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  1. It would likely be partially absorbed by the food you are steaming. When I run it with an empty chamber it pools on the bottom of the oven. I have found water in the drip tray, but don’t remember the circumstances.
  2. Test to follow in time. You probably noticed the bottom of the oven is getting dirty. I spent 5 minutes with some Bar Keepers Friend and all is well.
  3. I reran the FB on H Steam at 210 for 39 minutes. The interior was quite steamy and the bottom of the oven was covered with water, however the tank used about the same amount of water as yesterday. Less than 1/2 tank. The drain tray has about 3 drops of water.
  4. Kerry I’ll try H steam in the morning and report back.
  5. OK times up. This is how much water is left in the tank. The FB was empty at start, but plenty of moisture after 39 minutes.
  6. Just filled the water. Started on Steam at 210. Will check at 39 minutes.
  7. Congratulations. I think you will enjoy it as much as I do.
  8. Made the King Arthur Classic Sandwich Bread today. I wanted to try my new Spiral dough hook for the Kitchenaid and it works. Did my proofing in the FB and baked on Convect after preheating on Steam. The hardest part was waiting for it to cool enough to slice. We added some French butter and one slice turned into two! This is a very tender bread and I’ll be making it again.
  9. Palo if you account for the size of the item I’d think the recipes should work.
  10. I found the F Blumlein cookbook tucked away at their site. Enjoy. Cookbook
  11. I had the nutmeg grater on the counter and completely forgot to use it.
  12. It seems all potatoes around here must be purchased in the handy 5 pound sack! That is a lot of spuds for two people. I plan on making these again, but playing with the flavors.
  13. I used this as my starting point. Not enough potatoes and no Gruyere unfortunately. This is an older video from before Claire looked like Rogue from XMen.
  14. I decided to make Au Gratin potatoes for dinner. Using a Bon Appétit recipe less all the bits I don’t have on hand. It requires a 3Qt baking dish, so I checked and the non perforated pan works. It’s cooking away now and I hope it will be good, as there is a ton of it. And they are quite good. My wife is going back for seconds.
  15. Wait, you didn’t know about the deep fry function?
  16. Just checked my mail and found this. If some of you do Facebook you might try to win a juicer.
  17. md8232

    Krispy Kreme

    I first discovered Krisp Kreme’s many years ago in Memphis. I loved to visit Graceland that monument to bad taste! We stopped at a KK with the light on and it was love at first bite. Now if I want one it is a 3 hour round trip. Fortunately we make that trip if we want to do some shopping. If anyone is passing thru Springfield Illinois, a visit to Mel-O-Cream is worth your time. They are nothing like KK’s, but I can and have eaten my weight in Chocolate Old Fashions. That is one at the bottom of the picture. They freeze well, so buy a couple dozen.
  18. md8232

    Frozen Pizza

    On today’s visit to Wally World, I saw some Home Run Inn pizza. When I worked for Sears many years ago, we would head to Home Run Inn for Friday pizza. I lived on the other side of town and always preferred pizza from one of the many neighborhood joints. We’ve been buying “Wewalka” dough in the refrigerated aisle and making our own. With a chance to make my own sauce and all the specific toppings we like, I prefer this to any frozen variety including HRI.
  19. So tonight I used the FB to reheat yesterday’s Brisket. One of the pans is perforated to help drain off moisture. I was able to lay out enough slices for 2 carnivores and it performed perfectly. The CSO heated some frozen French Fries to go with the tasty Brisket.
  20. I’m a fan of Kenji’s All American Meatloaf and normally make it in our oven. After verifying everything would fit I decided to make it in the FB. You form the meatloaf in a loaf pan, cover with foil and bake it upside down on a tray. 350 F on Conv for 30 minutes, gently remove the loaf pan and finish. It was just as tasty as ever and we didn’t have to fire up the big oven.
  21. Pan did you ever get your company going?
  22. 3 minutes each side. For me, the color is better and still a proper center.
  23. Top Rack @ 450F with no preheat. 5 minutes with a turn at 2 1/2 minutes. Not any color on the bottom, but it has the soft moist interior. Arrgh, I actually ate Wonder Bread!
  24. It is a lot more work in the FB. Opening a steamy oven to turn over the bread is doable, but not enjoyable. CSO wins on toast. FB wins on large proteins and bread making.
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