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  1. OK.... here we go again!!!  While this post is a bit premature (we don't take off until around 1:30AM tonight), I am extremely excited so I figured I'd just set up the topic now.  As in previous foodblogs, I may post a bit from time to time while we're there, depending on how good my internet connection is, and how much free time I have... but the bulk of posting will really get started around July 9th - the day after we get home (hopefully without too much jetlag!!!)

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  2. I hope you feel better soon!!!!  That is most important...  we can all deal with crappy food for (hopefully) short durations (not that we always want to though)... while unpleasant, hopefully you're getting good care and will be back doing your own thing quickly.

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  3. sorry - I can't really comment on cocktails or most of the restaurants, but maybe @weinoo can help there?


    Wow... Monte's... that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... a long time...  I was recently wondering if it was even still in business.  Funnily enough, my parents had their first date there... and they had been married for about 50 years!  I used to go there with them when I was a kid, but it was going downhill near the end of the '90s...  I think I was back there around 10-12 years ago, and I seem to remember it being a shadow of its former self.  So, personally, I would leave it off the list.  Unfortunately, I don't have any good suggestions for a replacement - but I think there have been threads in the last year or so about NYC red-sauce Italian places....

  4. I LOVE mangosteen - it is my absolute favorite fruit.  Unfortunately, it is almost completely unavailable where I live, unless you consider the frozen kind, which I don't because they're disgusting.


    I'll be in Vietnam in a couple weeks - hopefully I'll be able to find some when I'm there!

  5. 1 hour ago, Allen89 said:

    Berries... :x   

    Hmm.. strawberry... Sorry for being ignorant. Strawberry is a seasonal fruit? :P We have strawberry all year round planted at my father hometown, Cameron Highlands. But it have harder outer layer, slightly sour (That what they all said.For me, it is very sour without even a hint of sweetnesss) and smaller... =.= 

    Until recently (from what I heard), a Japanese guy named Mr. Kyosuke Kinoshita start to plant strawberry at Cameron Highlands after being ridiculed that it is impossible to plant a sweet strawberry at Malaysia and he did it (from what i heard, haven't get the chance to try it though because the price is basically same as imported strawberry =.=).


    His and his partner website:


    Mr. Kyosuke Kinoshita.jpg

    The Japanese are really the most advanced when it comes to hydroponic greenhouse strawberry cultivation.  I've been researching growing strawberries hydroponically, here in NYC, and most of the information is coming from research done in Japan.

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  6. During my senior year in college, I took a professional cooking class at the hotel school. Our first task was chocolate chip cookies. A few of my classmates' cookies spread like these and the chef said that they had overcreamed the butter. He didn't explain what caused it though.

  7. 3 hours ago, haresfur said:


    som tam is a thai salad - typically made with green papaya or green mango.  The main ingredient is shredded and lightly pounded in a tall m&p (so stuff doesn't escape) with chiles, palm sugar, limes, etc.


    The Thai also use a smaller, granite m&p for grinding their curry pastes..

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  8. I agree with @JoNorvelleWalker.  When I was in Thailand, I saw a lot of curry pastes made by hand with m&p that looked EXTREMELY smooth.... - and when made into a curry, the paste basically dissolved into the coconut milk - there was no grainy-ness whatsoever.  A good, solid m&p and lots of time and arm-grease can make a very smooth paste - much finer (and drier) than my blender can do.


    I've been thinking about those Indian motorized stone wet grinders typically used to grind lentils et al.  Like this: https://www.google.com/#q=ultra+pride+wet+grinder


    But I have no idea if it can be used to make pastes out of harder ingredients such as galangal, which can be quite hard and woody.  Plus, they're pretty expensive, unless you're making pastes all the time.

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