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  1. There should be a cell phone electronic jammer inside public toilets. dcarch.
  2. What I have done. I use a large sheet of clear greenhouse plastic to cover the asparagus plot early in the spring. The sun warms up the soil, and I can get two to three weeks earlier asparagus. dcarch
  3. Top lid for tiffin box? dcarch
  4. I still think expensive rent, health department inspections in city environment require highly packed seating and hard reflective surfaces for cleaning. That's why you don't frequently find noisy restaurants in suburban areas. dcarch
  5. My method is very simple. Cheap soft drink plastic cups. I use a soldering iron to burn a few hole on the bottom and fill the cups with fine potting soil. Seems to drain very well. dcarch
  6. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Spring Into Action Finally, spring is here. Picked some asparagus from the garden. dcarch Giant humongous Corona beans, pork chops and asparagus from the garden
  7. Isn't it also true that the amount of current that can go thru a device will also be dependent on the R value, as well as voltage? You can take a 12v LED (or any light bulb for that matter) and hook it up to a 1000 amp 12v battery without burning out the LED. Yes, you can in fact vary the brightness of any bulb type by varying the currant at constant voltage using a PWM circuit design. That's one of the reasons why many LEDs flicker. dcarch
  8. All LEDs require a minimum voltage to fire. Therefore no LEDs can be dimmed like incandescent bulbs. That said, COB LEDs can be dimmed to some degree. down to 30%? Not sure. dcarch
  9. The lights are shown on my post midway on page 50 of this Gardening thread. Not sure how to link to it. dcarch
  10. My LED lights seem to work very well. dcarch All tomatoes are blossoming, many have fruits Cute little okra Ground cherries are also fruiting Some climbers 3 of my 10 artichoke are already 18" tall
  11. Hydrogen peroxide. Not sure about dilution proportion. dcarch
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Doing The Rounds Top rounds are tough cuts of beef, but they are very reasonably priced. Found some at $1.99 a lb SVed at 131F for 48 hours. Not bad. Tasty tender beef for $1.99 a lb, no bones and no fat. dcarch
  13. I kind of feel that this year's weeds will be next year's compost fertilizer. I don't go too crazy weeding. Are there proofs that weeds can significantly decrease asparagus production? If the weeds compete with asparagus in soil nutrients, I just pour more fertilizer. Takes a lot less time. I weed some to give more room to edible weeds such as purslane, violets, etc. dcarch
  14. These green things seem happy with my DIY LED lights. Look forward to BLTs on Memorial Day. dcarch It's a jungle! Most Almost all have blossoms already Many have bloomed. Ground cherries are blooming Little okras have blossoms too.
  15. dcarch

    Food funnies

    I think I had posted this one sometime ago:
  16. Fresh water chestnuts are a popular summer street food. dcarch
  17. What's the indoor temperature? Peas like around 70F for growing. Yours look like mine in the summer. dcarch
  18. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    You are very kind. Thank you very much! dcarch
  19. Posted mine on the "Dinner " thread. dcarch
  20. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    The once-a-year sous vided corned beef. It was very good. But the potatoes with crispy corned beef fat cracklings were even more memorable. Actually better than bacon with potatoes. dcarch
  21. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    That must be a fantastic BLT you had! dcarch
  22. What do you guys do with the thick fat cap that you get on the corn beef? dcarch
  23. As a single guy, with a possible change in your career direction soon, if I were you, I would put my first priority in consideration on returns on my real estate investment. Then suitability of needs would be my second priority. With a little luck, the two priories may coincide. If you get a big raise, that's when you will be looking for your ultimate dream house. dcarch
  24. Depends on what kind of fish. I cook the flesh side first. Some fish fillet will curl up if you crisp the skin first. dcarch
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