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  1. Even if Amazon Canada is your 'home Amazon' you might find that you can also log in to Amazon USA with the same ID and password. This will allow you to buy products at Amazon US prices even though carriage fees might be higher. Amazon UK is my 'home Amazon' but using the same ID etc I often log in to Amazon France if I want a French film sending to me in the UK; I also log into Amazon US if I want something sending to me in the UK perhaps not released in Europe. Might be be worth trying to order direct via Amazon US if your item is significantly cheaper there? I can't see any
  2. Sorry @ElsieD I got distracted and overlooked your question yesterday. The proofer has transformed our bread making. We can now hold dough at a constant temperature regardless of the weather. The manufacturer provides a booklet that advises to attempt at 27c initially. We followed that advice and we have kept to it. There is no cooling facility so if you are in the tropics this is not the machine for you but otherwise it's advantages are that it folds down so needs very little storage space. It can be assembled for use in seconds. A small water tray is included so that dough rises in a
  3. I do love the proofing box. Our climate is less than ideal for bread making but the box makes repeat results achievable. It is also good for holding tempered chocolate. Our's is stored flat when not in use due to very limited space but I would be lost making bread without it.
  4. Many thanks Kerry, I have just finished taking the stones out and picking out the few cherries already rotting. I have 1.23kg fruit without stones, stalks or leaves. As I completed the task I thought I had wasted my time taking the stones out. Traditional clafoutis recipes keep the fruits intact to maximise taste. I will tie the stones in a muslin square in hope that some of the flavour can be captured... My bowl of cherries deconstructed
  5. I agree absolutely with your point @Anna N, while we seem to have been lucky in our experiences with HF the main plus for us has been trying out exceptions to what my generation in England would call 'meat and 2 veg. I struggle with the now commonly used 'main' and 'side': to me 'main' makes me think of water supply (commonly referred to as 'the mains') and not for food unless followed by the word 'course' until recently; a 'side' is, to me, just that - one aspect of something - right side, left side. Vegetables might have been placed in a side dish but not in my personal experi
  6. That looks beautiful @ElsieD. I have transferred some of my bread straight to a loaf tin for the second rise rather than using a banneton. I was having similar problems with a part of the paton sticking and that causing some damage to the final product. Still edible and still good of course. I have nowhere near the expertise of other bakers on here but I rarely use a banneton these days. Either I leave the dough 'free form' (as for a baguette, works also for a round) or it goes into the tin it will be baked in for the final phase. Because there are only two of us I often bake s
  7. I appreciate that this topic hasn't been active for a while. Also, on reading the more recent contributions much focus has been on perfecting PDF for use in other confections. Like @JeanneCake I'm hoping for further advice on PDF as a 'stand alone' sweet. @gfron1 and others very kindly helped me a year or so ago and I managed to produce my first successful PDF as a result, reported earlier in this thread. Just back from spending time in France with friends I have cherries that I grabbed from their tree on Wednesday that need using without delay. Some are already rotting so I'm t
  8. So sorry to read of problems with Hello Fresh deliveries. I know that they operate slightly differently in each country but I have noticed that UK customers who complain publicly via Facebook seem to get their problems dealt with. Posts about the telephone helpline are generally not encouraging. On the couple of occasions we have had things missing I have emailed customer service and received a voucher for a free box the following week. That doesn't of course solve the problem when you have planned to cook one of their recipes and it is too late to go shopping for missing items but we have
  9. There are various posts across the forum that mention Brod and Taylor's folding proofing box. We have owned one for some years and it gets used several times each week for bread and on odd occasions for chocolate. I'm not certain whether this is a 'gadget' or an 'appliance', other posts about the box appear in a variety of threads. We received email from the company a few days ago indicating that new versions of the same item are being sold to slow cook one pot dishes as an extra function. Using the box to culture yoghurt has been promoted for some time but I don't recall read
  10. We renovated our kitchen and changed all appliances in 2010. After many hours research we went for a Neff electric fan oven with which we have been and continue to be delighted. This is not a professional appliance but it is the best oven I have ever used including a small number of professional models. We don't have mains gas in our village and our hob will be of no interest to you. We went for Miele for dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. We have a very small house and laundry is done in the kitchen, in France it was done in the bathroom, elsewhere I have no idea. Seven y
  11. From memory because I only have green cardoon to hand the black variety is an entirely different item. Wikipedia seems to confirm this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardamom Certainly the seeds of green cardamom go well with chocolate. They can also be infused in dairy products to make ice-cream along the lines of kulfi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulfi Personally I have only ever used black cardamom in savoury recipes. So glad you enjoyed your experiment @ltimmis80, it can be so tempting to discard things that don't turn out as we hope and a
  12. For those interested in Bake Off type programmes there are new series running at the moment in the UK and in France. Both have professional chefs as contestants and as judges. All episodes of the UK version are available via the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b08ln7y7?suggid=b08ln7y7 or their app. The French series only started last week but that episode is available via the M6 website http://www.6play.fr/le-meilleur-patissier-les-professionnels-p_6762 or app. If you are not in the country that produced the programme you will need to be running an appropriate
  13. Having now seen what a Nanaino Bar looks like I can understand that the advice I offered @ElsieD a few days ago wouldn't have been helpful except perhaps the idea of using melted chocolate to weld together pieces of the topping that had broken off. I hope the more relevant advice offered by those who came after me helped you rescue your baking. I passed by this thread the other day because I was looking for a ganache recipe that incorporated marscapone. I wanted to reflect the flavours of tiramisu in a macaron, an earlier attempt had been successful but so long ago that I had co
  14. Love the photos and descriptions from @liamsaunt, I'm feeling very lazy having failed to remember to take pictures of our Hello Fresh week. The question of meals based on single servings comes up time and again on Hello Fresh social media. From memory they offer the option in a small number of countries. Switzerland might be one. The response to UK residents is always you should buy and cook for two and save half for another day. Not always the way people want to work and since they provide 1 person boxes in some places it seems odd that they refuse the requests elsewhere.
  15. It must be a day for questions, I came here to post one as well (see below),. ElsieD I am no expert in chocolate and am sure the chocolatiers will help you in due course. Reading your description of the cracked tops to your bars made me remember similar experiences. If I had your problem I would take off the remnants of chocolate, if you can get them off 'clean' the chocolate can be reused. I build anything with a flat chocolate top in reverse so I would temper some chocolate and pour that onto a flat tray lined with parchment, an acetate sheet (make sure it will take the heat if you use ac
  16. Welcome Popup, I went through a period of attempting perfect croissants a few years ago but with limited time available they are on hold for now. I recall some great advice from YouTube, it helped to see the process of folding and chilling. Having the right butter is also essential I found. You have made me want to have another go.... Which part of the world do you live in? Looking forward to your future posts.
  17. We are having a Hello Fresh box this week, arriving Wednesday rather than our usual Tuesday because May 1st is a public holiday in England and Wales (happy memories of life in France where 1st May was also a national holiday: workers day, and I would each year come home to hand picked lily of the valley flowers from an elderly neighbour keeping traditions alive) Anyway, we have ordered 3 X meals for 2. Can't remember what they are as I write so that will be the first surprise! I have nade made a new friend locally through discussion of these meal boxes. This is nice
  18. For me one of the most rewarding aspects of reading eGullet is learning about language and food and the differences in the ways the first is used to describe the second. England, our home at the moment, is a tiny country compared to many others that use variations of English to communicate. We don't need to travel very far to find significant differences even within the region where we are living. A 'faggot' might be the same as a 'savoury duck' or a 'meat ball'. A 'faggot' on a menu in France is perhaps a collection of fine beans arranged to resemble the sticks for which the food item is
  19. My thoughts were (are) much the same as yours in respect of the liquid that comes with canned beans. Last night's meal from our Gousto box was 'Crispy Mushroom Dal and Coriander Chutney'. The dal called for two varieties of lentil: red (dried and supplied in a plastic bag) and what Gousto described simply as 'canned lentils'. These are the ingredients supplied by Gousto for last night's dinner (the liquid from the canned lentils went into the dish, this was the first time we have used tinned lentils): The red lentils are underneath the onion. In attempt to be m
  20. I had absolutely forgotten that frozen rice exists!!! I haven't been into a frozen food store for years, I'm not sure our nearest town still has one but I'm guessing basics like frozen rice might be found in a supermarket. Many thanks @Toliver and @pastrygirl for reminding me. I might still prefer my home cooked Tilda rices but will welcome the possibility of having an edible dish in so little time.
  21. I think in the UK anything sold as food must include a list of ingredients, legislation that if memory serves me right was brought in to help those with food allergies or sensitivities. I will follow your advice and search for bloggers who have made their own versions of some of the Hello Fresh recipes.
  22. Thank you so much for your kind messages, this is such a friendly place to hang out, I will just have to be careful and limit my time! Continuing the thread on recipe boxes we had our first 'Gousto' experience last night. The recipe was called 'Smoky Pork Chilli with Popped Beans'. It was the 'popped beans' that had caught my husband's eye when we were choosing our meals. DH is a lover of chilli be it fresh from the plant, frozen from his own plants or incorporated into one of his mixes. We even have undrinkable 'chilli vodka', I think I referred to that in another thread. Whi
  23. Host's note: this discussion is split from the NYTimes Articles on Food, Drink, Culinary Culture 2013 - topic. I had read a lot of this thread before my self-imposed ban on accessing eGullet to concentrate on work and get rid of my backlog. Not there yet but I've allowed myself a short visit this afternoon nonetheless. And so to 'recipe boxes'. I note that a number of members have tried Blue Apron, that isn't available to us in the UK . The main players appear to be Hello Fresh and Gousto unless you live in the London area where choice multiplies significantly
  24. I thought I didn't like brown rice. We have always eaten a good amount of white basmati or risotto type rice. We hadn't eaten brown rice for decades until recently. Then we joined (or rather we were given a voucher that allowed us a free trial) Hello Fresh. This company is reviewed elsewhere in eGullet I think, one receives a box with pre-weighed and, to an extent, ready to use ingredients to make a recipe the company has developed. We don't but from Hello Fresh often but from time to time we give it a go and on one occasion a recipe included brown rice. It was Tilda brand. I
  25. There is another member who is developing video documentaries about Italian cuisine, I was in touch with him a while ago to help with his English but unfortunately pressure of my work preventing me from becoming as involved as I would like. This was the member's entry in the Welcome New Members thread: Cia Hope I've done that right! He does have a YouTube account for his 'Culinary Italian Anthropology'. Another person who I greatly respect and who blogs and writes abundantly on Italian cuisine can be found here: chestnutsandtruffles.com This guy is amazing. I came acr
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