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  1. This recipe is a staff favorite around The Cooking Lab. http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/crispy-chicken-wings-korean-style/
  2. Hi everyone! We have just fixed the issue that was preventing people from seeing whether or not they are registered. If you go to your profile and scroll down to the bottom, it will show the cover of MCAH if you are registered (same with MC). Judy
  3. Hi tarice, You can make your own carrot juice in a VitaMix or buy it at the store. Many stores sell it. Just make sure to get 100% carrot juice.
  4. The crispy beef strands will keep for 5 days, as long as you put them in an airtight container. Which ribs recipe did you mean?
  5. We've just added this recipe to our recipe library online! http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/pressure-cooked-carnitas/
  6. Judy Wilson

    Soy Milk

    We actually do have a Soy Milk recipe in MC (4·58). We don't actually cook them sous vide, but we do vacuum seal dried organic soybeans with water and refrigerate it for several hours. We puree the mixture, and then heat it on the stove.
  7. We've just posted the recipe for Sous Vide Salmon in the Kitchen Sink, along with the recipe for our Fish Spice Mix. http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/sous-vide-salmon-in-the-kitchen-sink/# Personally, this is one of my favorites from Modernist Cuisine at Home. Have you tried it? What do you think of using an improvised sous vide set-up?
  8. Hi adrian, I'd suggest seeing if your local library has MC, and if not, suggesting that they get it, or seeing if they can get it on an inter-library loan.
  9. Hi adrian, There's a great table in volume 4 of MC (4·116) about the uses of different kinds of Activa. Activa YG is mainly used for things like dairy gels, such as the ricotta goat cheese you described. We have a few recipes in MC that use it, such as the Sour Cream Spaetzle and Modernist Burrata. Hope that helps! Judy
  10. Here I am! Yes, you add the beef back in at step 6. It's actually quite like this recipe here: http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/sous-vide-short-ribs/ Judy
  11. It's likely due to the thickness of your steak then. If a 1" thick steak takes 1 hour to cook, a 2" steak will actually take 4 hours to cook, so a 1.5" steak will take a little over 2 hours to cook. ETA: we actually have a lot of tables about this in volume 2 of MC.
  12. How thick were your steaks? They might have taken longer to cook if they were more than the 1" thickness the recipe calls for. Also, have you calibrated your oven at low temperatures? Some ovens can be unreliable at low temperatures. There's a page all about calibrating your oven in MCAH, and we recently published an article about it on our blog: http://modernistcuisine.com/2013/01/how-to-calibrate-your-kitchen/
  13. Hi Travis, Is the party at your house or someone else's? It will keep up to 3 days before baking, so you could assemble it in advance and bake it when you get there. Two hours will probably be fine, though the cheese can thicken a bit when it cools. Remember, as a general rule, food should only be left in the "danger zone" (roughly between refrigeration temperatures and cooking temperatures) for only 4, so you might want to consider that as well. Judy
  14. Hi 77kath, Yes, the baking soda is intended to stay. You won't get any caramelization otherwise, as it's necessary to create an alkaline environment. To prevent burning, the chefs often recommend giving the pressure cooker a shake every once in a while, especially when bringing the pc up to pressure. Also, make sure to turn the burner down once pressurization has been reached. If you still find the cauliflower soup doesn't turn out to your liking, you could see if less time would do the trick, as you indicated it seemed to be doing well at the 10 minute mark. As for the carrot soup not being very caramelized, that is a mystery. Has your baking soda expired, by chance? Judy
  15. Hi 77kath, Are you weighing out or use volumetric measurements? That might make the difference. If possible, always weigh your ingredients. Judy
  16. Hi richp, Welcome to the forum, and to Modernist cooking! You are just in time, because we're helping people ease into Modernist cooking on our blog over the next few months! To answer your question, I'm not sure if we ever tested the carrot soup with stock, but we have several variations on this recipe in Modernist Cuisine at Home. Several of them include stock, rather than juice. In fact, one of my favorites, the apple/parsnip variation, includes chicken stock. Others include corn stock or fish stock (we have recipes for them elsewhere in MCAH), or even coconut milk. Judy
  17. This is, personally, one of my favorite tricks from Modernist Cuisine at Home. Has anyone else tried it? http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/low-temp-oven-steak/
  18. Hi Raphael, Foreign translations are definitely a possibility, but we haven't started on any yet. Keep checking our blog though. We'll announce it there if/when we move forward with any translations.
  19. Another thing to consider is that many soda siphons don't allow for solids so you can't actually do things like carbonate fruit with them. Whipping siphons on the other hand do.
  20. Another thing to consider is that many soda siphons don't allow for solids so you can't actually do things like carbonate fruit with them. Whipping siphons on the other hand do.
  21. Hi guys! We are going to help people make "try Modernist cooking" their New Year's resolution on our blog. For the next 3 months, we'll hold your hand and walk you through some easy to moderate recipes, as well as explain the science behind them. You can find more info here: http://modernistcuisine.com/2012/12/your-2013-new-years-resolution-try-modernist-cooking/ Personally, my New Year's resolution is to keep my kitchen more organized. Tomorrow I'm going to clean out my baking cupboard to start. Judy
  22. At the lab we use them interchangeably with the same iSi dispenser.
  23. At the lab we use them interchangeably with the same iSi dispenser.
  24. Hi guys! I thought you might be interested in the menu we served to the chefs in the web clip. We blogged about it here: http://modernistcuisine.com/2013/01/top-chef-seattle-visits-modernist-cuisine/
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