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  1. i would love your recipe for those Nanaimo bars - never had them or heard of them and they look very intriguing. thanks!
  2. This was a martini - mixed with fresh lemonade! The bartender had told me that the vodka (at least this particular one) was a difficult one to find.
  3. Just thought I'd share--- I had a wonderfully delicious drink for Valentine's Day prepared with Huckleberry Vodka!
  4. ohhh yummmmm - it looked so beautiful that it begs to be tried! Maybe after this crazy busy time passes - and on a quiet January day. Thanks so much!
  5. David - the picture of the Apple Gateau looks good enough to eat! LOL - BEAUTIFUL!- How did it taste? Could you share the recipe?
  6. Kim - thanks for posting the link for the apple tart recipe. I am definitely going to try it one of these days. sooooo many recipes...... tooo many pounds!!!!
  7. good to know - please keep us updated - maybe they can be convinced to have something for New Year's Eve! I'm looking for something to do!
  8. Danny - Vodka caviar?? Please explain.
  9. Sounds exciting and tiring all at the same time! Good luck to YOU! Have fun along the way.
  10. If you reduced to enable more efficient storage space, when it's time for use - I am guessing you probably would enhance with water as opposed to adding yet more flavor from stock?
  11. I love my cabinets and space that I do have - and really can't think of any way to improve on it. I actually don't love the dark color of the wood but have been told there is nothing that can be done that wouldn't be outrageously expensive. They are built great with excellent shelving and wood. I have replaced my fridge and double wall oven last year. so - I think that the stove-top, counters, floors, backsplash and removal of wallpaper and paint - oh and of course new lighting - is allthat's left! lol so - the guidance with the stove-top would be appreciated! We probably will be in the house for at least 8 more years. I do cook and bake a lot. I have contemplated the grill option but I have my Weber right outside my back kitchen door which I use year round so I don't think it is a necessity.
  12. Steven - is this a blog that you follow? Or did you google Cloudt's - If I had only been able to remember the name of the store I wouldn't have had to angst the way I did!
  13. Sheryl - love the idea of the muffin molds - I think I will go and buy them just for that purpose - I have always admired the people who use ice cube trays for similar purposes but I have never done that either. The muffin molds will probably allow single or double size portions of leftovers rather than a whole container's worth in the freezer.
  14. sure - if you'd like it! Only need to ask! in bowl, cream together 1 1/2 sticks softened unsalted butter with 3/4 cup granulated sugar and 3/4 t salt. Beat in 1 lg egg plus 2 T lightly beaten egg. Add 2 3/4 cups flour and stir. Press into cookie sheet bake 375 for 15-20 min. cool in pan on rack. in saucepan, combine 1 1/3 cups light brown sugar, 1 stick unsalted butter, 1/2 cup honey,and 1/4 cup half and half- bring to boil stirring. Stir in 14 ounces chopped pecans. Cool. Spread evenly over base and bakein preheated 375 oven for 15 min or till bubbly. This is from Cloudt's grocery store printed by Gourmet magazine. IMHO THE BEST!
  15. yes - i had spent a great deal of time trying to find MY beloved recipe - but couldn't - but thankfully, it turned up under a pile! HURRAY! Thanks for the suggestion. I am sure you know - not all recipes are great ones!
  16. I am about to cry. I had a treasured recipe which I used just two weeks ago and now can't find it. I am hoping someone can help. It was cut from a magazine. It had been printed among favorites from different years past (and I think this might have been from the '40s - but the magazine was probably about 8 years ago). This was from a department store - not sure where - maybe midwest (but that's a guess) where they served these. They were award winning then and now. The magazine printed it as it had been described back then - so not as if the ingredients were listed separately as we do now. It had a wonderful shortbread crust with pecan caramel topping. I've had a version of it in a restaurant where they named them pecan diamonds - but that wasn't what the article called them. OHHHHHHH -- I hope someone can help!
  17. This place has been on my wish list for a while but for the main purpose of going for the fried chicken dinner which seems impossible to get a reservation for. Is it still so desirable for the chicken dinners?
  18. I realized that I have probably been doing things ass-backwards. I have started collecting info on countertops, backsplashes and floors - but I suppose the first thing I should do is decide on the stove-top and then continue on with the countertop. So- stupid question - does my new stove-top have to be the exact dimensions of the old one even if I will be replacing the countertops? I now have a 30" stainless gas caloric and have not a clue what to replace it with.
  19. ET - all of your sweets and photography are beautiful - but I, too, am especially in awe with the macarons - especially since my one and only attempt, albeit delicious, were disastrous looking!
  20. such beautiful artistic work! thanks for sharing. I am not a candy person but you certainly are inspirational!
  21. Tea party was a great hit. Thank you EVERYONE for your input and suggestions. I was very pleased with my results and have attached some pics. I hope they come out. I served the updated version of the old cucumber sandwich - Hummos, cucumber and lemon on white, sharp cheddar and mango chutney on pumpernickel, Chicken and shallot jam on 9 grain bread - and mini lemon tarts for a sweet ending. The only thing I would change is that I realized I was better off with the back-up platters for all the sandwiches as opposed to the chicken sandwich platter which I had layer three tiers. I can be my worst critic! I enjoyed the compliments! HURRAY! It's over!!
  22. Beautiful Macarons!! Mine were not a pretty site - so I know of what I speak! I will probably challenge them again - but not for a long time - more important windmills to seek!
  23. Yearly family gathering for dinner - 20-26 adults - have frequented Forno's but haven't been able to get the private room in a couple of years. Looking for good food and moderate prices.
  24. I was honored to be included in the Food Network Lounge Party last evening at Thalassa in NYC. What a blast! I felt like a kid in Disney! The food was great - passed hors d'oeuvres including Steak with Parmesan Spinach Crostini, Norwegian Salmon with Tomato and Olive Salad, Buitoni Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti with Grated Cheeses, Shrimp with Greek Saffron Sauce, Chicken mini Brochettes, Cherry Tomato with Kasseri Cheese and Mushrooms, Mini Marbles stuffed Potatoes, Fried Pickles, Portobello Fries. There was a Gravlax Station with caviar fixings, a Panini Bar with Lobster Roll, Turkey Cubano, Mortadella and Artichoke, Filet Mignon with Graviara Cheese, Feta Cheese Dip and Eggplant Dip. Lindt was a promoter so there were tastings of three different dark chocolates - sliced roasted almonds, dark chocolate, and one with sea salt. I was especially impressed with the Greek Wines that were paired with these - the Muscato with the Sea Salt chocolate was excellent. Desserts were a Cupcake Tower (made by Candace Nelson from Cupcake Wars, mini pumpkin parfaits, Spiced Chocolate Tart, and strawberries dipped in Truvia (another promoter). In addition to Candace Nelson, Sunny Anderson, Aarti Sequeira, Melissa D'arabian and Marcela Valladolid were also there. The drinks were flowing as well - but I stuck with my champagne! We even were presented with a great goodie bag on the way out. No wonder I had a difficult time falling asleep last night!
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