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  1. I got " A Day at El Bulli" and "Happy in the Kitchen". I got a super cool Salter kitchen scale. And a remote read-out meat thermometer! And the coolest measuring beaker with normal graduations as well as stuff like, "volume of half of a brain" on it, haha!
  2. I went to college in Iceland. My colleagues there used to request American fruitcakes to be brought back when I returned from Christmas break. I don't know why, I'm not a fan of it myself, but they were all curious about it and had to have one every year.
  3. That sounds yummy. Do you remember what issue the recipe was in? I have C@H annual issues(2005, 2006 and 2007) ← It should be in Volume 10 (2006) according to their website. The recipe is called "Fontina & arugula roulades". Good luck with your dinner, it sounds like you will at least have a very good time with this.
  4. The cheap pork you already have in stock gave me flashbacks on a great recipe from a few years ago. I think it was C@H that had pork fontina roulades. Slice the tenderloin in one inch sections, pound thin, layer of arugula and a stick of fontina. Roll up, saute and finish in the oven. Serve with a pan sauce made with white wine, butter. Serve on top of a bed of angel hair dressed with a little butter, lemon zest and toasted pine nuts...mmmmm. It's pretty to look at too. Or you could do a snitzel with red cabbage combo. Very fall. I'm going to get pork now. I gotta make those roulades again. Let me know if you want the recipe, I have it in my file.
  5. Tangelo

    Healthy snacks

    I go through snack phases. Right now I am on a Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut-Thins (organic aisle at the grocery) and Sabra roasted garlic hummus. Apple slices and old, old cheddar is good too. And sugar snap peas...by the bag
  6. Once the weather turns cooler, THIS is my favorite roast chicken recipe. I found it several years ago in Cuisine@Home and make it often. You really need a cast iron skillet for this though. The bread on the bottom of this, when done, is so darned good. The herbs and spices and lemon juice have all gotten on it. The juices from the chicken have run down on it. And it turns this amazing dark and crunchy brown against the cast iron. It's really an excellent dish.
  7. Sabra roasted garlic or roasted pine nut would be my current choices. Add a box of pecan Nut-Thins or a big bowl of sugar snap peas and you can color me happy for days!
  8. I made this at our lake house over the summer...twice. The second time, I added scallops to the mix. Amazing stuff! Thanks for the recipe!
  9. Tangelo

    Soup Helper

    This is a great hot-n-sour soup here: Chinese Spicy Hot and Sour Soup And I have a great recipe from Cuisine@Home for chicken and homemade flat dumplings that has milk, cream, white wine and lemon juice in the broth. Mmmmmm.
  10. I've subscribed to C@H for about 4 years now and love it. In that time, I've cooked my way through hundreds of the recipes and less than five were total bombs. Most were quite delicious and at least 1/4 of them were "Keepers" that I have filed and have made again and again. Several are my husbands favorites. I've even used several of the recipes for my catering! I just got my August issue and I am looking forward to cooking my way through it. I get a lot of food magazines through which I browse and read and relish the pretty pictures. C@H is the only one that I do cook my way through it, front to back. I've learned many great techniques, I love that they have clear pictures, and the layout of the recipes makes them virtually idiot-proof so I can copy them and share with family fearlessly. I recommend it highly.
  11. I love this! I've been printing recipes for the past 45 minutes and I can't wait to try some of these! Let me add my vote for the Cuisine at Home focaccia recipe. Try the one with the grapes in it too. Yum! Speaking of Cuisine at Home, the Dec 07 issue had a recipe for fondue cheesecake bites with red grape relish that were delicious. Great for a wine party I had. Come to think of it, I would guess that at least 30-40% of my "keeper" file is from Cuisine At Home. It's my favorite "just recipes" magazine, I think. The highest percentage of great recipes/dud ratio, imo. I just made the Oct 07 recipe for petite sirloins with gingered tomato chutney and dijon potatoes last week. This was the 6th or 7th time I've made it and it's showing no signs of getting tired. I found the best fried rice ever this year and I can't imagine that I will ever make a different one...ever. It's here: Foreign Devil Fried Rice It's amazing good. I discovered two perfect salads this year that are now permanent parts of my file and that I have used at several catering gigs as well to rave reviews: Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing "That Good Salad" Thanks for sharing all of yours, everyone. I've got a pile printed out that I will be adding to my menus for the next month at least!
  12. Wasabi and Soy Sauce owns me completely.
  13. At the risk of sharing too much, there is a level of erm...convenience and well, um...aim to be gotten from the can. Besides, bringing a whole mixing bowl and spoon in the bedroom is just so obvious, right?
  14. The cardinal rule in our family has become: Thou shalt not put foodie daughter-in-law (me!) in same kitchen with Italian mother-in-law and all of those sharp knives. Someone really could get hurt. I have to bodily remove myself from my own kitchen when she visits or I can't eat the meal. She leaves the milk and butter out with the lid off the whole time she is cooking which makes me nearly giddy with sanitation issues. She chops veg with my steak knives. She has one knife technique: dice. Nothing is minced. All meats are par-cooked in unheated and overcrowded pans, nothing is ever seared. I gotta stop there. I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it.
  15. What an odd goal to strive for in a dish though, huh? His whole definition of vanity would seem to be an illusion of grandeur that, when sampled, reveals its true nature and disappoints. Why would any chef chose this virtue to put on display then? What dish should be created with the goal of disappointing? And if a dish striving to be vanity on a plate is "pleasant and delicious", imagine what he could do with gluttony! Oh! And imagine the fun he could have doing all of the classic Roman virtues. Ooooh...or a whole tasting menu of virtues. Or contrasting virtue and vice. Oh my...lust would be delicious, wouldn't it? Sorry, I'm getting carried away with that whole idea. How fun!
  16. I just wanted to add my thanks for this and all of your reports, Doc. I set aside this evening to read through the whole thing and enjoyed every minute. I'm not a member of the industry in any fashion, I'm just an eater of great food. Industry coverage of these events usually just skirts the surface. You really give great details and I love having pictorial accounts. From all of us who only wish we could attend these things, I thank you for "taking me along with you".
  17. Wow! That's so much more intriguing and impressive than what I plan to do with mine. I was just happy to find that I would be able to put really great coffee in pod-form. You are creating really great coffee to put IN your pods. And crafting some nice flavored stuff at the same time, I see. Something occurred to me while I was reading your post. Coffee hits so many of the same notes as chocolate, it's surprising to me that no one has started an edgy boutique line of coffees similar to the really high-end chocolates. I would think some of the more unusual pairings that are being made by Vosges et al could be made with coffee as well. Or even a mocha line based on those sorts of pairings. Like imagine if you could get pods in Sumatra dark roast with Indian green cardamom, organic California walnut, and dried plum a la Vosges Calindia chocolate bar? I think we are on to something, AndieSenji! Wanna start a coffee company with me? You can roast the beans and come up with the flavor extraction processes necessary and I will steal flavors from all the really great chocolate makers? Deal?
  18. Tangelo

    Pumpkin Ales

    My thanks to you both. I will call the distrib in Kansas City to see if he can get his hands on any of these. Generally Royal Liquors has one or two pumpkin ales stocked for the season but I am hoping to get something different this year.
  19. The Army moves us around a lot so I knew my table would be taking a beating. So when I went shopping for one, I hit the resale shops and found a formica and chrome table (circa 1953) with tube steel and vinyl chairs. With all of the leafs in, it will seat 8. It may not be dressy, but I love that darned dining set. Back then, they built everything like it was an automobile. I think you could throw the whole thing down the stairs and it wouldn't have much effect at all. So yea...no need for a table cloth here
  20. Ew. Like several others, I have a odd cookbook of old Euro recipes but mine is a bit more specific. It's a Transylvanian cookbook. I tell guests who stare that it is where I got my amazing recipe for blood sausage.
  21. Tangelo

    Pumpkin Ales

    Each year for Halloween, I host a huge pumpkin carving contest. One of the traditions of the carving party is my finding, ordering and having shipped in multiple cases of pumpkin ale. Everyone gets a charge out of sampling each year's version and much talk goes on comparing it to prior years' pumpkin brews. The small breweries that do these seasonal ales sell out quickly so it's important that I order early. The running favorite is Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale but I would like to order a new one again this year to attempt to unseat this old fave. Any recommendations?
  22. I recently added a pod maker to my wish list as well. How exciting to stumble over this thread and find that I am not the only one using this amazing little machine? And getting wonderful cups of coffee from it every day. I want the pod maker to experiment with some fresh ground stuff that has been tugging at my interest. Thanks for posting the review, AndieSenji, you cleared up the last of my doubts. Do you fine it pretty easy to use then? Are you making your pods fresh for brewing or making them in batches and storing?
  23. Tangelo

    Salty Snacks

    My name is Angela, and I am a chipaholic. It all started last month, when I was perusing the snack aisle at the commissary, looking for a nice vehicle for my spinach/artichoke dip. Pringles Szechuan BBQ, what? Trust me, don't touch these. Don't even smell them. Each little chip, so small, round and perfect, but hiding a deadly addictive secret. Amazing little packets of yum. Yep. I love these new chips. Oh my. Oh, as long as I am coming out of lurkdom to share my snack addictions...wasabi and soy sauce Blue Diamond Almonds! omg!
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