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  1. Back to the original topic -- the other massive advantage to using a scale is how many fewer dishes you end up washing. For most cake recipes you'll need your wet ingredient vessel and your mixing bowl, and that's it. And things like carrot cake recipes -- when they call for "4 cups finely grated carrots" I just want to hit myself in the head with an f-ing brick. How many carrots is that? NOBODY KNOWS. Nobody. Are all carrots the same size? Nope. But if a recipe calls for "14 oz finely grated carrots" and I have 6 mismatched carrots threatening to lose their charm in the veggie drawer, it takes 2 seconds to drop them on the scale and know if I need to go to the market or not. MEASURING CUPS ARE FOR CHUMPS. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for ranting. In fact, I went back into this post to edit for just that very purpose.
  2. I was so hopeful when they started making those silicone molds! But hopes dashed. have re-purposed them for re-freezing small portions of boirin fruit purees (seriously - does anyone in a home kitchen need a whole kilo of passion fruit puree at once? can't they sell in 8oz overpriced portions?), juice from those lemons that are gonna go bad before I get around to making the curd I was planning for, etc. And then once in a blue moon I'll use one for tiny cakes or something like that (they're so small the crap browning isn't much of an issue).
  3. My coworker is planning to cook at 10 lb prime rib tomorrow night for a dinner party. She found a recipe that said to roast at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours until it comes up to 120 degrees, then sear on stove top to finish. Sounds fine, except the recipe goes on to say that it doesn't matter how big the roast is, it will still take 3-4 hours. Sounds crazy to me. Can anyone weigh in on this before she goes home at 5pm Ny time? Thanks!
  4. I have the oxo too -- I don't love it, but don't hate it enough to replace it. feels very unsteady on top of receiver bowl. And I feel like the blade could scrape a little closer to the disks. but sturdy, easy to break down, washes well...
  5. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a Super Blender, and wonder can anyone with hands-on experience tell me their opinion on the difference between the Vita-Prep, the Vita-Prep 3 and the Vita-Mix Turbo VS (I mean besides price and warranty). The website is a bit maddening: controls appear very similar but detail is lacking. The VP's have 3 peak HP (VM has 2) and weigh a couple of pounds more -- more metal vs plastic parts? Will be used primarily for culinary purposes - purees, sauces, soups - with just the occasional smoothie/frozen drink.
  6. Just received my copy -- am absolutely giddy with anticipation to cook from this thing!
  7. Thank you all for the wealth of suggestions! I live in Brooklyn, which is fantastic for booze selection, but miserable for price. (Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up all aspects of NYC life.) I actually have quite a good start on a bar -- but it's got more oddities than standards. With this list I want to both fill in the gaps, and also to be able to serve a crowd without either breaking the bank or shaming myself. I really appreciate the help. Happy tippling, Emily
  8. I should have guessed that this was already well-covered. Thanks!
  9. Oooooo -- first ever post! I'm a foodie who's just starting to branch into cocktails. So many choices and so much information to absorb (mainly through my liver). I have no problem when a recipe calls for something like St Germain -- obviously I know what to buy. But how to choose when only generic bottles are called for? I'm not looking for crappy well-bottle quality here, but good mid-range bottles that will work nicely for many different applications. If you were going to choose just one, which bottle would you buy for use in a variety of recipes that simply call for: Brandy Cognac Rye Bourbon Champagne Dry sherry Scotch Tequila Gin Whiskey (and is there really any difference btw American and Irish aside from pride?) Orange liqueur White rum Dark rum Spiced rum Thanks for any suggestions! Emily
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