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  1. I am trying to locate some "real" ground sassafras hopefully from a source in South Louisiana. Anyone know of a place to find some?
  2. Restaurant Sage - the Chef Cory Bahr used to be at Canards http://restaurant-sage.com/chef.html
  3. Hopefully one of the lucky attendee's will blog about this since we do not have access to the website
  4. this show just lost all credibility, no consistency whatsoever.............
  5. I have made pretzel ice cream before inspired by Sam Mason and used Snyders Pretzels as well. I steeped them in the cream, then took half of the cream pureed with pretzels, strained and added back to the base. Turned out very well and pretzly
  6. Yes thank you for the link and all the suggestions/techniques......much appreciated
  7. I was wondering if anybody had an idea how Chef Michael Carlson creates this dish? I have not done an egg yolk ravioli before so I am unsure of the preperation to keep the yolk fluid.
  8. How about Shrimp wrapped in a spanish ham with a thin slice of apple and manchego cheese skewered over the glass of champagne....trust me it should go together http://www.foodpairing.be/FoodPairable.aspx?f=Champagne you could juice a granny smith apple and marinate the shrimp in it, grill with salt and pepper, wrap in ham and place a thinly sliced piece of manchego cheese around it, skewer and serve
  9. I do have the perfect service for this idea. I have a bronze patina tree with birds holding small 2 oz cups with tea lights under as warmers. I've done a similar lobster bisque with saffron added. ← You could serve the bisque in shot glasses as well with the shrimp skewered on top. You could also make some cheesy grits, spread them in a hotel pan till cool and set up. Cut out in rounds with a biscuit cutter and sear in a pan on both sides till crispy. Serve the shrimp on top with a tomato like relish or a sauce of rosemary, worchestire, veal stock and garlic.....just a thought
  10. I will be doing the same thing in the next couple of months as well, so I look forward to how yours goes. For meat I would go with pork belly, you can cook it ahead of time and just sear it off before dinner.
  11. My local Barnes and Noble had it set out on Sunday so my wife bought it for me, not much other "life" stuff has been done in the past few days
  12. found the article....http://www.phoodie.info/2008/07/17/studiokitchen-redux-the-path-to-deliciousness/
  13. don't know but I have heard rumors of a restaurant( cannot remeber where on teh web though - I think it was an interview he did back in July maybe). I miss the blog .........
  14. I am sorry you had that type of experience. I have never been but have been following Sean's progress on his blog and we were originally scheduled for the Blais dinner but Mother Nature changed our plans. I would have to guess that maybe it was just an off night. From what I have seen and read I feel that Sean is one of the few in the country who are redefining the whole farm to table. He and his crew have their own farm, pigs etc and he is truly interested in preserving the southern type of food AND flavor with a twist. I would say give it a second chance, I am stll waiting for the 1st chance
  15. Please please please got to Cochon, MILA if you have time and try Crabby Jacks Duck PoBoy
  16. According to his facebook page Richard has left HOME to focus of TrailBlais and Flip.
  17. Those pics are awesome We were originally supposed to go but alas Life got in the way. Thanks for sharing ←
  18. I guess I could marinate it with the duck fat, seal it in a vacuum bag and sous vide it....if I had an immersion circulator anyone want to donate one????
  19. I was looking more for the flavor to transfer, in my blog post I mentioned trying tenderloin next. we'll see what happens
  20. What other uses besides the obvious would you use duck fat to cook with? Just this last weekend I marinated a steak in duck fat and cooked it. and
  21. realized my misconception of Jimmys....I had read about Rudolphs Meat market on Elm st and that is what I confused Jimmy's with
  22. guide was from 2005...." Cafe Madrid market - has a small market with foods from Spain, such as Fruit of the Forest preserves and seville oranges,paprika,wodd-fire-roasted piquillo pimentos, and anchovy stuffed olives 4501 Travis st" guess it didn't last long
  23. They used to have one right? I have an old D magazine restaurant guide that said they did(maybe 4 years old or so).
  24. Thanks for all the recommendations. We took a short day trip yesterday to Dallas and were able to go to most of what we had planned. I found Super H on Denton rd, very cool store but unlike others who have commented on it it definitely had a fishy smell like most asian markets. It was easy to look past that though with the amount of choices and wide selection of products they carried. Did not have a chance to go to Fiesta Mart although I think I passed one on Ross ave on the way to Jimmys. As to Jimmys I guess I was under the impression they carried a wider selection of meat. Central Market on
  25. we will kind of be all over. we most likely will go to the CM in Southlake as well as Whole Foods on Preston and will try to go to one of the Fiesta Mart locations as well as that asian store mentioned above.
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