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  1. I heard back from the Baking Steel folks. “ We can do custom work, not cheap. Be $200 for that size.” Guess I will use what I have.
  2. You said that you didn’t have a baking steel. This could work. Only you can answer whether you need it.
  3. Baking Steel Griddle While not perfectly sized, this would fit. I just tested mine and the fit is perfect front to back. You'd have about 1.75" space on either side. I've just emailed the Baking Steel folks to ask for one properly sized. I'll let you know what they reply.
  4. I opened mine that way. A lot easier to maneuver the inner box.
  5. They have a new smaller less expensive oven now. Smaller Oven
  6. Climate plays a part in this. It is currently 39F up on my hill. I wouldn't try firing up my MAK 2 Star in this weather. Not enough insulation to maintain heat for a cook. I'm thinking about a Kamado Joe next Spring. They have even introduced a Pellet Joe.
  7. What do you use to clean the cooktop. I'm a bit laid back with my cleaning and the surface gets built up with spilled substances. Any suggestions for a great, safe cleaner?
  8. I just checked and have the same firmware version. Purchased new from Williams Sonoma in April.
  9. I questioned the US Rep for Henkleman about power and got this response back in May. “Should have mentioned, Neo units exported to USA are 110/120V 60Hz. No ETL or NSF certification yet! Luv the Neo design but prefer the CombiVac power and ease of use of control panel”
  10. Good catch, that looks just like it for a lot less. I went to Henkelman's website and spoke to a rep. Covid is messing up everything. Shipping was going to cost a ton and the Neo hadn't been approved yet it the US. As I'm not a business, I didn't care.
  11. I have more time with it and it is a handy unit. I still wish it was a bit larger as I buy large cuts of meat.
  12. VP95 VacMaster dropped a Video on the 95 yesterday. I'm hoping for a more in depth look, but not optimistic.
  13. I spoke to the Lady and the 9 X 12 bags are a few weeks out. I'll try to be patient until then.
  14. My machine can take a 9" X 12" bag. They are going to be hard to find. I'll need every bit of width there is to do the things I want. Slight buyers remorse right now.
  15. I’ll be needing bags, and VacMaster is out of just about everything. Do you folks have a preferred source for bags?
  16. No need for the Anova, I have the F. Blumlein. I’m happy with it, even if they are recipe thieves.
  17. I planned to buy it this year, but my daughter is buying a Condo and Dad is helping.
  18. Read on. The coupon for $599 is still good.
  19. I bought this Unit and it arrived Saturday. Only 8 years of dithering! VP 95 This unit ships with oil and installation was simple. You must download the owners manual and it is a bit lacking. VacMaster sent me an email Thursday with special pricing. That plus 10% off made it a no brainer. It's a tiny thing, but will replace my Foodsaver til I save up for a Henkelman unit. My heart wants this, but my wallet isn't cooperating. https://www.henkelman.com/en/vacuum-packaging-machines/neo/neo-42/
  20. One person wanted to boil water for tea. Go figure.
  21. I wish you’d posted this 2 days ago. It was burger day here, but I never thought about this. Smash burgers will be so much easier now.
  22. Does Corderite play nicely with steam?
  23. In today’s email was an announcement of a new sealer. Vacmaster VP200
  24. Kerry, I just placed the water tank loosely in and closed the door. I don’t believe that closing the door will seat it properly. When you place it in, push it forward and you should hear a “click” as it seats. Maybe yours wasn’t sealed properly. HTH
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