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  1. Do you mean like a glass? There's a table on page 3·367 that might help you.
  2. Hi Mr. Gillybert, I asked the team about this, and they say that they've never tested ENO, so I'm afraid we can't provide any information on it. If you do decide to test it out, let us know your results! Judy
  3. I believe that is the spinach butter from page 121.
  4. Judy Wilson

    Corned Beef

    Ah, yes. Taki is one of our favorite farmer's at the University District Farmers' Market in Seattle. So that's where that part comes from. We still made it, though I'm not sure if it was a new recipe or a variation of a recipe from MC or MCAH. Edit: Here's a picture of Taki with Max: http://modernistcuisine.com/2011/12/behind-the-scenes-at-a-lab-dinner-part-1/
  5. Judy Wilson

    Corned Beef

    Do you mean the Braised Sauerkraut? That one has sweet onions sauteed with our other sauerkrauts as well as some other ingredients.
  6. Hi Vizsadad, You can find more info on registering in this thread: http://modernistcuisine.com/cooks/forum/general-discussion/verify-owning-the-books/
  7. Well, it still LOOKED good!
  8. This post/video has a lot of great info about picking out pots and pans: http://modernistcuisine.com/2012/11/our-guide-to-picking-the-perfect-pan/ In general, we don't favor a type or brand, but you should look at the thickness of the pot. That will yield a better result because it will conduct heat more evenly.
  9. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  10. hi mrestko, I'm not sure about the toasting issue, but as far as salt goes, did you use kosher salt or a fine table salt, and did you weigh it out or did you use the volumetric measurements? We tested the recipes with kosher salt, so if you used a finer-grained salt, and used volumetric measurements, that might have affected the saltiness. Hope that helps! Judy
  11. You have to have the pressure cooker to achieve a higher temperature for the caramelization. The PC is a worthwhile purchase. Digital scales are cheap, but you can use cups/tbsp/etc. I wing the SV setup at this point by using digital probes. Pacojets aren't for the home cook. I really would like to have a pressure cooker again. Maybe if there is enough left over from my tax refund. While I don't have a digital scale, I have a nice analog scale. It's just not very good for micrograms. The smallest division is 5 grams. To make the peanut butter gelato I first weighed out three tablespoons of xanthan gum, then calculated that 0.3 grams was approximately a third of a quarter teaspoon. Fortunately the recipe worked. I've been looking at some digital scales that will measure milligrams. Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations? I mentioned not having a pacoject only because MC@H devotes a full page to it! Not sure why I never got a microplane. Perhaps because they come in so many shapes and sizes.
  12. Hi Marco, One suggestion is to shake the pressure cooker a few times during the cooking process, especially when the pc is coming up to pressure. Judy
  13. Thanks for sharing! Did you put any photos on your blog? Judy P.S. Next time try deep-frying the Brussels sprouts. There's a recipe in MC!
  14. There are a lot of sous vide vegetable recipes in MC. In MCAH, it's true that there aren't quite as many, but there are some. Some that come to mind: Vegetable stock Vichyssoise Potato Puree (and variations) Grilled Applesauce You might be interested in showing off what sous vide can do for eggs, too. Not just in egg dishes, but in pastry creams, etc. Sous vide is also great for infusions and we have several such recipes for those, too. Hope that helps! Judy
  15. You can also sear the meat after you've cooked it sous vide. Many people prefer that to searing before cooking sous vide.
  16. Check out the chapter on canning in Modernist Cuisine. We don't actually recommend canning in a pressure cooker because it doesn't have a gauge. So it's better to use a pressure canner. Judy
  17. Hi trey_rowzie, We go over pH quite a bit in Modernist Cuisine. You might check out the sections on using a pH meter (page 2·316), the chemistry of pH (3·194), and color change (3·274-275) (plus many other sections). Like maztec, we also recommend using a pH meter.
  18. Hi Architeuthis, I personally have this model, which suits me as a home cook: http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-3916-Duromatic-Pressure/dp/B0000Y73UQ?ie=UTF8&tag=modercuisi-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0982761007 The two settings are usually for 8 psi and 15 psi respectively. You just want to make sure that you get one that goes to 15 psi. Kuhn Rikon is our favorite brand of pressure cooker, but we realize that for someone just trying out pressure-cooking, they may not want to spend that much money. So we recommend Fagor as our favorite brand in the lower price range.
  19. Hi Reignking, Sounds like quite the undertaking! I buy achiote paste at a local Mexican market in Seattle. I'd recommend checking for such markets in your area, or using the recipe in MCAH. Judy
  20. You can also normally buy the WillPowder variety on Amazon, which we've recommended in posts before. It looks like it is currently out of stock though. http://www.amazon.com/WillPowder-Sodium-Citrate-16-Ounce-Jar/dp/B00250Y9Y6?ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338309054&sr=8-1&tag=modercuisi0f-20&linkCode=as2
  21. Hi Rick, For more about the differences and why you must use sodium citrate, see this post: http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/sodium-citrate-creates-silky-smooth-macaroni-and-cheese/ Judy
  22. Hi pazzaglia, I deleted the duplicate post for you. Judy
  23. Hi Rob, If it isn't showing up on your profile, go ahead and reregister. We haven't been sending out our recipes in email format. We plan on restructuring our emails. If you have any thoughts on what kind of email content you'd like to see from us, please email info@modernistcuisine.com.
  24. Hi macutan, What sort of blender were you using? We recommend using an immersion (stick) blender.
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