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    Wine tasting tour

    We just returned from the Shawangunk Wine Trail Wine tours and tastings in the Hudson Valley, NY. We visited 9 wineries in 2 days. It was ฮ for a couple and we went with 2 other couples. We had a great time and tasted several nice wines. I am not crazy about NY wines but some were quite good. The Adair Vineyards in New Paltz, NY was a good one. Their 2000 Estate Bottled Members Reserve was good. Demarest Hill Winery in Warwick, NY had a very good one, Warwick Black Pearl, made from their own foch grapes. It was an interesting and fun weekend. If anyone is interested they have a website. http://www.shawangunkwinetrail.com
  2. shugga

    Thanksgiving Sides

    I agree with the fact that canned cranberry sauce is too sweet, so I make a cranberry relish every year. I take a bag of fresh cranberries, 2 oranges and 2 apples and blend them in my blender or food processor, then add approx. 1/2 cup honey, to taste. Yum!
  3. We went to Andiamo's in Haworth. My husband had a veal chop that was split then pounded flat and stuffed with prosuitto and mushrooms. Excellent! I had chicken breasts, cut french style with a honey citrus glaze served over wilted greens and orange slices. It was extremely good.
  4. shugga

    Stuffing the bird???

    I make a bread stuffing that has been made forever. (My mom used to make it before me.) I still get up at 6 or 7am and stuff the bird! I love it! My mother in law used to make a sausage dressing, but the recipe died with her.
  5. shugga

    Thanksgiving Day Wines

    I always serve a Johannesberg Reisling with turkey.
  6. Donna's in Palisades Park and Uncle Frank's in Dumont
  7. shugga

    Quick Pasta

    I always heard that you should not use hot water when cooking. I think it has something to do with the hot water leaching out unwanted chemicals from the pipes.
  8. Frankie and Johnny's is great! They have valet parking, too!
  9. We ate at the Charthouse on Sept. 15th and the food was very good and so was the service. We had a very friendly young man for our waiter and he was very helpful and attentive.
  10. To New Bern, NC! We are leaving to FLY down right after work. It is the Mum Fest weekend and there are great food stands and a marvelous street fair, with crafters and all kinds of activities for people of all ages.
  11. Has anyone been to Mignons in Rutherford (or there abouts)? Friends of ours went there, with their daughter and said it was very good.
  12. So don't keep it a secret from us Northern New Jerserians, just where is this great restaurant? Address please? Some us do travel the rest of the state. TIA
  13. I am not a very big chip eater but my favorite is Cape Cod, Golden Russet.
  14. Different restaurant, different owners. Jerry's in E. Rutherford has been around for very many years. I remember going there about 15 - 20 yrs. ago, when my kids were small. They used to have a lot of decent food.
  15. Yes, this past spring, before going to John Harms. The food was very good. The host had a slight attitude. We went early, but did not have reservations. He acted like he was doing us a really big favor seating us. I think they advertize on Arthur's program. It's Jerry's Osteria.
  16. Try Mulino's in Dumont. It is owned by the same people that own Cafe Italiano in Englewood Cliffs.
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