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  1. thanks for the idea of the edging - I have forgotten all about that idea - I will keep it in mind - maybe get some fresh parsley - and if when I cut the breads they aren't pretty I will do that. I think that idea makes it even prettier but I don't think I will have that leisure time!
  2. Just made the tarts - love how they came out - could look a bit better - when I get a chance I will try to post a picture! Just so time consuming with pushing the dough into the mini-muffin tins - wonder if there is an easier way - tried many ideas but none seemed to work as well as the fingers! And as for the food processor - have you used that with Aged cheddar - it seems that aged cheese is drier and thus more crumbly.
  3. JAZ - yes - I had been hoping all along to serve a cheese slice with the mango chutney for the difference in the textures - thanks for showing me that knife - I have a small thin sharp knive with a curved blade as well I think - I have to hunt for it - but I am thinking it might work better than the large chef's knife I tried! Such disasters - I don't like making things for large parties without first trying them in advance - tonight I made shortbread tarts to have filled with the lemon curd - but they were not a pretty sight - and also too dry. Saturday is the day - GULP - tomorrow I will try something else for the curd carrier!
  4. Thanks to you all - it is Costco's large brick of 3 yr Cabot Sharp Cheddar - This will be on pumpernickle with Mango Chutney spread. First, everyone here seems to agree that the cheese should be more room temp. I was concerned it would be too difficult to cut if it was softer. I just bought a mandoline (more professional than the flimsy one I had) to cut cucumber and lemon slices for another tea sandwich selection. You think I should try the cheese on that as well? Also, I read (somewhere on here thankyou!) that I should be buttering both insides of the breads. Should I be doing that regardless of the fillings? AND last(at least for now) should I still try to mix that cheese in the food processor with butter - or will the chutney keep it all on? Just finished making the lemon curd - YUM!
  5. I'm that crazy one that needs to prepare 300 tea sandwiches this weekend. I just tried slicing the aged cheddar cheese to play around with the sizes corresponding bread and I am freaking a little. The cheese doesn't cut into slices! Why? Is this normal? This is cold from the fridge. Can anyone make a suggestion? I was using a sharp knife.
  6. LLC - thanks so much - planning it for next week!
  7. LLC - Could you share your recipe for the szechuan turkey meatloaf please?
  8. Chocolate doctor - I am so impressed with your macarons. I had been given a recipe that someone raved about - assuming this had been a tested recipe - and albeit I had never made macarons - nor had I ever had them - I was assuming they were like a coconut dessert but of course that wouldn't make sense because there was no coconut! - anyway - your picture looks beautiful. My cookies totally cracked and crumbled. The taste was good but the presentation was very poor.
  9. Apart from freezing individually wrapped boneless chicken breasts which can then be quickly made into many different dishes - panfried, grilled, baked, stir-fried, even slap on some mozz and have chicken parm - I also try to keep a big Costco bag of fresh broccoli so that you don't even have to spend any time prepping that - either as a side veggie or in stirfry. In addition - I have now enjoyed making very large batches of meatballs in sauce then fill up many quart freezer bags with about 4-5 per person (depending on the size of your balls) (not a joke!) and that is such a treat to pull that out and spend little time for pasta. And then, of course, you need to expand your recipe box of quick recipes. Also, I buy the big slab of salmon in Costco and then cut into individual portions and freeze so that I can pull a couple out at a time with no prep time to pour over low sodium soy sauce and a thick coating of fresh ground pepper and broil. Enjoy your new chapter in life!
  10. Years ago I clipped the recipe from Food&Wine March 2003. I realized, after ditching the magazine, that the recipe which started on page 120 was continued on page 139 which I no longer had. I have tried (library and magazine directly) to get a copy of the recipe or just page 139 but to no avail. Can anyone help?
  11. hadn't realized Citrus Grill in Rockland had closed - did anything go in there yet?
  12. thanks! just got back home and popped the pot in the fridge as is and will bring to room temp tomorrow after changing into a larger pot, then add the liquid and the flour and cook up again.
  13. I am making a huge batch of mushroom barley soup. At this point, the barley along with the veggies and mushrooms have been cooking down in butter. The pot is not big enough - and I need to transfer it. I still have to add flour and then the liquids. I have also run out of time. Do you think I can leave the soup at this point - and if so - can I leave it out in this pot for a few hours? Can I transfer it to a larger pot later and then tomorrow finish the cooking process? If so, must it be refrigerated???
  14. This past weekend I bought a bookshelf ladder for my kitchen! So excited - like a little kid.
  15. Thanks for the great suggestions - I have settled in with a Salmon Wellington - although I wouldn't name it that - it basically is a whole 3lb fillet - making two of these - and laying it upon a rolled out puff pastry dough which has a mixture of leeks, red onions and tarragon leaves spread over it - wrapped up, brushed to look pretty and baked. Came out juicy and delicious for the experiment dinner.
  16. thanks for the great suggestions - this is needed for a dinner that will have many other components - so the fish is yet another offer for the full plate - we are starting with a mushroom soup, then moving onto a Jewish stuffed cabbage with mini meatballs, then the sesame apricot/nut chicken, a fish sample, many different sides etc etc etc.
  17. En papillote is always fun and adds that specialness to a dinner, however, with a plate full of other choices as well, there won't be room for the extra flounce of the presentation!
  18. I have a cook's ilustrated recipe which looks good - my concern is that working with flounder or sole fillets and rolling them up can be a bit tedious, difficult, frustrating - and this recipe calls for overlapping all the fillets so that it becomes a long log-roll and then slice it into portions - and I am thinking not such a sure bet to look neat.
  19. dinner will be for about 16 people - and I can buy any fish in the market - of course I guess I would appreciate a more cost-effective fish since it isn't the shining sole course!
  20. Looking for a "company" recipe for fish - thinking of fish in pastry - not with much of heavy cream sauces. I had a great recipe, planning on using it next week, but have searched everywhere where it isn't. Would love some of your favorites. I am making it alongside an apricot sesame chicken dish.
  21. thanks to you all - we enjoyed a great dinner at USC - the service was great as you said, and the food was very very good. A lovely experience. We also went for a drink before dinner at Flatiron Lounge - also a great place to experience. Terrific unique drinks. I am thinking that I will attempt Degustation with my family for my daughters birthday in the next week or two - we will be at least 5 or 6 - so we will be a majority of the seating around the bar - that might be fun. One of these days I've got to get there! OTR - the show Memphis was terrific as well!
  22. I have been attempting to embark upon a second career now focused within the food industry. I have tremendous passion, knowledge and technical abilities, great taste buds and commitment to always learn more. I would give my eye-teeth as the saying goes. I am in Rockland County, NY on the border of Northern NJ. Any assistance and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I truly believe, knowing how my first business was so successful because it was built upon a passion, that I can be successful given the opportunity.
  23. sorry - guess I'm pushing the envelope!
  24. my fingers are crossed - we are on their waitlist - but no luck as of yet - that is my first choice as well - so let me ask again - taking that one out of the equation - degustation or Union Square?
  25. it seems that it is between Union Square Cafe with possibilities of Gramercy Tavern or Degustation. What about between these?
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