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  1. Many thanks for revealing what the tool is used for, I very much doubt that I will find one in England. We are very much appreciating new to us fruits at the moment, having discovered a shop selling online at reasonable prices. Will have to look out for caltrops, never heard of before today….
  2. I realise that this is going back awhile but I can’t find a response to this conundrum, have I just missed the relevant post or are we still waiting to discover what this strange device might help with?
  3. Gardener’s Delight were the first tomatoes I grew, seeds are still readily available in the U.K. and to my knowledge they have not changed. Send me a P M if you want to try these again. Compared with Ferline Gardener’s Delight are smaller and not quite as tasty but these things are very personal. I’m sure that we will find the right variety for us eventually, just annoying that we were there and now we start again…
  4. We grew a variety called Ferline F1 for years, seeds couldn’t be found last year and on one gardening forum I read that the license holder (or whatever the correct term is called) had withdrawn them from the market. I guess that it is possible to find out who, or which company, developed the hybrid and I hope that they might have a replacement to suggest. One of those things that I need to get around to….
  5. In the past we have enclosed tomatoes very similar to yours with a banana or 2 in a paper bag. They have ripened well (I am not a fan of green tomatoes so happy to wait for the necessary time for ripeness). This year we had a really bad storm a couple of weeks back and this brought down many of the not yet ripe outside growing tomatoes. I didn’t have any bananas so I just brought them into the kitchen, wiped them dry and set them aside on plates around the kitchen. They have ripened fine without any additional fruit to give off ethylene. This has been a happy surprise since I don’t like over ripe bananas, or tomatoes with a banana element to their flavour. Won’t be growing this variety next year, we need something that ripens sooner in the season, that said I am delighted to have found that (to me) giant tomatoes will ripen eventually on or off the plant. San Marzanos in the unheated greenhouse continue to ripen, most are now sauce or dehydrated. Again not sure that we will grow these next year. So sad that our tried and tested favourite variety appears to have been pulled from the market. Research in attempt to locate the creator of that hybrid continues.
  6. Interesting. On one occasion I discovered tiny shavings of plastic in my ice-cream, husband said nothing but I did notice more (very small) shavings in the mixture clinging to the lid. Hasn’t happened since so hoping that this was an isolated incident because I had positioned the “pint” badly. More recently, no problems and still amazed at the finished dessert coming out of the NC.
  7. DianaB


    I came across an online retailer of unusual fruit and veg willing to deal with small orders (others are trade only with large minimum spend requirements). Having great fun trying new to us fruits and attempting to put them to good use. My most recent order brought us 3 sudachi - not sure if there should be an s at the end 🙃. Any suggestions as to what we might use these for? Have tried one and can see that it sits somewhere between lemon and lime. We are a no fish or seafood household but otherwise open to trying most things….
  8. I find that a respin is almost always necessary when preparing a dessert based on tinned fruit. Yesterday we had pineapple that came in its juice from a can, I didn’t open the contraption before setting it going for a respin, it was perfect in the end and the respin is quite fast. I’m wondering if the newest NCs have slightly longer spin cycles because people reported doing this regularly. Not seen many reviews as yet but pictures seem to show timings of 4 or 5 minutes, significantly longer than my older (bought not very long ago) machine.
  9. I have done as Smithy described with ‘custard’ based ice-cream and while I didn’t progress this in any scientific way I am confident that there was no difference in texture when the re-frozen dessert was finished with the NC when compared with the original batch. Defrosted overnight in the refrigerator and then refrozen during the following day combining vanilla with chocolate.
  10. Amazon Prime in the UK also has the Ninja Creami on offer today - £149.99 instead of the usual £199.00. The sale has 7 hours left to go as I write.....
  11. Quite by chance I came across an app aimed at people with a Pacojet. It is free to download so download I did and there are a number of recipes. Screenshots of 2 are attached. Might these work with the NC? Quantities would of course need adapting. Has anyone here tried similar? I’m wondering if the NC blades would cope given the warnings in the recipe book provided.
  12. The version with noodle like strands will have been a Mont Blanc. Lots of chestnut based desserts appear as autumn progresses.
  13. A Mont Blanc? Curious to know what the Marie Antoinette macaron tastes of, all of the other flavours seem straightforward….
  14. What a beautiful and amazing treasure, book plus extras carefully saved between the pages no doubt. My “Mrs Beeton” was in a similar condition when I acquired it, eventually the back cover came away completely. I decided to find out how much renovation would cost, just to keep the pages together and reattach the cover. For the princely sum of £100 I now have a fully restored text that should be good, with careful use, for another 150 years or so. I would love to have the skirt pattern featured in one of your loose pages, better still a skirt made up to that pattern! I really hope that you continue to enjoy the book and that you find recipes that suit your lifestyle today.
  15. We have a very similar model that came from Lidl, it was a gift but I understand that they retail at around £75 when available, not sure where Lidl shops are distributed across the globe but hope that you might have that option if you are in an Aldi free zone. No personal experience but I understand that the Lidl Thermomix type machine is very popular, to the extent that people will queue through the night at Lidl shops in France when such devices are expected. Not sure of the price but a fraction of what must be paid for a Thermomix.
  16. Hoping that this isn’t off topic but here, as promised, are George and Prune discovering their new catio for the first time. The second picture is Prune, she spent entire days in that spot, a kiwi fruit vine now covers it so she had shade on warmer days. Can’t get used to walking past the Prune Shelf and seeing it empty. The prune picture shows our tiny greenhouse and raised beds, this is our entire space for growing fruit and veg, except for a couple of apple trees and one pear tree at the front. The wind was strong yesterday and most of the apples are now on the ground. Any brilliant ideas for preserving those windfalls would be very welcome! I hate to waste food but the freezer is already crammed to capacity. More or less…
  17. Yes, the one remaining cat has this area as his space. Comes and goes as he pleases through his little door. When we acquired George and his sister, Prune, we were obliged to sign a contract to agree that they would never be permitted to roam freely. Not sure that I would do the same again but it is all that George has known. Will find a picture of the pair in their space tomorrow.
  18. Welcome from another ice cream aficionado 🍦 There are numerous discussions on ice cream, recipes, equipment, you will certainly find plenty of lively and friendly advice. Looking forward to hearing about your favourite recipes and techniques. 💐
  19. Sun Gold tomatoes have been amazing this year. Have grown plants from a ‘parent’ gariguette strawberry now planted around the walls of our catio. Hoping to have fruit from these next summer having given up on strawberries in recent years. The parent plant was found at the back of what was once a strawberry raised bed, must have been lurking since we cleared the rest.
  20. San Marzano tomatoes still ripening both in unheated greenhouse and outside. Certainly plenty of fruit per plant but they are not as amazing when cooked as we had hoped.
  21. Canning is something that I have never tried but having enjoyed reading the posts above I’m thinking it might be something to try next year. This year garden produce has (as always) filled our freezer. Small house limits storage space and even our small garden produces more than we can easily accommodate. Tomatoes have either been dried in the oven or transformed into sauce to save on freezer space needed. Fruits such as black currants and blackberries are frozen as they came off the plants. We have a first batch of cherry tomato sauce cooking this morning. It is the first year we have grown more cherry tomatoes than we can eat so it will be interesting to see how the Sun Gold in particular transform. They are certainly delicious just roasted as a side dish. Just hoping that there will be a spare corner in the freezer to store it….. The greenhouse is still full of San Marzano tomatoes that we grew thinking that they would be ideal cooked. They are fine but we have found that other types of tomatoes make a tastier sauce. Not sure what we will grow next year but that decision can wait a few weeks yet. Have really enjoyed this thread, all of those bottled veg look amazing 😻
  22. Many thanks for identifying the variety; Mountain Magic seeds are indeed available in the U.K. so one to try for next year….,
  23. I should have guessed that Campari tomatoes are hybrid! Sad this year that seeds for our favourite garden tomato, also a hybrid, have been discontinued. The choice of replacement that I picked is nowhere near as good so scouring all sources in hope of one last packet of Ferline F1 seeds! We grow Sungold every year, each plant is laden with gold globes of tomatoey sweetness that we will be picking until the frost arrives. I had assumed that these were open-pollinated until recently, the seeds are available very easily and at much less cost than most hybrids. Just hoping that these don’t disappear, as you say they ripen early and are often our first sign that summer is on the way.
  24. Can’t go wrong with a charcuterie selection! One of our favourite lunches when in Paris where a number of bars offer a sharing “assiette de charcuterie” at modest charge. Certainly better value than buying the stuff local to home in North Yorkshire where a couple of slices of decent cheese will cost la peau des fesses. 😁
  25. Intriguing, have never come across a Campari tomato in England or France. Has anyone tried growing plants from the seeds?
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