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  1. Give some thought to producing an App (phone/tablet) to help with the foraging and preparation aspects. This is not completely innovative, but would add a ton of value for today's generation. Also, a great many people use YouTube to find recipes these days (if a picture is worth a thousand words, what price a FLV?), that may also be something to investigate, in order to get your message out.
  2. maydd

    Help with Ideas for Beef

    How about beef rendang? A couple of cans of coconut milk, a sachet of prepared spices, some boiling, then leave to slow cook for an hour or 2. If you find you like it, you can probably find a from-scratch recipe on these boards.
  3. I always think it would be disloyal to my starter to consider any other, but <whisper> I would be interested to hear how you get on </whisper>
  4. Caribbean pumpkin curry can be quite nice...
  5. I see they allow you to rate an establishment on Opentable - maybe a tiny sting in the hindquarters will cause some discomfort...
  6. I have often thought about this subject, being a programmer too. In fact, the first tutorial of Computers 101 at University was to translate a recipe into a program, so I've always felt the fields were very similar, i.e., inputs (ingredients) and outputs (finished or intermediate), various steps by which inputs are transformed into outputs, with timings and other constraints. - What I'd like to see is a way to put together a dinner party, let's say for five people, with a particular theme, say Greek, and then give me a shopping list and an optimized 'project plan' ... this is something you don't see on other sites. - Another thing would be a way to annotate recipes for it to work with your own preferences/circumstances/constraints, and then be able to share it with friends on Twitter/Facebook/other networks. This can also include 'dinner party project plans' as described above. - Thirdly, for the days when we each have a tablet in the kitchen, a kind of playback mechanism where each step of a recipe is displayed, with a timer counting down, so that one doesn't miss anything, which is always a drag. Some way would need to be found to accommodate concurrent steps, such as steaming rice while you boil milk, etc. I would do some beta testing for you once things get to a certain point...
  7. I cross and squeeze (not necessarily in that order), pummel in some extra thickened home-made chunky mushroom soup or idem tomatoey baked beans with belly pork...
  8. maydd

    Roast Swan

    Just wondering why not? Philosophical reasons? Environmental reasons? Other ....? I hear tell that, in England, swans are the property of the Queen, and so no swan and chips for the common folk, unforch... From your own NY Times, the following: "Until 1998, under a law dating to the 12th century, killing or injuring a swan was classified as treason, and the crown retains ownership of all unmarked mute swans in areas along the River Thames" (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/22/world/europe/england-queens-swan-is-barbecued-and-eaten.html?_r=0)"
  9. Ah, those videos would be part of the mighty CHOW network, itself part of the even mightier CBS network. You can find some good videos under 'Obsessives' and 'Cooking with Grandma' and the hilarious 'Supertaster' at their website (chow . com/videos). Very good production values, as you may expect... Something of a competitor to this site, so I won't put in too many links.
  10. You all sure have a way with the picto-commentary. Is this a 'thing' on the interwebs these days? I don't know why, but I really like it...
  11. At a price point of $50-$60, count me in ... we're getting there, slowly. Masochists may prefer a Siri-type voice interface, with a G. Ramsey sound-alike screaming orders at you, or maybe a slurring Keith Floyd exhorting you to get sloshed.
  12. I think a distinction needs to be made between reading and using e-cookbooks. On the one hand, the kindle/iPad is useful for reading (though I find it a bit tiring on the eyes), but then Apps in conjunction with iPad or other devices will surely become the preferred way to use recipes. I've seen a few good reviews on such Apps, e.g., "20 minute meals - Jamie Oliver" (http://www.jamieoliver.com/apps/), but it would be far nicer to have a general purpose App, and then buy recipe bundles, than to buy an App per chef or type of cuisine. We're probably a long way from that ideal. With an App you have the computer power to convert units of measure, locate ingredients, generate shopping lists, etc, not to mention adding notes and sharing your own recipes with others - again, these are things that can be done, not necessarily existing functionality.
  13. I don't think the British eat much beef after mad cow. How about the perennial Fish and Chips (wrapped up in a copy of the Daily Mail), or a nice Chicken Tikka Masala instead?
  14. Strap it to the washing machine on spin cycle Those chocolates look almost (hear me now, ALMOST) too beautiful to eat...
  15. Bold. Cities are often built on the most fertile land, and just looking at the explosion of greenery here in Toronto every spring, surely some of that potential could be harnessed in the growing of crops. The Achilles heel seems to be energy requirements, but how much energy gets radiated from the sewage system every day? Also, it appears a little bit labour-intensive, but many of the menial tasks could be automated with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, something like GardenBot. I hope to see this go from strength to strength.
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