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  1. At the moment, the book is only available for the iPad. He has commented when asked via Twitter that it will eventually be available in ebook format (I.e., Kindle, Nook, etc.) it should be available soon.
  2. Can't watch it. Tried. Can't watch it. Fail.
  3. Gordon Ramsay is the new Jerry Springer. I've lost every ounce of respect for tht man. HK is repulsive.
  4. Did anyone happen to catch the new show on ABC called "The Chew?" It has Mario Batali, Daphne Oz (Dr. Oz's daughter), some "food stylist" dude I've never heard of, and Michael Symon. I watched it yesterday just for kicks, and man was it awful. It was set up to be like a bunch of chefs and others talking about food and making food like one would with their own family in the kitchen. Mario (for the first show) was patched in via satellite, which had tons of lag which made things really awkward. Michael Symon appeared to me to feel out of place a bit. The food stylist dude was talking incessantly. Dr. Oz appears on the show and takes all the thunder away from his daughter. The show felt like a combination game show/infomercial rather than a daytime food show. Believe me, it was awful. What are your opinions?
  5. Congrats to Blais. They both did a really fine job. I'm just glad they left them both alone and let them just cook, instead of putting some twist on it all. Tom's blog gives some great insight into why Richard won. Very reasonable explanation. He also mentioned that the oyster dish got no points because it was not a part of the dishes upon which Richard was judged. I don't recall them ever saying that during the course of the show. Hmm. Anyway, Mike really showed himself to have grown as a chef, and it was actually a pleasure to watch him do so well, even though his personality can be a bit grating at times. HUGE KUDOS TO SPIKE. The maturity level he showed in the way he stepped up to the plate for Richard was phenomenal. The look on Spike's face when he was chosen sort of scared me a bit for Richard. But Spike really poured it on, and really helped Richard incredibly well. He was truly looking out for Richard's best interests. And kudos to Angelo as well. It did not appear he was trying to change anything Richard was doing. It was all about Richard's food, rather than Richard's food with an Angelo twist. And kudos to Mike.....when all of his sous chefs were trying to give their input, he batted them back and was only willing to do his own thing....Mike's food. That was really important for him. He didn't allow them to pressure him. Kudos to Jamie for not being the selfish little brat she's always seemed to be, and stepping up for Mike the way she should have. All in all, it was a great finale. For me, the best yet.
  6. I think Blais is his own worst enemy. If he really hates everything he cooks, he should hang up his jacket and exit the business. He needs to learn how to relax and enjoy what he cooks. That is what cooking is all about. If you don't enjoy what you cook, then why bother cooking? I don't see him winning this competition with his attitude. He mostly comes in a second to Mike because Mike loves to cook. That shows on the plate. If Richard hates everything he cooks, that will show up on the plate as well. He's frustrated because he can't win, and can't see that the reason why is because his feelings about his food show up on the plate.
  7. Kenny has been going downhill for a while. His dishes are necessarily overcomplicated, but he puts way too much on the plate and muddies the flavors. I'm not really surprised to see him go. I have to wonder if he was so busy trying to outdo Angelo that he forgot about his own style.
  8. Not sure I would call "foam" on everything being an "extremely innovative gastro chef."
  9. I've watches three episodes of this show and I have to say that I'm hardly impressed. I was totally befuddled as to why in the dessert episode Novelli was so put off by salt and sweet. I admit, it might have been badly done, but he acted as though salt and caramel or salt and chocolate do not go together. Is this guy for real? He's really a Michelin starred chef and he does not understand that salt and sweet go together. It has to be the editing because I can't for the life of me understand how a chef of this supposed caliber does not understand that concept.
  10. I was really glad to see that Garces won. He might not be as good at presentation as Mehta, but his food was perfectly cooked. I really lost a lot of respect for Mehta when he - in earlier episodes - was taking entire ingredients from his competitors to try and gain an advantage. Either he would need some of the ingredient and take it all so the others could not get it, or he would flat out take it all even if he did not need it. To me, that was totally unprofessional and - quite frankly - cowardly. If you can't beat your competitors in a fair competition, then you don't belong in competition. It's too bad too, because he is a very creative individual. The only problem is his inconsistency. I could see his creativeness flourish as an Iron Chef, but because of his inconsistency, he would lose too many battles. I think the judges ended up choosing Garces because he is consistent. The other Iron Chefs can work with him on creativity and presentation, helping him along to be a great Iron Chef. He has a lot of potential. Plus, Garces is very warm and personable. What I found interesting (and I'm sure this was all editing) was that the judges seemed to be dead against Garces and the Iron Chefs seemed to be all for him. Looks like in the end, the Iron Chefs prevailed and they must have convinced at least some of the judges that Garces was the best man for the job. Good luck to Mr. Garces!!!! I hope that Mr. Mehta has learned a bit from this experience. I hope he has learned that integrity does count for something. I can't help but wonder if integrity also played a role in Mehta's demise in addition to his inconsistency.
  11. I thought last night's episode was interesting. From the editing, it appears they all were not really happy with Mehta's food. Then they show Frietag's food and they all seem gaga over most of it (especially the Japanese fellow) and then she goes home instead of Mehta. Clearly there either must be a bias against Frietag and a love for Mehta or the editing must have just made it seem like Frietag's food was good and Mehta's didn't cut it. I wish they wouldn't do it. Makes their credibility suffer.
  12. All I have to say about that comment is: WOW!!!
  13. KensethFan


    I use 50% veal and 50% beef. Comes out really well, with good flavor. Some use pork for both the fat content and the taste. I don't eat pork so I find this is the best compromise.
  14. Well, who is probably the higher caliber chef, here? I would vote for Ann for sure.
  15. I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed last night. I definitely think Carla should have won. But Stefan has been totally lax in his performance the last few episodes. His arrogance is overshadowing his performance. His competitive attitude with Hosea has thrown him off his game. The judges thought that Jeff's food was better than Stefan's according to what I heard. I like Stefan, but he's not been up to par and has slid through by the skin of his teeth sometimes. If they were willing to break from tradition to let Jeff in, I think in this case that they should have been willing to "break the rules" and let Jeff stay. Based on everything we saw last night, Stefan and Fabio did the worst and both of them should have gone home. I think we should have: Carla, Hosea, and Jeff in the last round. Again, I like Stefan, but he's really fallen down lately and has not really been punished for it.
  16. Chefs screw up sometimes. If Tom Colicchio were a contestant, he wouldn't win every challenge. Overall, Hosea has been pretty impressive. (Not as sure about Leah.) ← I'm more complaining about him throwing Ariane under the bus or at least looking the other way when she was being thrown under the bus and putting himself in that ridiculous "Real World--The Kitchen!" situation with Leah. ← Of course, you do have to wonder if Ariane just took the butchering on herself thinking she could do it and the other two thought she was ok. Then, upon seeing the mess she made, distanced themselves from it as much as possible.
  17. That formula is starting to get old. Actually, I think America's love affair with Ramsay will end very soon. He might have one more season of Hell's Kitchen in him before people stop watching if he's lucky. The same goes for this show. Maybe one more season.
  18. I'm not so sure that Jamie was robbed. They like the lamb and they also liked Jeff's dish. I think it really came down to those two. I don't think Jamie was ever "in the running." It really doesn't make any difference though. Jamie needs to keep focusing on the food and less on the "prizes" along the way. She needs to focus on the "big prize."
  19. I didn't know that propane was OK for food. And here I was trying to find a butane torch like the propane and couldn't find it anywhere. Now that I know I can use propane, it'll be full speed ahead for me!!!!
  20. I would normally agree with you 100 gazillion percent. HOWEVER, the Other paper (really, it's called the Other paper) out of Columbus, OH just did a reader survey for the best restaurant in Columbus. Result? The f-in Cheesecake Factory. Who, as anyone who has eaten there will tell you, proudly boast of their portion size. Apparently what Bennigan's was lacking wasn't good food, but a two hour wait for a table for mediocre food. ← Of course, we also must look at the demographics. Ohio is one of the most obese states in the country. So, it's not surprising that portion size is the reason for going to the Cheesecake Factory for that state. It would be interesting to see statistics from other states to see if portion size is important for those states - barring other "obese" states as well. Edited because I kan't spel.
  21. I'm not really surprised that Bennigin's is in this position. Friday's, Applebee's, Chili's and all of the restaurants like them won't be able to keep up their margin's either. Think about it. These restaurant have been serving overpriced garbage food for a long time now. People are becoming a bit more food savvy and are tired of the pricing. They make a lot of money on their drinks which are highly overpriced. And don't forget about the fact that they give people a massive amount of food. Half of it goes to waste because they can't eat it all. And then they give massive desserts that are the size of a meal. It could be that people are saying: " I don't need that much food. I'd rather go somewhere where the portions are smaller and manageable." I can't imagine they were making much money on the food. Probably wasted more food than they bought. They were making it on volume. Now that the economy is in the tank, they don't have volume, so guess what? Down the drain they go.
  22. I sure hope they don't cancel the show. That would be a bummer. BTW: I think the reason Ann does not provide measurements and such is because she is more concerned about teaching technique. Anyone can find the measurements and such on the FoodNetwork.com site. When you look at the recipes, it is quite obvious that Ann must have written them herself. There are a lot of details and the wording seems to reflect her style. So, she was very careful to make sure that the exact instructions are are available (not written hastily or by some lacky). At first, the lack of measurements bothered me too. But, then I realized that maybe I don't need the measurements in the show. It's best to understand the technique and she does a good job at explaining that.
  23. Watched this drivel last night only because Symon was a judge. Symon didn't seem to happy most of the episode. Almost like he was being forced to do this by the Food Network. Nipa definitely should have gone home. The fish episode is the kicker that sent this woman home. This show is just as ridiculous as she is, so maybe she should have stayed!!! Anyway, in Nipa's defense, Nipa got the squid and had never worked with it before. That's understandable, but the fish is simply unforgivable. Also, the "apologizer" got the oysters. She said she has issues with oyster, healthwise, why did she continue to work with them? If I was her, I would have told them that I have health issues with oysters and there is no way I am going to touch them for anyone. Give me a new ingredient. I think the approach of this show is very retarded. To really see if someone can speak expertly, they must have some knowledge. If you don't have the knowledge, you cannot speak expertly. So, the idea of giving them something they never worked with before is totally retarded. It would be better to give them something they know and then see if they can shine with it. In addition, the judge (the woman, can't remember her name), said to Nipa that she is going to have to work with the squid no matter what when she is doing a show. Excuse me, but if I'm doing a show and I don't eat squid, I'm not going to do squid. I'm going to stick with what I know and love. After all, it is supposed to be my show, right? For instance, I personally don't eat squid or shellfish or any fish that does not have scales. It's a religious thing. If I had a show, I would not do any of those things on my show: Firstly because it would violate my religious beliefs and secondly because I have never tasted them (and never intend to taste them) so I would not know what they would be like after cooked. So, to tell me that I would HAVE to do squid is just plain arrogant and illogical. The star of the show is going to do the food they would eat - things they love to eat and ones that are not going to make them sick or violate any religious beliefs they might have. So, to put it bluntly, that comment was just plain retarded. Anyway. That's my rant. It won't matter anyway because I have no intention of watching this train wreck again. I feel sorry for the person who actually wins this. Another FN failure of a show will result.
  24. I think I'd like to know when this show is scheduled to air...day/time ← 1. Bolognese (June 29) 2. Roasted Leg of Lamb (July 6) 3. Roasted Chicken (July 13) 4. Seared Bass (July 20) 5. Grilled Porkchops (July 27) All at 9:30am EST. Not sure if that's a good slot or not. We'll have to see, I suppose. Glad I have DVR!!!!
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