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  1. Our favorite restaurant, before we moved out of state, was Andiamo's in Haworth. The owner Don is extremely friendly and makes you feel so at home and his wife Sue is the best chef. Very creative specials. Love It!!
  2. We think we just found our favorite restaurant here in New Bern. It's Clementines and it's on Trent Road in a little strip mall. Italian food or as Italian as you can get in the south. Hubby had filet mignon with gorgonzola butter. He loved it. Of course the gorgonzola isn't what we're used to up north but good never the less. I had veal, pounded very thin, with crabmeat chunks on top in a very light cream sauce. Excellent. Even the salads were good. Not just the iceberg lettuce that's standard in most restaurants here, but good field greens with a great raspberry balsamic dressing. Hubby had the honey mustard dressing. We shared a Creme Brulee for dessert. Very good.
  3. This morning we had the brunch at Crabby Jack's on Rt. 17 in New Bern. What a selection! There were scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, eggs benedict, florentine eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, grits, fruit, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salmon cakes, chicken, waffles, muffins, cakes, and more that I cannot remember. Very good food, excellent service. The brunch is Sunday from 9am til 2pm.
  4. Try Palisades Park Bakery in Palisades Park. Or Millers Bakery in Tenafly.
  5. We are finally here. We moved into our rental house about a week or so ago. Waiting to begin building. We had lunch today at the Gallery Cafe on Craven Street. I had a delicious quiche with fruit and hubby had a chicken Ceasar Salad. Both were excellent. This is a restaurant I would surely return to.
  6. Got back from visiting friends and had gone to Pollock St. Deli for breakfast and had a delicious breakfast. the grits were the best. I think they have lunch and early dinner also. We went to the Henderson House for dinner and it was wonderful. The only bad thing is that the old house it is in is for sale and the owner of the house also runs the restaurant. Apparently she is elderly and is ready to get out of the business and into a smaller place. Too bad, the food was GREAT!
  7. Just wanted to bump this up to the top. Isn't anyone familiar with this area?
  8. We'll be moving to New Bern, NC in July and would like to hear your opinions on restaurants in the area. I know there are lots of chains, but beside these, which are your favorites? Thanks.
  9. In New Milford, Lieto Italia on Main Street is very good. Ciao Bella in Cresskill is another good one. Ondines in Closter. In Bogota, La Famiglia has a room upstairs, but the food is just ok Cafe Italiano in Englewood Cliffs is very good and has space upstairs. Hope these are of some help.
  10. We've been going there for the past year, every few weeks. Very good breakfasts. Love their grits!
  11. Has any one eaten dinner there? I think it's in the Wyndham hotel near Newark airport. We're staying there the night before an early flight soon and was wondering if we should have dinner there or go somewhere else?
  12. Yester day we went to a Christening up in Nyack, NY and then to New City for the party. Only 4 hearty couples from North Jersey made it. But it was fun. Today I made a large pot of Ground Meat and Vegetable Soup. I have a loaf of rye bread, so that will be dinner. Here's the soup recipe. It's from an Adele Davis cookbook that is ancient. http://recipecircus.com/recipes/shugga/SOU...table_Soup.html
  13. The no non smoking area is the reason I will no longer frequent restaurants like Arthurs any longer. As an old ex smoker (+30 years) I find the smell of smoke offensive. And love the fact that the bars in NYC no longer allow smoking. I no longer have to shower and wash my hair immediatly upon returning home from an establishment that allows smoking. But I do believe that smokers are citizens too and have the right to smoke if they wish. But I have the right not to patronize the places that allow it in the entire restaurant or bar. It's all about choices isn't it?
  14. Does any one know the hours of operation? We're always looking for a gook place to go after the movies for coffee and dessert.
  15. Try the Mason Jar in Mahwah, just off rt. 17.
  16. We had breakfast at the diner today. The new cook is making better omelets. I had a greek omelet this morning and it was very good. Didn't get any home fries. My husband had the pancakes and they were nice and dark the way he likes them and the bacon was good and crisp. Service could have been better. Had to wait a while for the coffee and the refills were very slow coming.
  17. A co-worker got one last year on Arthur Ave in the Bronx.
  18. He'll probably turn up on WABC after The John Gambling Show. WABC has also picked up Warner Wolf as it's morning sportscaster. I believe it is becoming the better station.
  19. Is Vito's in Cliffside park still around? It used to be excellent. And isn't there a Rispoli's on Broad Ave in Ridgefield?
  20. Jerry's in Englewood has some pretty good pastries.
  21. Went here for dinner last evening. Had 8:30 reservations, the bar was mobbed and the place was very noisy, but it emptied out by 9 or so and quieted down. The food was very good. I had the salmon, my son had the mahi mahi, hubby had the filet, daughter had a chicken dish and future sonin law had the filet. Everyone enjoyed their meal.
  22. Yes it is the same one. I don't care about his politics cause his BBQ is sooooo good!
  23. Found the take out menu that I took with me. Maurice has 12 locations. Here's his website. www.mauricesbbq.com There was a buffet set up for 9.99 so that's what I had. There were ribs, fried chicken, pulled pork, pulled chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, dirty rice, hushpuppies, baked beans, black eyed peas, greens, corn on the cob, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, and I don't remember what else. But I did eat like a Piggy!
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