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  1. Anyone excited for this one? http://www.abccookingshow.com/
  2. Reviving an old thread. Headed down to Knoxville and Nashville for a few days, what are the good eats?
  3. A third endorsement for a coffee grinder. The world of difference between fresh ground and stuff that's sitting in a bag for weeks and weeks is night and day.
  4. I've been looking to pick up a whipped cream maker to play around with sauces but didn't want to spend upwards of $100 for a toy. I saw the Sexxy Whip made by WhipRite selling for around $30, and 24 chargers for less than $10 which is way more reasonable to me. Here's the link to the website selling it So my question is, has anyone used this dispenser? How do WhipRite's other products hold up?
  5. I've gotten bushels of crabs from a place in the Camden/Gloucester area but I can't remember exactly where it was or if it's still there. Anyone know a place that has good prices for bushels of crabs in the South Jersey area?
  6. Anyone who wears rings and bracelets while cooking, sooooo skeevy. I saw a video of someone making hamburger with a ring on his thumb and I wanted to vomit.
  7. I made these stuffed Italian long hots last weekend in my oven. Stupid easy and soooo so good. 12 Italian Long Hots 1/4 lb thinly sliced prosciutto 1/2 lb mozzarella Slit the peppers lengthwise, remove seeds and veins. Take one piece of prosciutto and place a piece of cheese in the middle. Wrap the prosciutto around the cheese and stuff into the pepper. Roast until the cheese gets melty but doesn't liquify. The peppers should still have some snap when you bite them.
  8. 15 more since last posting: Heart of the Artichoke, Zuni Cafe cookbook, The Whole Beast, etc etc etc
  9. I live for the frozen langostinos. Thawed and tossed into a seafood salad or risotto they are fantastic. Also love the big honkin bar of dark chocolate to cook with. Makes a great souffle.
  10. Nobody around me sells whole truffles, anyone know a reputable online dealer they've ordered from with satisfactory results?
  11. I like the cut of your jib, sir.
  12. I really liked Zuni Cafe in San Fran, I just ate there a few weeks ago and loved it. Also check out the Ferry Building for all sorts of high end products, while there you can eat at the Slanted Door. I also really liked Saison but it's pricey. I've heard a great deal of good things about Coi, this may be a better choice for high end meal in town.
  13. All the comments you guys have made is right on except Saison, which I count as one of the most amazing meals of my life. We were outside by the wood fired grill and oven, and chatting to the grill chef was amazing as well. The guy worked with Robuchon and Keller before manning the grill at Saison, he was really interesting. I wrote up a report on the meal here. There are only two things I would change about my experience... 1- Completely edible shrimp, shell and all. Um, no, it's like trying to chew glass. 2- The bill. Unbelievably expensive but we made up for it in drink. We got ther
  14. The Sonoman and Napa trip was a raging success, much thanks to everyone who gave all the great suggestions. I wrote up a long blog entry at The Easy Bohemian but here's the executive summary. These places rocked my world: Schug, Smith Madrone, Pride Followed hot on their heels by: Terra Valentine, Whitehall Lane, B Cellars, Madonna Estate and Castello di Amarosa (it is worth the crowds if only to marvel at the attention to every last detail) These I would skip: Gloria Ferrer (go to Domaine Carneros instead for sparkling), Jacuzzi(unless you're bored, it's a nice setting), V. Sattui (avoid at
  15. I was just at Boccalone last week, the meat cone is a thing of beauty. We did hit the Slanted Door for lunch that day, great food as you would expect. Service was slow, especially since we were there at the end of lunch and the place was starting to clear out. Regardless the food was stellar. We also ate at Saison for dinner, which I count as the most amazing dining experience of my life. I don't generally like the places that are so overly formal but this was just the right amount of high end service and laid back atmosphere. We sat out by the wood fired oven chatting with the grill ch
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