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  1. Clover Grill 900 Bourbon Street Best Pecan Waffles in the world!!!! Cheap too.
  2. The Clover Grill in NOLA. It doesn't look like a diner from the outside, but does inside! And the Pecan Waffles are terrific.
  3. We go to New Bern, NC quite often and I like Harris Teeter a lot. The WalMart there also has some good buys and nice produce. Food Lion suxs!
  4. Just returned from a stay at the El San Juan. I agree that some of the restaurants aren't the greatest. Didn't like the western one upstairs and only had a margarita at the Mexican one. We had a good dinner at the Backstreet Hong Kong. And breakfast at La Veranda was good, depending on the chef making the omelets. We ate at Metropol one evening and thought it was OK. Wanted to try the small restaurant at the point of the beach, just to the east, but never made it. One of the staff said it had good seafood. In Old San Juan we had lunch at Amedeus and loved it. Great Pina Colada's too.
  5. Speaking of Diners. I drove down Bergen Blvd. in Ridgefield the other day and noticed (I couldn't help but notice) that the Waterfall Diner is now GOTHAM CITY. A huge neon sign out front and it looks like the whole diner has been done over. Very comic book looking. Bright colors and chrome. Will have to stop and try it the next time we're in the area.
  6. Schula's in the Wyndam hotel on 1&9 is good for steak.
  7. I wanted to thank you for all your suggestions. We have postponed lunch, due to a health problem I'm having at the moment. Hopefully we'll be able to go in August, when everything is cleared up. Thanks again.
  8. Several friends and I will be going out for lunch soon. 2 of the people come from the Wayne area and the others are from Hackensack, New Milford area. I was wondering if anyone had any good restaurants some where in the middle area. One person doesn't eat fish or any ethnic foods except for Italian American. HELP!!!
  9. I found the article in NJ Tables. And it says that La Cambusa is moving to 16-18 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, in August of this year. It also states, full bar, extensive wine list, parking on premises, private parties on Sunday and catering available.
  10. shugga


    We just went to a graduation party at the Hilton's Brunch Buffet, in Hasbrouck Heights on Terrace Ave. and it was terrific.
  11. La Cambusa wasn't a BYO when it was in Fairlawn, in fact it had quite an extensive wine list. I am assuming they will have a liquor liscence in Ridgewood, also.
  12. While riding down Broadway in Hillsdale today, I noticed a small luncheonette with a paper sign in the window that said "Cinco De Mayo". Wonder if it is owned by the same people.
  13. I just read somewhere that La Cambusa in Fairlawn will be relocating to Ridgewood in August.
  14. I find it so hard to believe that with Jersey shore property at such a premium, a great beach and boardwalk, like Asbury Park is just sitting and wasting. If it weren't for the indigent motels, Asbury would be a ghost town. This is a gold mine going to waste! I cannot believe that it can't be revived. Asbury was once "the" place to go on the Jersey shore. Remember the Swan boat rides on the lake? Palace amusements, and the theater? And it has a great beach! What a waste!
  15. Does anyone remember the fried clams at the Howard Johnson's in Asbury Park?
  16. I see where the Record reviewed Max's today and gave it 3 diamonds! Very well deserved IMHO!
  17. Anything will be an improvement over the old place. It WAS a dive. My 80 yr old uncle used to "hang out" there. And I totally agree with the person who said the Tenafly Diner is bad! The service stinks, and the food is not much better. Also, what's up with that mural? Could they have found a worse painter?
  18. Another wonderful meal at this small BYOB restaurant. I had the monkfish special with oyster mushrooms in a light cream sauce. My son had the rabbit and loved it! Daughter and DH had a shrimp dish with diced tomatoes, mushrooms, capers in a white wine sauce. Daughter's BF had Max's Fettuccine, which is green fettuccine in a vodka sauce with shrimp. Son's friend had chicken Marsala. Everything was delightful.
  19. There's Dante's in Leonia, Donna's in Palisades Park, and Uncle Franks in Dumont. I've heard that Sopranos in New Milford is good, but have not tried it yet.
  20. I second Balthazar's in Englewood. There is also a small bakery on Washington Ave in Bergenfield, it's across the street from Pudgie's Chicken, near Margie's Custard but on the oppisite side of the street. Sunday mornings smell like heaven!
  21. Stopped at Mignon's today for an early (5pm) dinner or late lunch. The food was excellent but a little pricey. It is a BYOB place because it is a dry town, as the waitress pointed out to us. I had a seafood dish over linguine, very good, but it had 2 small lobster claws tempura on top which seemed a little out of place with the rest of the dish. But it was good. Hubby had a filet, of course, which he raved about. A friend had the lamb chops, she said they had too much of a mustard crust on them and it overpowered the meat and sauce. We enjoyed it but for the price I'd not be in a hurry to go back anytime soon. I'd go to the Park Steak house before here.
  22. Sure can! Max's Italian Grill 39 Highwood Ave Tenafly, NJ 07670 201-569-7171
  23. Never ate at Olive Garden or Red Lobster, but I do like the Cheesecake Factory and Outback. ;) Guess I'm not a "food snob!" LOL
  24. Stopped here for dinner last evening after Mass. The food was extremely good. I had the veal chop with gorgonzola sauce and the Insalata Mista. The salad was very fresh and had a good mixture of greens with some slivers of red pepper, plum tomatoes and onion, in a very good house vinegarette. My husband had the Caesar Salad and the filet mignon special, which he said was excellent. We did not have dessert just coffee. It is BYOB, which we did not know, but we will the next time.
  25. Just got back from a few days in NO and loved it! The food was terrific, from breakfast at Clover Grill and Brennans to lunch of shrimp po boys at the Acme Oyster Co. and muffaletta's at Central Grocery, and dinner at NOLA's and Palace Cafe, it was all fabulous! Preservation Hall Jazz is great and the street musicians are so much fun. Love the zydeco bands! And even the piano players at Pat O'Briens! Cannot wait to go back!
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