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  1. Ah, looks as if someone else has been reading the Momofuku cookbook? I'm planning on slow poaching my first eggs tonight!
  2. I also made this with the seared duck breast. I have to say, I really loved both. Like you, I'd never had kohlarbi or cooked radishes. Also, the duck breast recipe is phenomenal. I couldn't get over how amazing the flavor of that was with just a little bit of such simple ingredients. (the book) (mine)
  3. Exactly David. The amount of pork belly seems out of whack with the rest. I'm not going to judge until I try it later this evening though I'm not afraid of fat, that's for sure!
  4. David, I found myself questioning whether or not to add all that pork belly once I got to that point, and went ahead and did it. I'm kind of questioning my sanity now! It really is a lot of fat. Also, the book says this serves 4. More like 40! I'm having a group of girlfriends over tomorrow night to eat it and sending them all home with some or I'm going to be eating this for two weeks and gaining 20 lbs!
  5. I've just read a good chunk of the Cassoulet cook-off thread and I need some talking off the ledge. I couldn't get my hands on the correct beans so I used great northern. When I cooked them, they fell apart and now resemble something a little closer to refried beans than whole, intact ones. I soldiered ahead layering in my dutch oven and it's been going through it's first baking for about 45 minutes now. Is there anything I should do? If this is messed up due to beans, I'm going to be so ticked! Moderator's Note: This post was merged into this topic. For reference, it is referring to the Les Halles recipe
  6. I feel like the pastry chef at Uchi in Austin has experimented a little bit, but not gone full-blown molecular. As far as seeing this in Austin, I just can't picture it. Yes, we're a little more adventurous, but we're also kind of poor these days. Austin is more about hole in the walls than anything else in my opinion.
  7. jayejo

    Obscene Sandwich

    I don't have pictures because I haven't made this in forever, but my favorite sandwich is ciabata and on one side, spread paté and on the other, brie. Top with prosciutto and broil. The types of brie and paté varied depending on what they had at the market. And this? Is why I'm on Weight Watchers now. Yay. Joy.
  8. jayejo

    Roasting a Chicken

    I read about this all the time, but I've yet to have it happen to me. I don't know why this is. It's a great weeknight dinner! If it weren't so hot in Texas, I'd make it tonight. Unfortunately, my oven tends to heat the whole kitchen/living room at my house.
  9. I was also a little disappointed in this episode, especially with the Texas offerings. Tony was here in Austin earlier this year to do a talk and I was hoping he'd combine it with filming a Central Texas Meat episode. I mean, come on! We're a meat mecca in these parts! Although, even though I'm not a conservative, I enjoyed the heck out of the Nuge segment. That guy just kills me.
  10. jayejo

    Roasting a Chicken

    This is the only method I use now, and it's absolutely incredible. It's my go to dish for company or just me. I swear, I've been known to eat close to the whole thing standing up at the counter... I've turned a number of friends onto this method as well and they all swear by it too.
  11. jayejo

    Truffle salt

    Sprinkle on popcorn! I have Bacon Salt (I know, not even in the same class), but I didn't really know what to do with it at first and have found that it is the ultimate topping for popcorn.
  12. jayejo


    I use them in salads a lot. One of my favorites is tomato, feta, and capers with drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, topped with a sprinkling of crushed red pepper. A fritata with smoked salmon, goat cheese and capers is wonderful too.
  13. I'm so excited, I went to Super H in Atlanta last year and could have spent a week in there. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law was with us and pregnant at the time and she got really woozy and we had to leave. (But not before spending about an hour there.) I think I'm going to have to suck up the gas prices and make a special trip to Houston from Austin with a cooler and have a day of fun pretty soon! Thanks for the great report and photos!
  14. I think I just died a little inside. God that sounds and looks amazing.
  15. We just had this dish at a restaurant in Toronto and it was so good! It seemed stir-fried though...Thank you so much, I'm going to make this soon for sure!
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