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  1. Pontormo the OFFELLE TRIESTINE sounds like an amazing dish. Did you find the dough very fragile to work with? Do yu add an egg to the potatoes? Yum, I want some right now!
  2. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    I know!! but there were cocktails, wine, lots of chatting and legos!! I think Shaya has pictures but she is moving so it may be a while! We're back from our fabulous trip to Vancouver and Seattle and there has been so much great food being cooked while we were away. We had an incredible dinner with Wendy and her husband along with other meals with fabulous eGulleters. I have lots of photos and will let you all know when I have a chance to post about it all. Right now I am somewhere between unpacking from the trip and packing up our house for an imminent move!
  3. We're travelling to Vancouver early August with our 2 small children (4 and 6) who happen to be sushi lovers. We'll be staying downtown on Hornby St. but will have a car. Are there any great suggestions for sushi in the area? Our main criteria is really good fresh fish, not looking for trendy dragon roll-type sushi, and an atmosphere that would be tolerant of kids. Thanks!
  4. This blog is really cool. I love your store, love your city, ...reading with great interest.
  5. Shaya

    Erba Luna

    Hathor this is an amazing tale. I hope the real-life version brings you much joy and excitement. You can count on us being there on our next trip to that wonderful country.
  6. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    Gorgeous photos Chufi. I love the closeup of the pasta. Meatballs with eggs...very unusual. My little guy saw the photo and now wants "spaghetti with meatballs". Wendy those drinks are beautiful. My sweetie would love love love that salad. Simple but satisfying and it takes your mind straight to the Mediterranean... Ann, your meals look delicious. Wednesday night we started with peppers grilled with mozarella and anchovies - inspired by Dave Hatfield's eG Foodblog here.. Grilled Baby Peppers from Holland with Caciocavallo and Anchovies Farmer's Market Oyster Mushrooms with Olives, Madeira and Cream Last night was our anniversary. My sweetie brought me long-stemmed red roses . I made him some fish! My older guy - already in tune with the concept of romance at age 6 - also picked out some oysters for starters; but after my husband had shucked them we decided they were not in good enough shape to eat. I think my son was more disappointed than we were. We like our oysters around here. Trout with Fan of Yukon Golds, Asparagus, Lemon and Olives
  7. Very nice, tarelki. I recall making a version many years ago of these from James McNair's pasta book. It was one of my first attempts at ravioli and was very satisfying.
  8. Ptipois, we found a good selection of Pralus at Galeries Lafayette.
  9. It seems like you Parisians are enjoying some great gatherings together. My husband and I brought back a bunch of good chocolate from our trip to Paris this Spring and we would sit up after the kids had gone to bed and taste one after the other. By far our favorite was a Pralus we picked at random - it was from Madagascar. It had so much depth, with a strong acid finish. It really changed our way of looking at chocolate. Wondering why you did not include it in your tasting?
  10. Abra, just wanted to chime in. One of my best friends has been living in and around Bourg D'Oisans for the past 13 years. She and her husband (who is from Lyon) took a trip to Uzes this year and could not say enough good things about it. Even when we went to visit this March, they tried to urge us to make the trip there (although time did not permit this time around) and they continued to talk about Uzes during our visit with them. It sounds beautiful, with really good food and very scenic.
  11. Dave just reading your intro has made me homesick for France! I look forward to this week with you.
  12. Thanks Pontormo, Hathor...it's nice that someone in this world considers me royalty. Hathor, I buy the "00" because it is the only tipo I have ever found here. Curious that the majority of flour available to you is "0". I wonder what the difference is? Yes, the sugo was really great. I loved the use of butter, because - as you know by now - I like to use veal a lot, and find it loves butter on a long slow cooking.
  13. Shaya


    Loved this movie. My husband and I found it entertaining, my little guys were rolling with laughter, and I think the film sends a good message.
  14. I love this book. I got the KA icecream bowl attachment this year for Mother's Day. I want to be able to tailor what I serve to my kids...I stay away from refined white sugars, and tend to use goat milk as it sits better with one of my kids. So far I have had a lot of fun making berry sorbets. I made a banana icecream using a custard base too. But as soon as I got my hands on David's great book I knew I had to start with the roasted banana ice cream. It's wonderful. I used organic cane sugar throughout the recipe and used whole-fat goat milk; I think the goat milk balances the sweetness with a bit of tartness. However, I doubt most people would perceive its impact if they were not told about it... It was a huge hit with the whole family. Roasted Banana Caramel Goodness...in the cuisinart - one could stop the recipe right here and eat the whole lot Roasted Banana Ice Cream - served soft as I churned it while making dinner and ate it within an hour of being chilled
  15. Finally after drooling over the frico made in this thread I made my own tonight. My Italian Market that usually carries Montasio did not have any today; so I settled for a friuli-style cheese. I used a rainbow chard from the farmer's market. My husband and I really loved it. I bought extra cheese so I will have to try wild mushrooms or something later in the week. Rainbow Chard Swiss Chard Frico - blanched, sauteed with olive oil and onion, panfried with fruilano cheese
  16. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    Thanks for the comments, all. The pasta is rolled on top of the board; the stick helps to form the tube shape. The florentines are gorgeous but they are not mine...they are from a French bakery in town called Avenues Gourmandises. Beautiful lamb, David. Welcome Shelby. I love lasagna. Tonight I was once again inspired at the farmer's market. Bought this beautiful rainbow chard and made fricos, which are from the Friuli region of Italy. More here. Also had a T-bone and striploin as I am still trying to source out a good local organic beef purveyer. Rainbow Chard Chard Frico - blanched, sauteed with olive oil and onion, panfried with fruilano cheese Dessert was David Lebovitz's roasted banana ice cream. HIghly recommended. It was a special dessert as my little guy told us it was "Zipper-Mouth's" birthday; he turned 2 1/2 today. And yes, we did sing Happy Birthday... Roasted Banana Ice Cream
  17. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    David that looks really tasty. The shrimp are amazing. I loved your blog, by the way. You are a great cook and have had a lot of wonderful eating experiences. Tonight I made Garganelli al Ragu from Emilia Romagna. The pasta dough has eggs, flour, parmigiano, salt and nutmeg. The ragu is based on veal. More details in the Italian forum here. The Process Garganelli al Ragu - crispy proscuitto topping Homemade Strawberry Sorbet - with florentine and fresh berries
  18. Yep, that's what it's for, as I learned today. Thanks to Pontormo's recommendation I have been picking through Micol Negrin's wonderful Rustico. Tonight I made Garganelli al Ragu from Emilia Romagna - what a great region. I'd forgotten about all the tortellini we produced last December! The pasta dough has eggs, flour, parmigiano, salt and nutmeg. The sugo is cooked with finely diced veal, onion, carrot, celery, marsala, tomato, cinnamon, nutmeg and the surprise... beschiamella. The whole dish is cooked in butter, and slivers of prosciutto are fried in a little butter to serve as a topping alongside the parmigiano reggiano. A really tasty dish, fun to make and a pleasure to serve. The Process Garganelli al Ragu
  19. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    Percy, what a perfect little burger. Bruce what a great birthday gift. I just bought some chipotles in adobo and I'll be tapping into some of your mexican dishes for inspiration... agalarneau that is quite a fish! Last night was Greek night in honor of some friends who are flying off to Greece for the month. Pan-Fried Haloumi with Ouzo Flambee and Fresh Lemon Juice - fresh favas, peas, pancetta Shrimp Saganaki and Lemon Roast Potatoes - the shrimp are seared briefly then flambeed in ouzo, then baked in an aromatic marinara with Bulgarian feta; on top of pasta for the kids (and some for me too- I can't resist)
  20. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    Recent Dinners inspired by the farmer's market... Pan Roasted Veal - Bacon Sage Wrapped Loin and Chops Veal Loin with Salad of Radicchio, Chevre, and Roasted Farmer's Market Yellow Beets - the most tender veal I have ever had Farmer's Market Mushrooms - Maitake and Oyster - you can read more about the many health benefits of Maitakes here. Potatoes and Mushrooms baked with Cheese, Salmon Grilled to Rare
  21. Chufi, I believe the addition of cream and egg to a sauce is what is known as a liason. I read about it in my CIA Professional Chef. I found something about it here. The purpose is to add flavor, smooth out the texture and add sheen. - just as it did in your sauce. The egg and cream are combined so that the cream raises the coagulation temperature of the egg. You can also add a bit of the hot liquid to the liaison before adding to the sauce to bring the temperature up a bit (tempering).
  22. Chufi, that veal dish is absolutely gorgeous. This (among all your other great dishes) is what I want to eat when I come to visit!
  23. Nishla the food so far looks unbelievable. All the pasta...stuffed ones, rolled ones, long ones, short ones...it's my heaven.
  24. Kevin, that meal looks wonderful. This is really comfort food. I have to admit I'm trying to avert my eyes whenever I see "Sopranos" - we are a few months' behind. Try softening it on the pan with some evoo first!
  25. Shaya

    Dinner! 2007

    One more dinner from the other night, another type of gnocchi called Gnudi which means naked. It's like the insides of a ravioli without the pasta. Made from ricotta, flour, pecorino romano, egg, parsley ... I like these a little crispy so I sautee in butter after boiling. Gnudi con Pancetta e Fava
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