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  1. I wrote about a ovo-lacto veggie dinner I'm doing Saturday (thanks for those who had suggestions about the leek and potato soup ). I'm doing some brainstorming and I'd like to do kind of a deconstructed Eggplant Parmesan, stealing from the ATK model. I think I'll degorge eggplant slices, then flour, eggwash, and panko coat. Pan fry until nice and crispy. I might do the oven fry suggested in ATK...any thoughts about the difference between the two methods? I'm looking for a nice cruncy coat...like a schnitzel. Then, I will make a tight, slightly spicy tomato sauce. For the Parmesan element, I'm thinking about doing a frico (I think that's what Mario Batali called them, basically dry fried parmesan). I'll mold the hot fricos over a ramekin to form a cup. I'll serve the tomato sauce in the frico. For the mozzarella element, I'm considering throwing the eggplant schnitzel into the oven with some shredded moz. I'm also wondering if I can somehow produce a disc of melted moz. Any other ideas?
  2. I'm having a small dinner party for an ovo-lacto vegetarian next weekend. I like leek and potato soup and, it being winter and all that, was planning to make it. Before I get a lot of flack for using a commercial stock, the guests are definitely not foodies. When we went to their house, she served a veggie stew that tasted like barely salted water with some sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and collard greens in it. Bleeach!!! Anyway, I was going to sweat some leek and garlic in a little butter. Then add some boxed vegetable stock and some cubed russets. Cook for 45 minutes or so. Season, puree and finish with some half and half. I would ordinarily do the same with chicken stock. Will it be OK with veggie stock or would you do something else (maybe a tomato soup with good canned tomatoes?). I was thinking about garnishing with a crostini topped with blue cheese? I was also considering crispy fried shallots. Any other thoughts for garnish?
  3. Unfortunately not with cooking yet. It's fun to point and shoot at my inflammed vs normal knee, my cold patio table, the incandescent light bulb, etc. At some point, I'll make a blini recipe from The French Laundry Cookbook which calls for cooking on a 360 degree griddle.
  4. I bought the FL cookbook around Thanksgiving and seeing this thread gave me the impetus to start looking at it. TK makes such a good case for the chinois and tamis that I ordered them. Of course, to get the full use out of them, I had to buy the conical pestle and rubber scrapers too. While we're at it, let's throw in a cheap oven thermometer and an infrared thermo to go with my Thermopen. Since I'm trying to be so gosh darned accurate, how about a Salter digital scale to go with my 0.1 gram accuracy molecular gastromony scale. That'll do it. Oh wait, I want my food to look pretty too. I've wanted a set of circular cutters, since we're going crazy here, lets throw those in too. Does this happen to anyone else?
  5. Right on Doc. What really pissed me off when I was a house officer were the patients who claimed to have a drug allergy because they thought it somehow made them "special" or to manipulate the system to get a drug that they thought was somehow better. As a student, I had a LOL with CHF who had evidence of a UTI on U/A. I started amoxicillin (this was in 1990 - amox was recommended by Sanford as second line thereapy at that time) because she was sulfa allergic. She wanted to know why I didn't place her on cephalexin. I told her that I selected amox over cephalexin because it was more likely to treat her infection effectively, it was dosed TID instead of QID, and it was less expensive. Low and behold, she decided that she was PCN allergic. :shakeshead:
  6. Restaurant Week started yesterday (1/14) in Washington, DC. My GF and I had a rather disappointing meal last night. GF hypothesized that the resto feels that the patrons are a bunch of bargain hunters and does not perform up to normal standards. Questions for the forum: 1. Do you use RW as a tryout for restos, seeing if you want to return at full price or are you a bargain hunter there that one time? 2. Do you think restos consider most of the RW customers to be bargain hunters, not to return and they don't put their best foot forward or do they consider it a tryout for future, loyal business?
  7. Not to be rude, but I did alter my question after the first two responses. I am not seeking comments on the menu. I changed the question on post #4 though so I will assume that you just responded to the OP. I will have ample quantities of "light" fare is the veg wants to keep it light. The rest of us are omnivores and will want to partake of a heavier meal...it's winter after all.
  8. I strive to be a good host. However, three (or five) people (omnivores) are accomodating one vegetarian here. If "we" want more protein, heavier, etc. I feel that the vegetarian can accomodate us in that regard. I will ensure that there is plenty (quantity wise) of the light dishes for the veg to eat that if she so wishes. NB The veg is not a 98 pound wisp of a girl; I believe that she eats some substantial meals.
  9. First of all, thanks for the responses, Carolyn and zeffer. Your responses did make me realize that I asked the question wrong. The question I pose to the forum is, does anyone have any really tasty veg (ovo-lacto OK) recipes? I realize that the menu is on the heavy side. However, 1. three of us are not vegs and 2. it's winter so I'm not looking for a light menu; I'm looking for something substantial. I do think I'll substitute the cheese course with something else...I'm hoping for an interesting recipe here. Again, it's winter and we have some hearty appetites here so I'm not looking for a light salad...rather something along the weight of a cheese course. I've already decided to nix the apfel strudel. I'm gonna make orange confit with caramel-chocolate mousse. I'm a medical scientist so I know what products contain meat products and the vegetarian that I'm hosting is not super hardcore about it (ie claims that she'll vomit if the slightest amount of meat-derived foods touches her oral mucosa).
  10. After getting some responses, I realize that I posed the question poorly (many people criticized the menu for being too heavy and cheesy - I believe it's justifiable because 3-5 omnivores are accomodating one vegetarian and the vegetarian is not an anorexic slip of a person) and wish I could re-write the title lines. I am hosting a dinner party for one ovo-lacto vegetarian and three or five onnivores. Does anyone have any really tasty vegetarian (ovo-lacto OK) dishes?
  11. mojoman

    Vile Recipes

    Where was this recipe published or did you just dream it up since you like neither product?
  12. mojoman

    Vile Recipes

    That recipe is fucked up.
  13. mojoman

    Four Course Dinner

    IIRC, you're a teenager. As such, I assume that you don't have a ton of experience cooking for dinner parties (unless you are BryanZ). Therefore, I recommend that you employ the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I would chooses tasty simple dishes that you know you can execute well. I would also look for a menu that can largely be prepared ahead with a minimum of a la minute stuff. Think about the logistics of plating and silverware too. Good luck.
  14. mojoman

    Dinner! 2008

    By all means, the small digital cameras will serve your needs. I use a Canon Powershot SD1000 with 7.1 megapixels for my food postings in this thread. For really close up shots I use the digital macro feature. But for the above shot of the chicken on linguine, I set the camera on manual, no flash, then use the macro setting. Seems to work o.k for me. I think the camera was about $350 at Sear's. Be careful though with your camera in the kitchen. I've let greasy hands get on the camera, allowing it to slip out of my hands and dropping to the floor-with the lens open! Not a pretty sight and the demise of that particular camera. ← Thanks David. I knew I could count on eGullet and you in particular.
  15. Damned interesting idea. I've got bacon in the freezer and eggs in the fridge so I might try this.
  16. mojoman

    Dinner! 2008

    I know this is the wrong forum/wrong thread but, with so many great photographs in this thread, I know I'll get great responses. I want to buy the smallest digital camera that meets my needs (has viewfinder for sunny conditions). Of course, I'd like to be able to take passable pics of my more successful dishes with it. I understand that most of the really nice photos in this thread are taken with a macro function. All of these ultracompact digicams have "digital macro" as opposed to a real macro lens. Will "digital macro" be sufficient for my needs (just to get some decent photos for eGullet...nothing more)? Thanks in advance!
  17. Are you a physician or an epidemiologist?
  18. Is it possible that your definition of "obnoxious diner" is someone else's definition of "having a good time"? I do agree that pushing out your chair and invading someone elses space is obnoxious though.
  19. I gotta try this. Thanks for the research and technique FG!
  20. mojoman

    Dinner! 2007

    Does anyone reference the dinners from the previous year (December 3, 2006 starts at post 17474, page 583) for current/seasonal meal ideas? I do all the time. I love this thread.
  21. FG, your post makes it sound as if you have determined that there are no mitigating circumstances. If that is the case, BK's decision is both financially stupid and morally despicable. As an aside, I'm watching Food Network's "Gotta get it" and it sucks.
  22. Gravy is overrated. Sauces...yeah baby. Gravy...meh. Jus...I like.
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