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  1. I read Cuervo Drinker two ways. This man knows his stuff and Cuervo is his house of choice: In which case I'm sure you can research other labels they make. Gran Centenario is one. This man has done shots of Especial before because all his local has. In which case Tradicional will really be an eye opener - in a good way. That's about all we get in this country, except Platino and Reserva de la Familia. The latter is wonderful, but doesn't taste much like tequila. It's more like a bourbon.
  2. Facetiousness aside, Tradicional isn't a bad pour. It's not quite a sipper though. That said, if he drinks Silver or Gold, he'll love it.
  3. Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve. Recently released into the main portfolio - £42.00 I must say, in Britain this has to be the best value for money whisk/ey release in ages. Lots of toasty spice and red berry notes. I prefer it hands down over the 12 which is £10 more! Get one before it goes up. I'm eyeing up the Hakushu now.
  4. Sometimes it's not whether you used the right tool, but whether or not the job got done.
  5. Get him something that isn't Cuervo.
  6. Yeah. We were gifted a bottle of Westbourne that we were drinking for breakfast and I came up with that one night. Caveat: My original spec was 50ml gin to bar spoon of the other ingredients. Conventional wisdom says they are 5ml, but they might be less.
  7. I made a nice Sazerac riff with Cutty Sark and Somerset Cider Brandy the other day. Dutch's Colonial Bitters and Canon Cherry Bitters, I think... Also one of the best drink i have ever had I suppose was a Sazerac: 2.5oz Martin Miller's Westbourne .25oz Pernod Absinthe .25oz Laphroaig 10 .25oz 2:1 Sugar .25oz Dutch's Colonial Stir and strain into an oversized goblet. Subtle.
  8. Being that we do not have abs like Ryan, photoshopped or otherwise we serve Ryan Gosling with our Rye 'n' Gosling cocktail. /shameless TDP plug.
  9. If a newbie fumbled their way through making Piña Coladas in a stuffy hotel room for me, I can assure you there would be no sticky mess to clean up: I'd be off to find me a nice young Flannagan, stat.
  10. Thee is a simple solution: https://passportforthesoul.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/pulp-fiction.jpg
  11. The piña Colada is a blended drink that benefits from decent ingredients and being served and consumed immediately. Meet up and go out for a drink. You won't seal the deal with a half arsed attempt with premixes.
  12. It's impressive, but I have a 1.25kW from Clifton, which is our domestic brand. By the time you add on vat, duty and postage to the Anova pro it's not worth it anymore. I will keep my eyes peeled for an Anova chamber vac, though.
  13. 599 international. I'm happy with my two red PCs I have coming for 198. On your domestic market, however, this could clean up in commercial kitchens.
  14. I made a batch of Grenadine the other day with POM Wonderful to Morganthaler's recipe, so my Manager and I shared a Zombie 1.5 oz Havana 7 1.5 oz Appleton V/X 0.75 oz Skipper 0.75 oz Uncle Wray 0.75 oz Falernum 0.75 oz Grapefruit 1.00 oz Lime 0.50 oz Grenadine 0.25 oz Demerara Syrup Some Absinthe Bitters (Employees Only, but with Vegetal Elixier, not Green Chartreuse.) Some Angostura Bitters.
  15. Pampero Especial would work on the cheap. Also, Santa Teresa. You could use Trinidad or Bajan rum too. Bacardi 8 is a good product, but the Bacardi yeast is pretty distracting.
  16. And in all seriousness, those amounts of puree and pineapple juice will kill carbonation pretty quickly.
  17. How can you doubt this guy? He's the fuckin' Head Mixolgist.
  18. Sunday brunch in Shoreditch. So Many Yuppies.
  19. Yeah, I throw mine to get a happy medium between the full on, punchy built version and the lighter, aerated shaken style. That's right, throwing is not just for wanky, showy bartenders.
  20. 2.5oz Gin 0.5oz Maraschino 0.5oz Lemon 0.25oz Bitter Truth Violette Lemon twist, discard. Sky blue. I prefer to balance this drink like a nuanced "Martini" than a full blown sour.
  21. 50ml Gin 20ml Lemon 10ml 2:1 Sugar 2 Dashes Bishin' Bittahs (Bartender's Choice) Quick shake (I know, but I just like cold shit) Pour Soda into shaker - for quick chilling and mixing - especially if unrefrigerated Pour over ice in ice filled Catalina glass (These actually only measure 1/2 pint, and they look bishin') Garnish with whatever. And yeah, we Brandy our own cherries, you know.
  22. Welcome. And yes, the answer is Thomas Henry Tonic Bitters by Bitter Truth. Now you've got the best of two classic Gin drinks in one glass. You're welcome.
  23. Second review incorrectly states this gin is unsweetend. I can't be bothered to register with discus to correct him.
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