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  1. +1 my wife found some old wire milk crates that work perfectly. they stack 2 high and there's still room to pack stuff on top. Plywood would be great also. larry Edited to add space +2 I just finished defrosting my chest freezer, and realized that without the milk crates that I put in the bottom, I would be totally lost. EDIT: Fonix
  2. Is there an online source to watch the episode? I am interested to see it, but the SO would most definitely shoot me if I made her watch it. (She has 3 horses of her own.)
  3. As far rum drinks go, I would look into anything published by Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. He is generally considered the ultimate Tiki (and with it rum) source of knowledge.
  4. I know I am going to ruffle some feathers here, but... Mounds. I hate the chocolate, and I hate picking "coconut" out of me teeth for the next 12 hours.
  5. Bread, lots of work, lots of precision, not a lot of room for error. The SO had to call my pride into play during Thanksgiving last year to get me to pull the trigger. Now I do it on cruise control.
  6. Matt brings up a valid point with your market playing a major role in price. In my neck of the woods (Midwest US) we can get Plymouth <$20 and Sapphire <$25, but Beefeater >$30. Needless to say, we dont drink a lot of Beefeater. As for rum, Flor de Cana around here is <$15 and I think it is better than Cruzan. (Although Cruzan's Blackstrap is the nectar of Gods.) David Wondrich once wrote an article where he suggested Paul Masson VSOP for brandy. They claim that they blend their stuff with actual Cognac. It lacks some of the woodiness that Cognac has IMHO, but you can get that from your Bourbon. Edit to add the article.
  7. Overall, I enjoyed it. Quick vacation read that is intriguing but doesn't require a lot of brainpower. I agree that Kokonas' thoughts were useless. I was fascinated by what Grant had to say about eGullet challenging the way he thought about food. I felt like it justified the inordinate amount of time I spend on here.
  8. I see you Rachel Ray, and raise you Sandra Lee.
  9. I can sympathize, though, since I'm still trying to figure out what to do with 1.75L of New Amsterdam "Gin" Dan When you figure it out let me know.
  10. Cruzan Blackstrap, Flor de Cana 4, and Pimm's. Summer is in full swing as far as I am concerned. EDIT: I guess I should mention that my Lemon Hart 151 arrived in the mail the other day. That stuff is AMAZING.
  11. My Blendtec finally arrived yesterday, and when I flipped it on, the counter on it was already at 6. Does this mean that it was tested 6 times in the factory (perfectly understandable) or that it was used 6 times and then returned (also fine by me)? Has anyone else had their counter start at anything greater than 0?
  12. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. Being from the midwest, I wish I had access to fish this cheap.
  14. As a customer, I would agree with Tim, and feel that I was being hoodwinked. On the other hand, I can understand where you are coming from. As long as there is full disclosure on the coupon, I don't see any reason to be upset by it.
  15. I was able to find some at Hi Time. The guy on the phone said that they have a couple of cases, and didnt realize how rare it was.
  16. Wow -- it's back!? Anyone see it in the NY/NJ area yet? I didn't see it at Astor Wines last weekend. Dan I was wondering the exact same thing? Does anyone have any news about this?
  17. I think this is a larger part than we might first suspect. My roommate dabbled in homebrewing last year, and always loved his products. I personally felt that they were swill, but to him, there was something about crafting his brews from the beginning. The TLC made it taste better in his head.
  18. Although I drink vodka only on rare occasions, my roommate's go to drink is a Vespar, and we swear by this stuff. ~$14 around here and you cant tell the difference between this and any of the expensive grain vodkas.
  19. Batavia Arrack, and Cocchi Americano. Binny's even taunted me by putting them next to one another on the shelf.
  20. HAHA I thought my SO and I were the only ones who did that!
  21. Does anyone utilize emulsifiers other than Bananas? Maybe I am sloppy with my ratios, but it always comes out dominating the smoothie. Should I just order the xanthan gum?
  22. Maybe it is a product of my youth, but I am always perplexed at the varied liquor laws across the nation. For example, Louisiana has parts of the state without open container laws. I grew up in Ohio where groceries cant sell anything over 65 proof or something equally silly and arbitrary. I attend school in Indiana where there is no liquor sales on Sundays, forcing grocery stores to set giant palates of whatever is free in the way of the aisles because you arent allowed to even walk down them. But, as mentioned before, in California the corner quickie mart as liquor selections that rival most of what we have in the midwest. EDIT: Forgot a word.
  23. I think it's ultimately his choice. If the chef feels that he can still turn a profit even after the more persnickety customers write him off as unwilling to accommodate, more power to him. I think there are some people, and Chang hinted at this, that feel the public doesn't know what the dishes are meant to taste like, so he doesn't want them changing it to taste how they think it should.
  24. This is a splendid idea. I wonder if the 50ml St Germains work to get you to buy a 750ml, but the 50ml of Creme Yvette might simply be a year's supply for some of us. It did for me. I got the 50mL because of the hype, but couldnt bring myself to buy the 750. Needless to say, I was back the next day to get the big one
  25. I would take johnder's supply of anything.
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