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  1. "Accurate" may not be the total temperature control personality of a cooking appliance. You probably would also need to know the temperature control range. For instance, your oven may be very accurate to keep temperature from 200F to 250F. dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    May be you are talking about mercury vapor lights. If the outer glass is broken, the bulb inside will send out harmful UV rays. LED chips can only generate one single frequency (color) of light. Actually there are no white LEDs. White is generated by using phosphors or using three color LEDs in combination. dcarch
  3. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    By the time I finish making my 4 LED lights, I will have a total of 300W x 4 = 1,200 watts of light. Looking forward to nice seedlings for the coming season. dcarch
  4. My favorite - Ananas Noire dcarch
  5. I will. Not for a while. I am busy building a few high power (300 watts each) COB LED grow lights. Got to get them done soon to start seeds. dcarch
  6. Yeah. I have improved my system. dcarch
  7. I don't buy seeds on eBay. Too many fake seeds. dcarch
  8. Here is an ultrasonic humidifier I made for my hot/cold smoker. The noise you are hearing is from another machine running in the background. Remember, you can't hear ultra sound. :-) The water looks like it's boiling, but it's actually ice cold. dcarch
  9. I will be in that area in the next few weeks. Will give it a try. Re-balanced your picture's color. dcarch
  10. The chef screwed up the spinach recipe. dcarch
  11. I have always thought that spot welding works mostly for thin metals. I wonder if induction welding can work for welding handles to pots and pans. dcarch
  12. May be. It is very expensive or impossible to install floor mounted power outlets. I will be surprised that in commercial leasing that a lease does not very specifically stipulate what the space is to be used for. Also, fire code is very different for "places of assembly" and for office use. In reality, Landlords may not want to have tenants go out of business, and DOB seldom re-inspects unless something happens. dcarch
  13. 1. It violates the lease terms signed with the building owner. 2. It violates the building permit for occupancy issued. 3. Extension power cords are not permitted for commercial use in insurance policies. dcarch
  14. A tiny 110v aquarium pump (ebay $5.00?) will make this a true SV cooker. dcarch
  15. Yes, I remember. Chestnuts roasted in sugar coated hot black sand. The smoke and aroma of the sugar burning permeated the air. They have a somewhat smaller variety of chestnuts. Very sweet. dcarch
  16. Cutting a hole in chestnut is a good idea because chestnuts can explode under high heat. dcarch .
  17. dcarch

    Food funnies

    Ha! https://www.businessinsider.com/popeyes-emotional-support-chicken-airport-2018-12?fbclid=IwAR0SasTWFCGJAdvRQd2dfK9_DLhg6C6FNCD1dyJOn7IGRHwjyU7eHWGpBCA dcarch
  18. The Plot Thickens! Went to the town compost center and got six garbage bins of free compost. 6 x 60 gallons. Tilted into my plot. Too much compost! the plot is now 7 inches thicker. It will be a good tomato year! dcarch
  19. It is possible that you can still find 100 w halogen bulbs now. There are all kinds of converter/adapter bulb bases you may be able to find to use these bulbs. Keeping in mind that 100 W equivalent LED bulbs are nowhere near 100 Watts. Cooking with light may be a bright idea, but with all manufacturers worldwide already stop making and selling halogen bulbs, how much it will cost you to replace one of the six halogen bulbs in Brava if one burns out? $1,000? dcarch
  20. For me, another problem with this is the fact that it does not have a glass door for you to see how is the cooking going. This lack may kill the sales of the "cooking by light" "Innovation". Small electric ovens all have glass doors, 100%. dcarch
  21. My oven has 50 different temperature cooking zones, each cooking at different temps too. Drives me nuts. :-) dcarch
  22. I don't understand this thing. So it cooks with "light", Don't all electric toasters cook with light (IR)? It appears that this Brava oven uses halogen light bulbs as the heat source. Do you remember that the instruction for handling halogen bulbs is never touch with your fingers. The grease on your fingers can carbonize on the quartz envelop and cause the bulb to self-destruct. What would happen with all the grease splatter on the Brava's heating halogen bulbs? Using intense IR may get the outside of food charred faster, (that's how a broiler works) but the heat can't travel any faster to the interior of food. So you will end up with cooked exterior, raw uncooked interior, just like what they show in one of the pictures. What about dark colored food will cook faster? The CTO of Brava says, "---One, it's just far more powerful, and two, it's far more precise in controlling the elements." No, sorry, it is no more powerful than all the other electric ovens, 15 Amps. No, sure, controlling the heating elements is good, but controlling the temperature of food is what cooks want. dcarch.
  23. Time to fill up your refrigerator and freezer. dcarch
  24. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    Is it soup yet? dcarch
  25. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    What makes things simple in using COB LED chips is that they do have these chips for 110V AC or 220VAC power. No more DC drivers/power supplies needed. Yes, they do need to be properly heatsinked, but then the ballast for MH is massive. decarch
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