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  1. Khadija, I would think that it would be tricky to make mac and cheese with fresh pasta as it is so tender and cooks far more quickly than dried pasta. How will you adjust for this? Are you planning to roll the pasta sheets out thicker than you normally would? Will you boil them until barely al dente?
  2. Wendy, this looks amazing. I want some now!
  3. Hi Katie, We are planning to be in the area during that week in March - I tried to find information on the Book and the Cook website but it doesn't appear to be updated. Do you know where I can get more info on the restaurant/chef series that week? Thanks!
  4. This is a potential entry for the "Worst Meal in Someone's Home" thread. Did you take a photo? ← Sadly, I could fill a book with the "Worst Meal in Someone's Home" from what people describe to me. Thank GOODNESS they were only here to play and did not feed us too. The only picture I took was a mental picture and the taste on my palate is one of sweet and sour (that third ingredient was something sweet that belongs on dessert - was it honey or maple syrup?) - apparently the end result is like a "sweet and sour" and "the kids love it"- (not my kids....) Hearing about Applebee's and the like reminds me of an awful foodie decision I made this summer - I ran into some really nice people and they invited my kids and me to join them for lunch; but when they said they were going to MacDo's my heart sank, and I had to turn down the invite. Might have missed out on some fun but really, truly, am dead-set against going there.
  5. I will NEVER again attempt to remove the tag off my new Kasumi santoku knife with my smaller Kasumi boning knife. In the words of the plastic surgeon: "That's a cut?" Luckily all healed just fine; the knives, however, have been put deep into storage until both the kids and I have grown up!
  6. Thank you Kim, Katie and Ron...This is going to be fun! A friend just came by with her little boy for a playdate with my boys. She was thrilled because dinner is all set for tonight: boiled chicken breast, tossed with a jar of Russian salad dressing, a can of onion soup and a can of something else but I can't remember what - I've blocked it completely from my mind. Toss it all into a casserole and presto. I was dying to give her some great ideas of what to do with chicken but I held back, very proud of myself. My left cheek is killing me now though! It sort of left me depressed actually, it just confirms that there is really a dearth of like-minded people in my life.
  7. Thanks you, JGM, for starting this thread. This is exactly the reason why I had to join eGullet (note: my first post EVER! ) I think I need someone else to obsess with to take the pressure off my husband and little kids... At work I would get either a funny look or a comment 9 days out of 10 - I could see it coming, as they would blurt out, "What is that?" (um, an avocado) or "How do you eat THAT?" (um, watch me!). Seriously, most of the time it was ok being the class clown, but sometimes it really became tiresome and I longed for someone to have something new to share with me rather than have to answer 20 questions. As for friends, most of them think my husband and I are crazy when we describe in great detail a meal or a special type of honey we've discovered during our travels, but I think our visit to the French Laundry last year really pushed some of them over the edge - all we did was show them the cookbook - we didn't dare tell them the cost of the meal... Thanks to all of you who will hopefully keep me on my toes!
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