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  1. Do you have an outdoor area? Can you setup a wok burner
  2. Tomato jam, cream cheese and crisped up pancetta, and a few thinly sliced red onions.
  3. http://www.ottawavalleygiftbaskets.ca/online_sales/views/itemview.aro?view=item&itemid=759 Oddly, their website shows it under the Cheesemaker brand 8th one down on this site http://www.baldersonvillagecheese.com/orders.html Have you checked Costco? it shows up in one of their recipes http://www.costcoconnection.ca/connectioncaeng/20110506?pg=44#pg44
  4. hongda

    Cook-Off 60: Banh Mi

    Hmm, that's why it tastes more gamey... it's pork pate.
  5. hongda

    Cook-Off 60: Banh Mi

    Most of the banh mi shops will sell their Pate and deli meats separately. When we used to live far from any supplier, we would just load up on all the ingredients except the bread, then get that from our local Fred Meyer's.
  6. Rosemary sugar syrup for cocktails or with sparkling water. Rosemary vodka.
  7. Is anything loss from lack of evaporation?
  8. I do an asian garlic sauce. vegetable oil, toss in a ton of garlic and a few chili flakes. When the garlic is fragrant and just brown, toss in water, soy sauce, sugar, white vinegar. Reduce or thicken with cornstarch slurry and finish with a dash of sesame oil.
  9. whoops, missed that post. A couple more things to try http://oggi-icandothat.blogspot.com/2008/05/layer-cakes-sapin-sapin-and-kueh-lapis.html
  10. Looks like curds can be had from here: http://www.goldenagecheese.com/_wsn/page4.html not Polly-O though.
  11. For Wonton there's Kenny's Noodle House Korean hand made noodles Frank's Noodle House If you don't mind an "asian" level of cleanliness there's Fubonn on 82nd street for asian supermarket. Otherwise Super H in Tigard or Uwajimaya in Beaverton are the larger asian supermarkets. Fubonn is more vietnamese, Super H korean and Uwajimaya japanese.
  12. De Frisco Chicken Sandwich on campus or by Oakway Beppe and Gianni's
  13. a local place prides itself on wrapping the food in aluminum foil to make them look like swans and other animals. Not my photo, but found on google
  14. oh considering your coming from Singapore... it's gonna be cold. Average around that time period is high of 10 degrees C, low of 1 degree C. November 24th is also Thanksgiving day. It's a pretty big family holiday for americans. It's been a long time since I was in the city for thanksgiving so I'm not sure about how things are. Don't expect too many shops and stuff to be open on that thursday. Friday is a big shopping day. There are usually a crazy amount of sales going on starting really early like 3 AM early that Friday. I also was leaning away from asian fare since your from Singapore and there's so many things to try.
  15. If you looking for new york experience there's Papaya King. I'm also quite fond of pio pio. Chelsea market is fun to browse around in.
  16. You could paint a chalkboard http://www.rustoleum.com/cbgproduct.asp?pid=103 gives more options to individualizing. Gives you more freedom for more options to if you want a chalkboard per table.
  17. Smoke it. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Smoke-Signals-364691
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not quite ready to sink all my investments in a restaurant, but as tsquare put it, help the restaurant scene grow. I have worked in a restaurant. Worked for about 7 years as dishwasher, busboy, cook, waiter.... Went and became an engineer, but I have the restaurant bug every once in a while. I'll keep my ears open.
  19. I'm looking to invest. I know the return is usually bad to horrible, but the idea intrigues me quite a bit.
  20. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or connections for investments in the restaurant business, preferably in the pacific northwest.
  21. hongda

    Dinner! 2008

    mmmm... beef rolls.... For those interested, it's usually part of the vietnamese 7 beef course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B2_7_m%C3%B3n
  22. hongda

    Dinner! 2008

    Oh that creamed spinach looks so good.....
  23. For college eats in Eugene, try Sy's pizza, Brail's (which is an american diner that also serves good korean food) Toshi's ramen is good also. 5th street market has a good food court. Glenwood is good for breakfast/brunch, as is studio one cafe (which does a great french toast with an almond custard and rasberry compote) While your in town check out Beppe and Gianni's for good italian food, then prince puckler's across the street for ice cream.
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