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  1. I agree. If my kitchen remodel come to pass, I’ll probably keep both units. Each has it’s strengths.
  2. I tested the CSO on the toast setting 3. I expected it to reach a temperature and stabilize, but the temperature continued to climb for the entire cycle. Ended @ 500 F.
  3. 2nd attempt. same time & temp. 5 minutes preheat. I flipped the toast at 90 seconds. 3 minutes total. I think we have a winner. Third pic to show it is soft inside.
  4. OK. 450 Combi with a 5 minute preheat. Steamy when I opened the door. Toast is on the top rack @ 1.75” from the heat element. I’ll start with 3 minutes and see where we are.
  5. Another test Top rack, 420, Convi for 6 minutes with Wonder bread. I checked at 4 minutes and flipped the bread. I think this would be acceptable.
  6. Just tried my pizza steel and it is too long one way and too short the other. If I keep the FB, will probably get a steel sized to fit the oven. I say steel, but have been reading that Aluminum may be the new wonder metal.
  7. Moar Science! I used the CSO on toast setting 3 on the middle rack. I would have pulled them sooner if making my morning toast, but let them go the full cycle. the bottoms were partially browned unlike the FB. My lesson is watch closely and pull once toast is to your liking. I still think the FB won’t shine at toast or tea. I’m willing to do more Science as needed.
  8. I took a bite of each after the 8 minute mark. Not much of a tender interior. I could accept them with butter. Some steam each time I opened the door. I used the top rack. Our goat loves bread. He’ll be in heaven with the Wonder Bread.
  9. OK Science time. Per Kerry, I used Combi @ 390. All pictures are: L - R Wonder Bread, Pepperidge Farm White Sandwich, & Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Butter Bread. Times are: 4 minutes 6 minutes 8 minutes
  10. Do you have a favorite bread that I can find at Walmart?
  11. I think the volume of the oven works against it when making toast. Do I use the top rack and risk burning it, or middle rack and never achieve browning? I’m tempted to preheat the pan, then lightly butter the bread and let er rip. Or... pizza steel if it fits!
  12. By the time I got the color as shown, the bread was completely dry. I think it is in part due to how moist the bread remains a day later. I stored it in a vintage Tupperware bread box which creates a great seal. I’m headed to town this afternoon for some Doctorin’ and will return with some fresh bread. We will repeat the experiment then.
  13. Toast underway. I used the bread that I made yesterday for this experiment. From L - R. Uncooked, toasted in Magimix & toasted in FB. Will repeat later with store bread.
  14. This time is worse. Muscle memory of the CSO gets in the way.
  15. It’s not the readin’, it’s the rememberin’
  16. I’ve borrowed a still from the FB video that shows the rubber gasket around the oven. It is effective at keeping the steam where it belongs. I am noticing an ongoing sound when in use that I find annoying. Lots of hearing loss and tinnitus, but this noise overcomes that. Doing beef short ribs for dinner, so we’ll see how long I can stand the sound.
  17. OK, it's done. I used 390° for 20 minutes on a rack. The rack moved it too close to the top of the oven and almost burned the top. The interior was @ 120°, so I removed the rack and placed the loaf pan on the floor. It took almost 20 minutes more to get the interior to 19x°. The waiting is over and it is a tasty bread. I should have waited a few more minutes before cutting, but have the patience of a small child! My wife enjoyed it and I'd did too. Will make again and try to improve my technique.
  18. I'm baking bread!!! Keep in mind I'm not a baker, and have never made bread in a Steam Oven before. I borrowed this recipe: Easy Bread Any mistakes that occur are on me. I have a KitchenAid K5SS. I did the first proof in the bowl. Then some kneading and into the pan for the second rise. If all goes well, I'll have bread in about 10 minutes. Pics to follow.
  19. We just measured ours: 14" wide @ the handles 6 & 3/4" tall at the handle. In the picture, I have it sitting on a rack. You could remove the rack and place it on the oven floor. That would gain more room from the handle to the upper heating elements.
  20. From the FAQ: Are the heating elements exposed or covered? The upper heating elements are exposed, the lower one is covered to provide a best taste of your foods.
  21. Thank you Kerry. I can go down to 95° there. What would I do without the rest of you helping me learn this?
  22. Just checked and the Steam setting only goes down to 120°. Would this be too hot to proof bread?
  23. I have a Le Creuset #28 dutch oven. It is @ 7 Quarts. Just checked, and it fits. I've used it for Jim Lahey's no knead bread in my regular oven. Might be time to try it in the FB.
  24. Keep an eye on Amazon US. They may repeat the coupon at some point.
  25. Not sure how soon I’ll be baking bread, but I broke out a loaf pan to check fit. Chicago Metallic 1 Lb loaf pan.
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