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  1. So that is less than a typical stove top PC, which is about 15psi (250F) dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Dinner 2018

    Is Green the New Orange? Shopping in NYC Chinatown, came across these green oranges. Haven't seen them here before. I tried one and surprised that it was sweet and had a very pleasant orange flavor. Then I found out that it is natural for oranges to be ripe and green. Supermarkets gas them and dye them to be orange. So I make SV crispy trout with orange sauce. dcarch
  3. The clear Plexiglas (polyurethane plastic) to go in between the sink and the window. I am a sloppy cleaner, a lot of times water will get on the window. So I installed the clear plastic on the window. dcarch
  4. I have not read through the whole thread. In case you have not planed to do this, mine suggestion; get a clear piece of Plexiglas, about 18" high, to put in front of the sink in between the window. Slash guard. Beautiful renovation! dcarch
  5. It appears that the top is way too big for the spring clips to hold on to. That's why the rubber band and Scotch tape. dcarch
  6. The two parts don't seem to belong together. They don't seem to fit. Otherwise there is no need for the rubber band and Scotch tape. dcarch
  7. There are digital active noise canceling hearing aids, and earphones, which may be useful in a noisy environment. dcarch
  8. Real estate! When rent is expensive, you need to pack tables as close as possible. Every time the distance is cut in half to the sound source, intensity quadruples (inverse square law). The noisier it is, the louder you talk, the louder everyone talks ----well, there, it gets noisier! Maintenance. Flat hard surfaces are easier to clean. Flat surfaces reflect sound and cannot dissipate acoustic power. dcarch
  9. Do they tell you what pressure it develops? dcarch
  10. They do make printers which can print directly on a flat and hard DVD disc. How about a 3-D printer? they are not that expensive. dcarch
  11. Just use adhesive backed paper. Any printer can be used. dcarch
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2018

    Many thanks to liuzhou for the epic Chinese vegetables documentary. It inspires me to try more new ideas. dcarch SV chicken on bitter melon.
  13. I think until recently almost all food are cooked in China. dcarch
  14. Nori (sushi seaweed). dcarch
  15. Leftover various odds and ends meats from the freezer: Leftover tamales dcarch
  16. When I was in China, I had that in restaurants many times. I would say they tasted like asparagus both in flavor and texture, somewhat milder and more tender. I was told that in China, they are purposefully infected with the organism so that the stems would swell. As was mentioned above, they are banned in the US because of the infection. However, I was able to find frozen ones sometime ago in Chinese stores. They were labels as Bamboo shoots. dcarch
  17. It does not matter how cold it gets, as long as the water is deep enough, it can't ever get colder than 32F. dcarch
  18. I was studying the science of non-sticky-ness, and came across the scientific term "the lotus effect". Basically the water repellent property of some materials is similar to the waterlily (lotus) leaves. You will notice that in Buddhism, deities often sit on lotus leaves.because lotus symbolizes purity. It rises in muddy waters and in dirt and can still remain elegant, pure and clean, Lotus is high respected. Lotus seeds can be viable for hundreds of years. Some one grew a lotus plant from a 1,400 year old seed. I had grown an old seed in a bucket and it germinated and gave me a nice beautiful flower. dcrch
  19. A lot of corn's sweetness is dependent on when the corn is picked. Young corn eaten right after picking can be sweeter than the same corn eaten much later after picking. dcarch
  20. I understand that in China (it used to be) sweet potatoes and corn were low class food, mostly fed to pigs. So was truffle (the mushroom) were fed to pigs. BTW, everything, every vegetable eaten in China is for medicinal purposes. Every mother is a herbal doctor. dcarch
  21. When I happen to be near Chinatown, I like to get a couple of scoops of taro ice cream. Mott Street? dcarch
  22. dcarch

    Dinner 2018

    Tentacle Spectacle, (not the musical) Liuzhou posted chayote in the amazing Chinese vegetable post "--Perhaps less well known is that the leaves and young shoots of the chayote vine are also edible and a popular vegetable in southern China. Often described as 龙须菜/龍須菜" By coincidence, I harvested a bunch of chayote greens from my garden, and made some squids with them for dinner. Squid and veggie, both with tentacles. dcarch
  23. I grown both the green and the purple in my garden They taste the same. Very decorative plant. Every year, they self-seed. dcarch
  24. As I remember, sweet potato belongs to the Morning Glory family botanically. They taste pleasantly interesting. Mild and with a hint of fragrance. Always tender and not fiber-y. I grow them in my garden. A creeper and a climber. Massive supply of greens for stir fries. Can't eat them fast enough. dcarch
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