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  1. I just discovered a great vegan cookbook by a very creative chef. Every recipe has been a success with my tasters... Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner. It just came out in June 2015. Here is the Amazon link. Aloha, Carole Grogloth Molokai Hawaii
  2. I like ebook cookbooks so I can easily take my favorite books with me when I travel. However I don' t buy ebooks that I'm not familiar with since they are no fun to browse. Carole Grogloth Molokai Hawaii
  3. Aloha, Great question and good ideas. Here are my three: 1. grind dried mushrooms in blender to make a powder. Store in a jar and add it to sauces, soups and stir fries. Lasts a long time on the shelf. 2. grind dried Ancho chilies in a blender and use to make great chili. Lasts a long time, too. 3. when I have organic lemons and use the juice but don't need the zest at that time, I grate the zest and freeze it in a small container for later. I do the same for grapefruit and oranges. Carole Grogloth, Molokai, Hawaii
  4. Aloha All, I'm trying to improve my paella recipe so all your tips are very helpful. Carole Grogloth, Molokai, Hawaii
  5. RWood, The cake is gorgeous with the chocolate fondant, the Sugar Dress lace is very elegant, but the peony is out of this world. Nice work. Carole Grogloth, Hawaii
  6. Aloha DianaM, Those are the happiest gingerbread men I have ever seen. Yum! Carole Grogloth, Hawaii
  7. FrogPrincesse, your rustic apple tart looks very tasty and simple to make. Carole
  8. Curls, Your cake is a show stopper, and will keep people guessing on how you made such a gorgeous pattern. Thanks for sharing your picture and the secret. Carole Grogloth Hawaii
  9. I also never knew chickpeas needed to be skinned. This would explain why some soups I've tasted are not as velvety as others, so it really can make a difference. Carole Grogloth, Molokai, Hawaii
  10. Shel, I buy my organic chickpeas pre-packaged from Arrowhead Mills. The following site discusses chickpea varieties: http://humus101.com/EN/2008/04/22/hummus-in-perspective-chickpea-varieties/. The Arrowhead Mills chickpeas I have look closest to the Middle-Eastern chickpeas in this site's picture, although Arrowhead Mills doesn't say so on it's package. The blogger calls these chickpeas small, and best to use for hummus. I hope this helps. Carole Grogloth, Molokai, Hawaii
  11. Will, thanks for the book title recommendation. I've just ordered it. Carole Grogloth, Hawaii
  12. Jayne, Thanks for the link to fatfree.com. I briefly looked it over and was struck by the volume of information there. I was also struck by how much our tastes change over time, and not just vegan tastes, but our culture in general. Just look at an old edition of Fanny Farmer or Joy of Cooking. Most of the recipes I looked at on the fatfree.com site were from 1993. In 20 years vegan cooking has made a remarkable journey. I've performed a lot of internet searches for fat free vegan cooking sites, but never came up with this one, maybe because it is archived. So thanks for the tip, I may
  13. Aloha Plantes Vertes, Thanks for all your suggestions. Your tool suggestions will add a lot of fun to my cooking. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to reply. eGullet is turning out to be a helpful, fun, educational source for me. Mahalo Carole Grogloth, Hawaii
  14. Aloha Baselerd, Thank you for your interesting recipe. I have all the ingredients, except I had to look up what bonito flakes are: "flakes of dried, smoked bonito fish". I'll have to look for it at the store. Carole Grogloth, Hawaii
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