live. There also happens to be an Aldi store right nearby...so I am looking forward to perusing Aldi should my pop-up store's open/close times work with theirs.
  5. I know I'm coming in late on this, but as @Jim D. mentioned, the AUI is a great alternative. I have not purchased the SOSA fillings, but I have tried three of the OSA fillings from Felchlin, and WOW! I tested them out on several long-time customers, and got rave reviews. The tub is larger than what you're getting @JeanneCake, at 5kg / 11 pound buckets, but for that, most of the pricing lingers around the $107 area. And, its keeps a LONG time. My last order wasn't very large, but I did get free shipping with a $240 order. Its something to keep in mind, maybe, for the future. I have yet to try anything from Felchlin that does not absolutely blow me away.
  6. Nearing the end of deer hunting season now. After arriving home from a business trip this evening, hubby headed straight out to the blind. And sure enough, 10 minutes in the blind, and we heard a shot fired. Hubby bagged No. 2 for the season. He's out gutting it right now, as I have tired of that process a bit over the past few years. I don't mind skinning and butchering the meat. But, I am battling a pinched nerve in my right hand/arm/shoulder, and I feel like it just needs rest, so I can get on with the booming chocolate business.
  7. ChocoMom

    Breakfast Cereal

    No Strawberry Rice Krispies up here yet.....
  8. Hey all-- I've got orders for some dairy free chocolates. Normally, to skate around the whole dairy issue, I'd make liquor filled bombs, but this is going for the waaaayyy underage group. So....my plan is to use full-fat coconut milk/cream rather than heavy cream. I've not done this before, so I am a little concerned that coconut flavor might come through where I may not want it. The other common dairy component is the butter. So what other fat might I use in place of the usual butter? I was thinking coconut oil, or cocoa butter- just not sure about which way to go. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated!! Andrea
  9. The light colored pies are buttermilk pies. The other two are pumpkin, made with fresh pumpkin.
  10. ChocoMom

    Breakfast Cereal

    I will likely go for the Strawberry Rice Krispies. I like strawberries, and I like Rice Krispies. How they work together with the fake flavoring might be interesting. If it is completely intolerable, well....I do have those chickens that were not blessed with a discerning palate.
  11. ChocoMom

    Grocery Shopping

    I haven't tried Walmart's online shopping, but I have tried Boxed.com - and except for a couple mishaps with mayo and bread, I've been exceedingly happy with product selection and availability. They've started carrying a few meats and seafood items, but I'm always a little leery about purchasing "fresh meat" without seeing it first-hand and examining it. Some of the pricing is a little out there- like cereal, but there are some fantastic deals. Everytime I purchase there, I can select 2 free sample items, as well. In the beginning, it was the big bulky items from Boxed, like TP, Papertowel, tissue, etc. that I'd get. Having that stuff delivered to my door is wonderful, esp in the winter. Compared to what Wallyworld charges, there are fantastic deals to be found with the Prince and Spring brand name items. Rarely have I found things out of stock. And ladies, if you are of that age group or have daughters that are----there is no "Pink Tax" on those kinds of items. Razors and pit are included in that grouping. They've got all kinds of condiments, snacks, cereals, snack bars, canned goods, drinks, bread, crackers, English muffins, bagels, etc. And, yes, they do have a fair selection of organic items. So, for your first order, you get 15% off the total. Sometimes they kick in other sale items. So, if you're not happy with what you are currently getting with other retailers, maybe take a look there.
  12. Deer Hunting Season- opening day here. 25 minutes into the hunt, hubby and the 13yo daughter got #1. Not quite as big as the one last year, but darn good in size. We have 6 more tags .....shall see how the afternoon hunt goes!
  13. ChocoMom

    Keto Puff Pastry?

    What I would do, is start with about 1 1/2 cups of almond flour. And, by that, I mean the kind that had the skins removed is really fine. For a more stretchy texture, try adding a tiny bit of Xanthan gum - maybe 1/2 tsp. Then the salt, and maybe a little granulated stevia or xylitol (if you want it sweeter). Finally, add in a 2-3 TBs of melted butter or coconut oil (or some other kind of oil). I always add in a TB or so of ice water as well. Chill the dough, roll out or press into a pie dish. Without the addition of the Xanthan gum, my doughs usually come out more like a shortbread texture, but totally edible. For something on the savory side, using eggs and shredded cheese together with seasonings makes a marvelous bread-like crust.
  14. My photography skills are pretty questionable, but this is what I've just finished for the pre-Thanksgiving offerings. Flavors: agates--- Bailey's Irish Creme/Blonde Dulcey, milk green- Key Lime in Felchlin Edelweiss, Orange/Gold dendrite- Mango Passionfruit in E. Guittard 72%, Pink-silver- Thimbleberry, Center: Kahlua- Macadamia in Felchlin Maracaibo Criolait 38%. Not pictured are the milk chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt caramels.
  15. I'm voting for the chocolate-banana bread. You can make more than one loaf, freeze the extras or give them out as gifts. But the caramels sounds yummy too.....so, maybe do both!