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  1. My dad brought home a couple of bottles of Vodka from Moscow wrapped in nothing but his socks. They lasted fine. I attempted to bring home a bottle of Bonded Laird's and Rittenhouse BIB from San Francisco wrapped in my clothes and opened my bag to the sweet perfume of Applejack. Further inspection showed that the cap of my bottle had split along the seam, and about 1/4 of the bottle leaked out.
  2. I couldn't agree more. Maybe I am new to the food scene, but it feels so different from the other. I cant get enough of it.
  3. I too am in this camp. (Goes and hides in the corner.)
  4. I have zero catering experience, but this seems woefully under planned and possibly underfunded. I wouldn't have touched it with a 40 ft pole.
  5. I too enjoyed the color coded books. I look forward to reading your blog!
  6. Then my question is, how should a restaurant that has a senior discount go about awarding it? Do they intrusively ask their age? Do they wait for seniors to ask for it? Do they do as the original post said and just give it to people who "just look old?" I feel like this is similar to the other thread about how should waiters go about the mid meal check up.
  7. My dog seems to think so. On a more serious note, its not that I don't want to eat, its that I don't want to cook. This in turn changes what, and how, I eat.
  8. Cheesecake is considered the family dessert in my house, and all of us were taught to make them at a young age. Personally, I mix mine in a food processor as I find it gives me a better result than my mixer. I also make the batter first, then let it sit in the fridge while I make the crust in order to get some of the air out of it. I haven't heard of the seive, but it sounds interesting. I DO use a springform, but also put a pan of water in the oven. As with everyone else so far, I havent used anything other than the big cream cheese brands, so no help there.
  9. Maybe its because I spent summers on the farm, but I will always pull back the husk and check the kernels. Most of the grocers around here have trash cans for people who husk their corn in the store, and the stands at my farmers market all seem confident enough in their product that they allow you to test it. Then again, I only test one or two, not dozens.
  10. When I know I am coming home to an empty house, I tend to work a little later, so when I do get home I want something quick. Bourbon or a good Rum with a couple of ice cubes.
  11. What do you dislike about the Wusthofs?
  12. The brand I buy (Smuckers) says to refrigerate. That always kept mine from separating.
  13. I have to agree with the peaches. Picked some up at the farmers market for a boating trip, they were the best things I have ever had. The blueberries I have had so far were good too. ETA: Peaches were from GA, the Blueberries were from OH.
  14. Exactly what I thought. I am totally confused as to why they are a big deal.
  15. Although I have never done it myself, I wonder if the people here who dine alone frequently receive any kind of special treatment. Achatz talked about Thomas Keller giving single diners "celebrity treatment" (i.e. extra, new courses) because he felt that one who dines alone was there for the food, and not the fanfare of being at THAT restaurant.
  16. I was wondering the same thing, I can get them by the pound at the standard groceries here in Indiana, but the local Mexican grocery surprisingly doesn't have them fresh.
  17. Yesterday I was able to grab some carrots with the greens still attached (incredibly hard to find here), asparagus, fresh strawberries, and a head (?) of Kohlrabi, which was too weird looking for me to pass up.
  18. Always a main course in my home (born and raised in Ohio). I usually see it as a side in the restaurants around here though.
  19. Funny that you revive this thread, today I was putting away our delivery of onions for the week, and happened to notice that one was covered in mold. After looking a little closer, the whole bag was spoiled.
  20. I always buy the cheaper butter, usually I'm really picky about produce, but with butter I can honestly not tell the difference between the cheapest half a euro stuff and home churned or from a farmer's market. This. There isnt a local butter producer at my farmers market, so its either $1.25/lbs. industrial butter, or $5.49/lbs. industrial butter.
  21. If even 2/4 of these is true, it is extreme.
  22. +1 for the Beater Blade. I have never had a problem with it.
  23. Mine is used for cookies, cakes, and the pasta attachment. When the planets align right and I decide to bake a loaf of bread, I also make that in the KitchenAid. I feel like growing up, Mom used it for a whole lot more.
  24. The first ad reads like what we call "Barrel Aged Cocktails." The second seems more like those alcoholic mixes that you can buy at a gas station and "just add ice."
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