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  1. We found Maurice's Barbeque on Rt. 95 exit 98 in SC. Their BBq was super! I think he runs a few others in the area.
  2. I'm on the look out for a good, but not overly expensive restaurant(one of the girls is not employed at the moment), with a private room for about 50 people/ We have a bridal shower to plan for Aug. or Sept. Any and all ideas will be very welcome. Thanks.
  3. We went to La Cambusa when it was in Fairlawn. I had heard that it was moving last year. Good to hear that if has finally opened. If I find the other post I'll bring it on up.
  4. check your local health food store. The grocery stores seem to be carrying a lot of low carb food these days too.
  5. Franco's in Fort Lee, in the Pathmark Shopping Center off of Rt. 46, is renovating. I dropped in today to get a slice of pizza for my mother, and they have the place all torn apart. It looks like a major job.
  6. We went for dinner last night. The service was good. The waitress kept apologizing for the wait, but it wasn't long. The place was sure hoppin! I enjoyed my ribs. Hubby said Fink's chicken was better. Coleslaw was good. The rice and beens could have used a shot of hot sauce, and I missed greens being on the menu. They need less ice and more liquid in the drinks though. Ask for your beverage with no ice or BYO. Everyone was very helpful. IThink it will do very well. Has anyone ever been to the place called the Barbeque Pit just north of Foster Village in Bergenfield?
  7. Rode past this place the other day and saw a new name on the place. I guess Horn & Hardard didn't make it!
  8. Well we stopped here this morning, and all they have are breakfast sandwiches. Egg and cheese on a bagel, roll or croissant, with bacon, ham or sausage. They have Paninis and wraps for lunch or dinner. It is an internet cafe, with just a few tables. They also have muffins and donuts. We wound up at the Westwood diner for omelettes. I miss Moon and Sue's great omelettes! They are located at 325 Broadway (across from the train station) 201-666-7711
  9. Glad to hear it has finally opened. Been waiting to try it, maybe next Sunday. Do you know if they have full breakfasts or just a continental breakfast?
  10. Re Intermezzo Restaurant on Knickerbocker Ave. Several people have told me not to bother going there. They said the food was so-so and the service sucked! As to Uncle Frank's... I never ordered the parm items there and do not like thieir sauce. And I do not cook with salt and also find their soups very salty. But I love their seafood salad. (extra lemon) We go there often after Mass on Saturday evenings and usually order one of the specials. The last time I was there, about 2 weeks ago, I had the pork medalion special over broccoli rabe. It was very tasty. Lots of garlic, the way I like it. I usually order the house salad with dinner. It's not a classy or great place, but we know all the regulars and usually meet some one we haven't seen in a while there. So it's a kinda homey meeting place. Andiamo's, another one of our favoite places, has had a face lift. Probably about a year ago. The old 60's chianti bottles are gone.. :)
  11. My favorite produce store is the vegie and fruit store on Teaneck rd. in the Walgreens strip mall in Teaneck. It is tucked into the corner. Good stuff and good prices. There also happens to be a Friehoffer bread outlet in that mall closer to the Blockbusters.
  12. It is the same place, but a co-worker told me they were keeping the old place in Fairlawn too.
  13. A person at work mentioned this place today and said their dinner was very good. Another restaurant to be tried.
  14. There is very little ambience. It is a large room with mostly tables for 4 or 2, a few larger round tables around the edges. The walls are bare. They do have a smaller room as you walk in, but it was empty when we went in, about 6:30, and still empty when we left at 8:30. It was fairly full at about 8:30. I asked about parties and they said they could handle about 75 people.
  15. We ate here last night and we will be stopping back the entree was very good. I had salmon with shitaki mushrooms and diced tomatoes in a white wine sauce, very tasty. DH had a shrimp diavalo over linguini. He cleaned his plate. The only downside was the house salad that comes with all entrees. It was cold iceberg lettuce with 2 slices of plum tomato. Very uninspired. They were very nice about substituting a veggie for the pasta for me. And the cappuchino was very good. We didn't have any soup or appetizers. Oh, it's a BYOB. Lieto Italia 203 Main Street New Milford, Nj 201-265-0515 Open 7 days, serves lunch and dinner.
  16. Now I know that people here will look down their noses at me for suggesting this...but I love the salads at the Cheesecake Factory!
  17. Well our luncheon at La Famiglia in Bogota, was OK! It was buffet style, the eggplant rollatini was good as was the chicken piccata. The rest was uneventful! It is a BYOB restaurant and the boss brought the wine. That was unspectaculor! All in all it was better than working!
  18. Our's is going to be this week, at La Famiglia's in Bogota. I'll let you know how it is.
  19. Actually, the Circle restaurant used to have a pretty good breakfast. After dropping the kids off at Bryant School, several of us used to stop there for breakfast and a chat once a week. This is going back a few years, but thanks for reminding me of it. I'll have to give it a try again.
  20. There is Andiamo's in Haworth or is it Demarest? Tri Valley Diner on Knickerbocker Ave. in Dumont has closed. A new Italian (What else?) restaurant will be opening. The head waiter from Il Mulino's is partnering with a Russian and opening a Mulino style restaurant with all male waiters, no waitresses. It was sad to be there on their last day, where will all the senior citizens in the area go now for cheap eats?
  21. We just went to the Country Pancake House in Ridgewood this morning for breakfast and WOW! I had a humongous Montery Jack, asparagus and tomato omelet, that was super. The ingredients were so fresh. I did not have the pancakes and potatoes with it (cause I'm trying to be low carb). One of us had the French toast with strawberries and bananas. Looked so good, and one of us had the eggs benedict, that looked good too. We only had about a 10 minute wait. We went about 9:30. Has anyone been there for dinner or lunch?
  22. I shop either in Teaneck, in the Walgreens mall on Teaneck Road, (there's a place right in the corner, next to the Dunkin Donuts) or in Tenafly Market in Tenafly on Piermont Rd. Do not know the name of the other place.
  23. AAWK! I mentioned Moon in Westwood the other day, well, we stopped there for breakfast this past Sun. and it was closed. The guy inside working on renovations said it was going to be a Horn and Hardart!! YUCK!!
  24. There's a little place in Westwood called Moon that has great breakfasts. The chef Sue comes up with some really inventive omelettes or breakfast wraps.
  25. shugga

    cape may

    We spent last weekend in Cape May and had dinner at the mad Batter. I had the figs and gorgonzola cheese wrapped in prosuitto for an appe. and the grouper as an entree. Both were excellent!
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