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  1. I've decided to try my hand at Nick Malgeri's (sp?) croissants and I managed to make it all the way the folds and turns without screwing up (I think...I hope) and just as I was trying to very carefully lift the dough onto a sheet pan to chill in the fridge before I shape them, I tore just a little bit of the dough. I know that is BAD and they will leak butter when they get warm....the tear is fairly close to the edge of the shorter end of the rectangle...should I just cut it off? Would that be bad? Is there another way to fix it? I'm planning on turning it all into chocolate croissants if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm planning on making a four layer Italian Cream Cake with a vanilla pastry cream filling and cream cheese frosting. I have a feeling the answer is no but would it be possible to freeze the leftovers of this cake? Or would the pastry cream separate when it was thawed? This is my husband's favorite cake and I want to make it for his birthday but he's the only one in the family who will eat coconut and I would hate for perfectly good cake to go to waste.... Thanks!
  3. I don't post often in this thread because I don't do a lot of fancy cooking but I love looking at everyone else's creations. I've gotten so many wonderful ideas for dessert from this thread. Here is a Boston Cream Pie I just finished for tonight's dessert, two layers of golden butter sponge cake, vanilla pastry cream and a chocolate glaze:
  4. my goals: *make a good flaky tender pie crust (for some reason, pie crust is impossible for me) *try to make croissants (very intimidated by this) *become a better cake decorator (not sure if possible...my hands are so shaky, lol) *continue on my quest for the perfect dinner roll (slightly sweet, a little wheat, a little white, fluffy but not too much and a good flavor) *buy one of those hearth brick oven inserts for better bread making.
  5. These look wonderful! That recipe looks good too, I may have to give that a go next year.
  6. ohhh.....your blog is making me homesick. I'm from Albuquerque (family in Clovis), how I wish I was having a New Mexico Christmas this year.....I can smell the posole cooking now. I live down South now, but we have decorated our house with luminarias (or as you all from Sante Fe call them, farolitos, lol) and I've made my biscochitos, prune pies and tamales. It's not quite the same, but it will have to do. I'm loving the blog so much already!
  7. Totally off topic here but does that machine in the background have a FACE? lol That's both disturbing and kind of neat.
  8. I also made the Dinner rolls, Variation 2 although I think Marlene's look much nicer. I think mine were much too close together. But they were delicious!
  9. I guess I'm one of those rare people that adores the whole Thanksgiving meal. The turkey (granted, it is hard to do a good one, which is why we now buy them from the best little smokehouse in the Ozarks....the best smoked turkey in the world...I swear it's addictive!) we buy and it's the most important part. But we make everything else from scratch, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. My family waits all year for that meal (well, that and Christmas dinner). I think it has a lot to do with tradition and childhood memories, but to me, it's just not Thanksgiving without those foods...it would just be another ordinary family dinner.
  10. ohhh...I LOVE steamed puddings! I have a recipe for steamed banana pudding with butterscotch sauce that is a huge hit with my family every time. I've been wanting to tinker with the recipe to substitute pumpkin for the banana for a holiday version. I'll give it a go!
  11. I don't know if it's so rare, but I found a recipe I really liked with Jack Daniels added to Italian Meringue ButterCream....pretty tasty, it tops a white cake flavored with Jack Daniels as well. I also like adding Kahlúa and lots of vanilla to IMBC, for topping chocolate cakes.
  12. Coffee and Chocolate Cupcakes-the cupcakes are just regular cupcakes (the Magnolia Bakery recipe) filled with chocolate ganache, soaked with coffee syrup and decorated with both coffee swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache. Very yummy and very caffeinated. I was going to add a marbled chocolate covered espresso bean on top of each, but I ran out.
  13. I made a triple chocolate cheesecake but I think I cooked it too long because the top looked a little funny....kind of dry. I served it with a swirl of chocolate mousse on top but it turned out kind of unfortunate looking.
  14. doughgirl

    Fairy Bread

    This has been driving me nuts since I read you post this morning. It is a strong memory for me- evocative of the flight attendant who told me to warm up the baby bottle by placing it down my top... It is from Time Life Foods of the World volume entitled The Cooking of Provincial France by M.F.K. Fisher. See top of page 11 regarding the elderly music teacher. ← Oh my gosh, I have this book and I'd never read that part before....how cute is that?
  15. I've made 8 Aprons so far with 4 more to go. I am also going to distribute cookie tins with 5 or 6 varieties of cookies in them (haven't decided which I'm going to bake) and I made a few Bags for my teen nieces. That's the extent of my homemade gifts, everything else has been/will be bought.
  16. This is such a fun thread! I have the most boring lists ever. This is a long list partly because I'm shopping for 5 and and partly because I haven't been to the store in forever and we're running out of everything (with 3 kids under 5, shopping is such a production that I put it off as long as I can). We went this morning to the supercenter and of course I forgot to write down the most important thing: Halloween Candy! I have to go back again tomorrow to get it. And this doesn't show the stuff that wasn't on the list that got tossed in the cart....poptarts, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, coloring books and chocolate milk.
  17. I, personally, think that food shouldn't really be an issue if you truly love some one or even if you're just friends. "I don't like/love you/can never have a life with you because you don't eat marrow/snails/sweetbreads......". It sounds kind of shallow and nitpicky to me. I'm the picky one in our relationship and my husband is more adventurous. Of all the reasons I love him, his adventurous foodie spirit doesn't really come to mind at all. And if you asked him, I'm sure he's say the same thing. Kindness, compassion, what kind of person they are...these are things that should guide a serious relationship, not whether or not they're willing to eat a baboon's lung seared in herb butter or something weird like that. It just doesn't seem like an important criteria for a healthy relationship to me. I do think it's nice that he's a foodie, it's cute that he gets so excited about that sort of thing and if wants to go out to some weird restaurant and eat exotic foods, I'll come along and order what I feel comfortable eating. And if I want to cook something simple and comforting like roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, he's fine with that too. Opposites really do attract and can live comfortably and happily together. Turning your nose up at someone because they don't eat the same food as you....sounds like foodie snobbery to me.
  18. How about some Bling H2O? The bottle is decorated with Swarovski Crystals. It runs about $40 a bottle.
  19. I was wondering about those! They certainly don't LOOK very appetizing. Don't they have some sort of a low-cal mousse as well?
  20. thanks for the suggestions! I did go ahead and do it but I hated the result. It wasn't grainy or anything, I just didn't like the taste. I scooped it all into a ziploc and tossed it in the freezer. I'm kicking myself for not leaving it vanilla! I'm going to have to make another batch now.
  21. I like Dr. Oetker German Baking Today, Dr. Oetker German Cooking Today and The Best of My Grandmother's German Cookery. I bought them all from germandeli.com. They have a whole series of the Dr. Oetker baking cookbooks as well, that I hope to get some day. I think there is 10 volumes in all.
  22. I've just made the Swiss Meringue Buttercream from the cookbook Confetti Cakes by Elisa Strauss. It's something like 1 /4 c. egg whites, 1 3/4 c. sugar, 5 sticks of butter and vanilla. My problem is that I want to flavor it chocolate and I have just exhausted my chocolate supply with last week's cake. All I have left is cocoa, pretty good quality. Would it work if I were to heat up a little water pretty hot, mix it it with a good amount of cocoa until it is smooth and the texture and consistency of melted (bar) chocolate, cool it down and then use it to flavor the buttercream? Or should I resign myself to vanilla buttercream? Thanks for your help.
  23. another vote for crepes. I like them with Nutella and Bananas! Mmmm..
  24. What a wonderful loving recollection. You've inspired me to make a pineapple cake. Yellow cake, crushed pineapple and 7-minute frosting....what could be more simple or delicious?
  25. Neat! I might have to give it a try, but Chik-Fil-A will always be my favorite fast food breakfast.....I have dreams about those little chicken biscuits!
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